Your files will be accessible online, via the website, but there are desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X. Yandex is not the only search engine that's getting into the cloud storage business, Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, has recently done the same. There are two international search engine competitors to Google that I frequently follow: Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.
In the fashion of other search engines, the Russian company has released several products in the past years. Though of course I’d prefer promoting Bluewin, our own webmail system, I have to admit that I like Yandex Mail. Let’s look at Yandex Disk, a cloud service to store and share files online and synchronise between devices.
You receive 3GB of storage for free, 2GB for installing the app and once you upload something – boom! There is an integrated preview for images and MP3’s in the browser app and you can privately share files with logged in users or via public link for everyone to download. All in all Disk offers a lean service to store and share files and synchronize your mobile devices. If I had choice to give sample of my data to National Surveillance Agency or all my data to Russia, I'd choose the latter. These are some known Open Source Cloud storage and synchronization software’s which have either gained a lot of popularity over the years or have just been able to enter and make their mark in this industry with a long way to go. Currently a Computer Science student and a geek when it comes to Operating System and its concepts.
Hello, good article, but if you mentioned for each cloud storage how many GB are per free account, that would be great.
Thanks for finding this article great, and also thanks for updating about syncthing app….
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En Suisse, la moitie des entreprises utilisent le Cloud mais sans en exploiter reellement tout le potentiel. Le terme SaaS (Software as a Service) est le terme decrivant au mieux la notion de Cloud Computing pour les petites et moyennes entreprises. Comme vous l’avez vu dans la video Office 365 est en realite un ensemble de service distant utilisable principalement depuis un navigateur internet. Beaucoup de services que vous utilisez au quotidien sont en fait des services cloud (ex : votre messagerie Web, vos services bancaires en ligne ou encore les services de stockage de photos). Les Business Apps garantissent une conservation des donnees securisee et legalement protegee. Le Cloud Computing fait egalement partie des 4 Megatrends ICT au meme titre que la mobilite, les services collaboratifs et Green ICT. Pour en savoir plus sur les autres types de Cloud et les utilisations associees je vous invite a ecouter Bruno Messmer qui est en charge  des prestations de conseils dans le domaine informatique chez Swisscom IT Services.
Je suis passionne par les nouvelles technologies et tout ce qui touche aux Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (TIC).Je suis egalement un grand FAN des reseaux sociaux.
Je m'occupe de l'equipe de support technique et de formation pour les solutions de communications des PME pour la suisse romande.
SurDoc is the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage and document technologies, with 100+ issued and pending patents. SugarSync allows you to easily back up, access, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies across all of your computers and mobile devices. SeaCloud is an Open Source Cloud Storage for your teams and organizations with Built in File Encryption, providing Privacy, Collaboration around Files, file locking and other features make collaboration easy. All your data is stored in the cloud – in one convenient and secure online location, and available to you anytime, anywhere, from any device. OziBox is a Community developed and promoted Cloud and therefore proudly says no to multinational companies behind your software!

