From January 2014 Sleepora has been taken up by Olympians, professional cyclists, footballers, rugby players (of both codes), elite strength & conditioning coaches and triathletes in the USA and UK. The Sleepora program includes a plan designed specifically for elite and high performance athletes. Chances are that if you wake up and are not ready to hit the ground running then you have had a less than optimum sleep.
Sleepora has a sports program which you can customize around your particular training cycles, competition, schedule, events, etc.

Sleep deprived athletes will feel more fatigued and probably will not be in the type of mental state needed for a top performance.
There are numerous sources of information and gurus about the best nutrition (or fuel) for the body. It is a myth that you need much time after waking up to be alert, ready and fully functioning. There is no other sleep recovery solution like this designed specifically for people wanting to improve their sports performance.

Looking at ways to improve your sleep is an opportunity that the world of sport has only relatively recently started to take advantage of.

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