Of all the anti-snoring products being marketed today, anti-snoring mouthpieces are a major draw; so, it is worth finding out how they compare with other devices. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are dental devices placed within the mouth to help reduce snoring. Although there are several different models available, all such devices work on the principle of holding up the tissues within the throat and preventing them from blocking the airways. If your snoring is a result of tissues blocking the airway, anti-snoring mouthpieces are sure to provide you relief. Some people find that using the mouthpiece makes their mouth secrete a greater amount of saliva that dribbles out without their knowledge; still others may find that their mouth tends to stay open when they use the anti-snoring mouthpiece, and this causes a dry mouth that leads to a foul mouth odor on waking. People who snore because of nasal congestion generally benefit by the use of nasal devices.
In people who snore because of vibration of the back of the tongue, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) – also called a mandibular repositioning splint – may work better than other anti-snoring devices.
An orthodontist-designed MAD that is customized for you has an advantage over a simple anti-snoring mouthpiece in the sense that it can also help with sleep apnea. The problem is, not everything works for everyone, so you may have to try several different methods until something works for you. Comparing between these devices has no meaning because each one works on a different mechanism and comes with its own pros and cons.
Understand first the cause of your snoring, and you will be able to make an easy decision of which device to choose. Before you buy a chin strap, it is important you understand how it works, because this will help you decide if it is the right device to help you stop snoring. During the stage when the muscles go into deep relaxation, they become completely flaccid and incapable of movement. In addition to this, the tongue and other tissues in the throat also tend to fall back, blocking the airways and causing the typical snoring sound to emerge from the mouth.
Chin straps are one of the simplest anti-snoring devices you can find; however, this does not necessarily mean they are the most effective.
This question has an easy answer – considering the way in which the chin strap works, it proves effective for people who snore through the mouth. There are some types of anti-snoring chin straps (such as My Snoring Solution) that have a sling-like design and have longer and wider straps – these are more likely to stay in place without sliding off as compared to the devices with compact straps. Another important aspect to consider – many people have undiagnosed sleep apnea; what you think of as snoring may actually be sleep apnea.
So, if you want my final verdict on anti-snoring chin straps, here it is: Ask your partner if you sleep with your mouth open.

However, if it doesn’t, or if your partner says the snoring has been replaced by a choking or gasping sound, please visit a doctor at the earliest to find out if you have a more serious sleeping condition. You usually won’t find a place in your local mall that sells chin straps designed to stop snoring.
In my view the most effective device would be a stent that can be inserted through the nostril, extending down to the throat past the soft tissue into the back of the throat. Chinstraps are good for open-mouth snoring, but not sleep apnea, which has different causes.
The treatment for snoring therefore depends on identifying the cause and finding the right device to help you (and your family members) get a quiet, good night of sleep.
As the air forces its way across these tissues, there is a forced vibration that causes the typical sound of snoring.
Some anti-snoring mouthpieces hold up the soft tissues of the palate; others pull the jaw in front and prevent the tongue from falling back. Occasionally, if the anti-snoring mouthpiece is too tight a fit, it can lead to problems with the jaw joint; so it is important to choose the right model that is effective without causing you discomfort. If this is true in your case, all you need to do is ensure you sleep on your side and the snoring will stop. You may lie in bed on your side but once you fall asleep, you are most likely to get back onto your back and then, the snoring starts.
If you want another method of keeping yourself in the right position to avoid snoring, try anti-snore pillows.
They are designed in such a way that they keep your head elevated at an angle so that your airways remain clear.
Nasal dilators are devices made of metal or plastic – they resemble nose rings and are to be placed within the nose at bedtime. It is best to first talk to your doctor or dentist to see what type of device will work for you. The most important thing to remember is that rather than looking at which is the best anti-snoring device, you ought to focus on which one is the best for you. The simplest form of an anti-snoring chin strap consists of a cup made of fabric to provide support to the chin, and straps that go up the sides of the face and around the top of the head. Actually, rather than asking if anti-snoring chin straps are effective, a better question to ask is if they are right for you.
If your snoring is because of nasal congestion or due to sleep apnea, it will not respond to chin straps; in fact, it could be downright dangerous to be using such a strap.
In such circumstances, if you wear an anti-snoring chin strap, you are actually contributing to the low oxygen levels caused by the sleep apnea and this can prove dangerous.

However, a good friend who does snore through his mouth uses the My Snoring Solution chinstrap. I have both conditions & can vouch that chin straps DEFINITELY do not work if one has either sleep apnea or nasal congestion or both. Or it might also be the other way around with you snoring so loudly you the people you live with would have a hard time sleeping at night because of your insufferable snores. Of course, you need some time to adapt to this new way of sleeping, but once you get used to it, it may be the only anti-snoring aid you need to sleep in peace. The dilator helps to keep the nostrils well apart during sleep and this relieves the congestion and you stop snoring. Speak to a doctor about using nasal decongestants to help with your snoring because long-term use may not be advisable. After various trips to the doctor, he had me try a variety of appliances to stop my snoring.
I plan on using a chin strap regardless, and the one you mentioned from My Snoring Solution seems like the perfect fit for me. Think of this before you choose this device and find out about the different designs on offer. The jaw supporter, the anti snoring pillows, oral sprays as well as mandibular advancement splints and continuous positive airway pressure are just some of the stop snoring devices available for purchase in the market today.In essence, these products have different ways of going about the business of stopping you from snoring loudly but they all follow one concept. There are a lot of stop snoring devices that would work better with the combination of correct diagnosis as well as healthy living. But for the most part, most of the products that are marketed today work on the concept of helping you relax your air passages for you to be able to breathe more freely.Let us take for example a stop snoring mouthpiece.
What it does to help you to stop snoring is that when you have it your mouth it forces or pushes your lower jaw down so that the passage way of air would not be blocked.
The answer to that would actually depend on how the products are used, because although these stop snoring devices are being marketed to cater to all types of people, the fact remains that not everyone will be able to properly use them because of a variety of factors, one of which is genetics.The best anti snoring devices actually work well because of a variety of factors, and the most important of which is their build quality. If you really want a stop snoring mouthpiece that works, then it is best to be discriminatory when it comes to choosing the best device for you.

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