Ben je je wachtwoord vergeten of wil je voor het eerst inloggen?Voer hieronder je e-mailadres in! Schrijf je nu in voor ons Ticketalarm en ontvang via e-mail een herinnering wanneer er tickets te koop zijn! Few bands did more than Nickelback to establish the force of slick, commercially minded post-grunge in the 2000s.
Chad Kroeger honed his frontman skills by performing with cover bands in Hanna, a small Canadian town 215 kilometers northeast of Calgary.

After growing tired of performing other people’s songs, he borrowed money from his stepfather and relocated to Vancouver, where he recorded his first batch of original material.
Nickelback toured ceaselessly in support of The State, logging approximately 200 performances during playing alongside other groups of the burgeoning post-grunge genre.
I m a little upset because I paid $350 a ticket was meant to get a t shirt and other souvenirs and never received them in the post prior to the night, I was a little annoyed the chick next to me got to go to the after show to meet and greet with chad kroger :(.
As the ensemble continued to tour, Chad Kroeger kept writing new songs, many of which were honed in front of live audiences.

It also spawned five Top 20 singles, a feat that attracted the attention of veteran producer (and demonstrated hit-maker) Mutt Lange.
Recorded in a converted Vancouver barn, Dark Horse marked the band’s sixth studio album upon its release in November 2008.

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