There's a popular belief - at least I believe it - that it takes one day per time zone to recover from jet lag.
There are things you can do even before you get on the flight to help minimize jet lag. Homeopathic remedies for jet lag are on the market and some travelers say they work beautifully. About a quarter of people who fly suffer significantly from jet lag - and about a quarter hardly suffer at all. Set your phone or watch to the time of your destination as soon as you get on the plane and then, time your sleep accordingly to avoid jet lag. One of the biggest problems of frequent travelling across various time zones in a short period of time is jet lag. Jet lag arises due to changes and interruptions in your sleep, exercising and eating schedules. O Jet Lag (termino em ingles) e um mal que atinge a milhares de viajantes todos os dias e consiste em alteracoes fisicas que sao provocadas devido a mudanca de rotina, horas de espera nos aeroportos, conexoes ou com a mudanca do fuso horario (no caso de quem viaja para outros paises que possuem um horario diferente do Brasil).

Os sintomas do Jet Lag acontecem principalmente em viagens internacionais e nao devem ser confundidos com o cansaco tradicional de quem enfrenta uma viagem de algumas horas. Nao existe uma formula infalivel para evitar os sintomas do Jet Lag em uma viagem internacional. Se mesmo tomando algumas das precaucoes acima voce sentir um ou mais sintomas do Jet Lag, e necessario tomar bastante cuidado no primeiro dia e nao tentar driblar esses sintomas com energeticos e comprimidos. It’s better avoiding foods giving gas like beans, onions and corn as body gas increases during flights and slows down the digestion process. Melatonin, the naturally secreted hormone which relieves jet lag symptoms and insomnia helps increase your tendency of sleeping in the day. To avoid jet lag for the remaining trip, gradually adjust your body’s meal and sleep time to the new destination’s timings. Quem ja esta acostumado a fazer viagens longas, pode ate tirar de letra o cansaco pos-viagem, mas  muitos turistas sofrem com a mudanca da rotina e de fuso horario e podem sofrer alguns sintomas do Jet Lag.
Many travelers swear by self-hypnosis, accupressure, jet lag diets or eating at certain times of day only.

All this constitutes jet lag and is more prominent if you travel from east to west or vice versa. A mudanca da rotina, horario do sono (horas de sono desconfortaveis) e a ma alimentacao, potencializarao ainda mais o risco de sofrer o Jet Lag.
This not only helps reduce the likelihood of blood clots on long flights but it also helps reduce jet lag. You thus have less chances of a jet lag if you go north to south or vice versa as you are in the same time zone.
This will expend some of that excess energy and help you relax you on 'the day', although it won't really do much for your jet lag.And if you have the possibility, you can build in a stopover to your journey.
Many pills also contain addictive substances and may not be worth risking simply to avoid jet lag.

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