Most sleep-related deaths in Baltimore happen when babies sleep with an adult or with other children.
My mother and auntie are telling me that they placed their babies on their stomachs while sleeping and that I slept on my stomach, so my baby should sleep on his stomach.
In most of the sleep-related deaths reported in 2009 for Baltimore City, the babies were found sleeping on their stomachs.
If your baby is used to sleeping on his stomach, it may take a few days for him to get used to it, but rest assured—he will.

Our hope is that all of Baltimore's Babies are born at a healthy weight, full term, and ready to thrive in healthy families. It is only when your infant is sleeping that he or she needs to be alone, on their back and in a crib.
Put your baby’s crib next to your bed so that you can easily pick him or her up for feedings during the night then return him or her to bed for sleeping. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics changed the recommended sleeping position to the back, there has not been an increase in the number of deaths due to choking.

Every time your baby lies down to sleep, he should be on his back- not his side or stomach.

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