Think of FilesAnywhere as your own private cloud, where you can securely store, share, and backup files online. We all know, Yandex is a Russian Internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russia. That’s it as of now, will come with another intresting topic of part 4 FREE Cloud storage provider details. If you manage to navigate the site though, you should be receiving an invitation at some point.
So there’s nothing mundane about our day-to-day work in ICT Daily, far from it: it’s all about people who are committed heart and soul to the task at hand.
Most of them have gone unnoticed in the Western hemisphere: Yandex Mail, Yandex Metrika (Web Analytics), Yandex Browser and Yandex Disk. What bugs me is that in the Browser app it’s not possible to select multiple items (to batch download them etc.). File uploads from my Samsung Galaxy sometimes interrupt but they have always succeeded at the end. I don’t want to discuss the topic of data privacy in depth but let me put it that way: if the US have all my data, I might as well hand something out to Russia. Storage space is limited to 40GB but it’s a great alternative for free storage if your Dropbox is already full. Meine Interessen reichen von Webdesign uber Usability bis zu Linguistik und Wissensmanagement.
Only God knows what terrorists that invigilate the whole world would do with that sample of data. It allows users to synchronize data between different devices and share it with others online.
Which is a California Based company, Bitcasa is yet another solution for open source Cloud Storage and synchronization available for Windows, OS X, Android and Linux. It also includes ZFS, disk encryption etc with protocols such as: Samba, CARP, Bridge, FTP, RSYNC, TFTP, NFS.
You can share any software that you or your organization might be using and we will be listing that with this list. Have 1+ years of experience in Linux and currently doing a research on its internals along with developing applications for Linux on python and C. Ce terme est tres en vogue et fait partie des axes de developpements informatiques des entreprises dans les annees a venir. Il est important de bien comprendre ce qui se cache derriere le terme Cloud afin de pouvoir en tirer tous les avantages. Quand vous utilisez des services bases sur le cloud, votre infrastructure informatique se trouve en-dehors de votre entreprise (hors site). Le Cloud Computing peut egalement etre utilise pour externaliser un Datacenter et pour rationaliser au mieux les ressources des serveurs. Say for example 10 years back we used to keep TECH information in Diary (Note book) but after a certain stage we migrated Diary to online blog. Have you ever been away from home or the office and realized that you were in need of a file on your computer? Mankayia users quickly upload their files and are able to access them from nearly any device. It is your own virtual online storage space, where you will be able to store, access, share, and backup all your data. At One shot you can upload 25 files with 4GB of size and without account you can upload 10 files. The Supercoders don’t believe in commercially driven software and are 100% against to ANY kind of censorship.
They are also offering online free storage and files sharing service for all through yandex disk. Without using any of the apps or the website, there's no telling whether the service will be any good, but it sounds competitive on paper.

Dropbox recently increased referral bonuses from 250 MB to 500 MB retroactively, so most users got a bump in their free storage quota. And we offer ICT Jobs for people who want to achieve something with us, who want to get involved and to get on in life. The Swisscom spirit means aiming for the very best in ICT whilst perhaps seizing new opportunities that come with our current job openings. Founded in 1997, it’s the most popular site on the Russian-speaking web and Russia’s most used search engine. And what’s really cool in my opinion, is the fact that it supports WebDAV – something that Dropbox currently doesn’t. But my battery life is not what it was before I installed the app… It seems that for some reason, the Yandex app is overstraining my mobile data transfer and sucking out my battery. But seriously, I don’t know enough about security issues and privacy laws in Russia (as Russian jurisdiction applies) to comment on this. It is a network attached storage server software with a user interface written in PHP and released under Simplified BSD License. Ces services sont alors fournis par un tiers (hote) au lieu de resider sur un serveur chez vous ou dans l’entreprise (sur site) que vous maintenez vous-meme. Il est important de bien verifier dans quel lieux geographiques seront situees vos donnees et est ce que la confidentialite de vos donnees sera bien garantie. With SurDoc, users can access all of their files from their computers anywhere, while maintaining absolute confidentiality of their data. SugarSync puts all your files at your fingertips from any other computer or mobile device, enabling you to do more with your files while on the go. Securely store your files, contacts, photo albums, favourite sites, calendar, and other information on FlipDrive.
You have an option to share you files public which will help you to earn money based on views. Take a look behind the scenes, get to know and love the world of ICT and let us get to know you at the same time. It has significant market shares in Central Asia and Turkey and is available in English since early 2010. Not only is WebDAV way cooler than FTP, it also allows lets third-party applications upload files to Yandex Disk. But note that currently it’s not possible to buy additional space as you can on Google Drive and Dropbox. NAS4Free has won awards including Project of month (August 2015) and Project of the week (May 2015). Who knows – you might just find the next big challenge in your career, as well as exciting ideas, current trends and new colleagues at the cutting edge of the IT sector. And if this makes you want to find out more about Swisscom and ICT, then the Join us section will show you how you can play a part in realising our mission. Its search result quality has significantly improved in the past years and it offers a serious alternative to Google.
In general, as with any cloud service, I recommend using some common sense and not using Yandex Disk for sensitive data. Si vous ne connaissez pas Office 365 je vous laisse decouvrir une video de presentation signee Microsoft (en anglais). The Supercoders created it because they strongly believe in shared Know How and a FREE, open and friendly Internet. Also it will sync data automatically to all your devices (From web to local pc, mobile, tab & local pc, mobile, tab to web).

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