While most anti-snoring mouthpieces require you to use the bite-and-boil method before you can use them, you can put the ZQuiet in your mouth as soon as you rip open your package and it will be ready to go.
As with the majority mouthpieces, the main function of the design is to gently hold your jaw in a forward position while you sleep. Wearing an anti-snoring mouthpiece might not sound too appealing, but don’t let any horror stories scare you away. The ZQuiet was designed with comfort as the main priority, and that is why they chose to use a softer material guaranteed to let your mouth move more naturally. At the end of the day, comfort and effectiveness are the 2 biggest things you need to look out for.
After decades of research, they have discovered the ZQuiet technology will work for around 94% of the population.

There are bonuses bundled in with your ZQuiet, which includes a travel case and 2 eBooks with lots of helpful tips to help you deal with a number of different snoring issues. If for any reason you would like to adjust it a little, you can trim the plastic with a sharp pair of scissors.
The FDA-regulated product was designed by a dentist with a huge amount of experience, which is probably why the mouthpiece will start working on the first night. Once your jaw moves it will allow the airway to expand, and your snoring will stop waking your family up because the increased airflow won’t cause the vibration of soft tissue in your throat. That means unless you’re very unlucky this special mouthpiece will eliminate your snoring problems.
It seems worthless using a mouthpiece designed to help you stop snoring if the device itself will wake you up in the middle of the night.

No single anti-snoring device will be perfect for everyone, but it still needs to work for the majority of people. Once the mouthpiece gets a little dirty you can keep it clean by washing it with a toothbrush and warm water.

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