We've been waiting for this generation's offering of consoles, and Microsoft's Xbox One ($TBA) doesn't disappoint.
If you're planning a move now that summer is here the thought of dragging your old, lumpy mattress along sounds ridiculous.
You might not be able to buy your way onto a F1 racing team, but thanks to this Formula 1 Full Size Racing Simulator ($140,000), you can come close. The cloud is an increasingly viable (and inexpensive) storage and backup option for small businesses.
Growing acceptance of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend and increasing maturity of cloud services has opened the door for businesses to store data online.
CrashPlan got its start as a software development company that offers onsite, offsite and cloud backup solutions. A relative latecomer to cloud storage, the Google Drive service offers an edge with its integrated file sharing and collaborative editing with Google Docs.
Dropbox is probably one of the most well-known cloud storage service today, thanks to its ease of use and free 2GB account. Unlike most of the services on the list, Amazon Glacier is a niche storage service designed to offer durable and low-cost storage solely to meet data archival and backup needs. Mozy, acquired by VMware in 2011, is a cloud backup service that gives users the option of scheduling regular or manual updates, or having their data backed up continuously. Microsoft SkyDrive lets users upload files that can be accessed from a Web browser or a local drive on Windows. Livedrive is an online backup service that also offers collaboration and sync capabilities.
SpiderOak is an online backup provider designed with a strong focus on privacy and security. SugarSync was created to continuously keep data files in sync across multiple platforms, both for ease of access and backup purposes.
Music: Can you honestly tell me all your 46GB of music is streamable on XBox music or any other subscription service? And while this is tedious, I may go take the steps to separate out the stuff that isn't and keep that around.
Honestly, around a third of my music collection isn't streamable from Xbox Music, including some of my favorite older stuff. And Paul and some other random guy gave me a hard time when I lamented last year that using a locker service like Amazon Cloud Drive was not only impractical from a cost perspective, but being on DSL uploading even half of my 'modest' 34GB of music is a MONTHS long process without hammering my DSL to a standstill for over a couple of weeks (not practical).
I am in the same situation as you, and as such I cancelled my XBM subscription early on - there's just no value in it to me if it can't easily incorporate my full existing library across devices. Western Digital is about par for consumer hard drives (just stay away from the Green drives). As far as Xbox Music goes, couldn't you buy another subscription (different account) and use four more devices? I've been using a simple 2-bay Synology NAS (DS213) for about a year and am very happy with it.
So far, I have only really used it as a general purpose file server and backup destination.
I have been reluctant to put all my files only in the "cloud" due to concerns with trusting my data to companies that might fail or try to hold my data hostage.
What MS should allow is XBox to simply look at those libraries and allow you to peruse and play content natively versus the ridiculous apps they use.
I have a RAID1 system on my dev machine for immediate single drive failures and then occasionally copy everything over to a USB memory stick that I put in my bank's safe deposit box.
Basing on your needs, a Synology based NAS will be a better fit than either of these server solutions. And 220Gb SkyDrive for all my personal photos, documents and home videos (free with Surface 2). I use a custom built home server running Windows Server 2012 R2, with CrashPlan for off-site backup (working with zero issues for me). The data integrity bonuses you get with ZFS on multiple disks are pretty nice from a piece-of-mind perspective too.
There are plugins for things like Crashplan and BTSync -- I don't use the Crashplan plugin, but I do use the BTSync and Plex plugins quite heavily. In the last year we've been using Spotify and that's even better than our own music collection so there's no reason to keep that. Paul, I had the same issue with Crash plan after going to 2012r2 and the tech support asked me to make a change to the crashplanservice.ini and I have not had issues since.
Seagate expansion 5tb desktop external hard drive usb 3.0 (steb5000100) in this video i will walk you through the removal of the seagate hard drive from. Seagate expansion 5tb desktop external hard drive usb 3.0 (steb5000100) video walk removal seagate hard drive . Seagate® expansion® external hard drive features easy start drive seconds removing box: simply plug included.
Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The first gaming system to sit between your cable or satellite box and your TV, the new Xbox makes watching sports as easy as saying "Turn on ESPN." With TV integration, voice-control, multitasking, a rebuilt UI, Skype, fantasy trackers and more, you can do it all while you watch or play.
If you buy a Leesa Mattress delivered directly to your door for free compressed in a box there's then there's no lugging it up stairs or around tight corners- no need to break a sweat. This full-size replica houses a custom racing simulator, complete with three 23-inch screens, a 5.1 surround sound system, and a custom computer powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. Of course, not every cloud service is optimized for multiple platforms or supports important capabilities that small businesses and highly savvy power users require.
The service allows for work documents to be accessed and viewed from various mobile platforms.
Advanced features include versioning, the creation of backup sets, and continuous online backup. The service is accessible from desktop platforms such as the PC and Mac, the Chrome OS and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Do note that uploaded files are not encrypted, though the company added optional two-factor authentication after Dropbox accounts were hacked last summer.
Modeled after Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) offering, Amazon Glacier differs in that it's optimized for data that is infrequently accessed, making Glacier suitable only for data where retrieval time of a few hours is acceptable.

With an eye toward business-centric requirements, Mozy offers features such as incremental backups and the option of using a personal encryption key to protect data even prior to uploading. SkyDrive client apps have also been released for Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Xbox 360. Uploaded files are accessible from a variety of services, including a personalized Web portal and traditional file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and WebDAV.
Its combination encryption system means that file contents, filenames and even folder names cannot be deciphered by SpiderOak, even under government subpoena. Copies are synchronized across multiple desktops, with an additional copy maintained on SugarSync's servers. Swap archive drives with a friend in case the casa goes to ashes, keep 2 on hand in case one fails. First, re RDP, I used concurrent RDP hacks (Google it) to administer my Windows desktops (the gaming machines) without disturbing the kids. I actually have all the drives on all the machines available on my FTP login, so I can grab (or send) any file to any machine. But I chose Synology over other NAS options because it seems like a very versatile box with lots of add on packages that I will explore at some point. Is there any cloud storage company that guarantees that my files are "safe" and won't disappear due to some hardware or software or human error? You get unlimited cloud storage for $100 a year and support a mix of backup, synchronization, and storage features. There was some hiccups at the beginning, but they have been improving the service, and I find it reliable and secure.
With modern HD capabilities and prices as low as they are, I just use Windows 8.1 as a my home server with OS on a SSD and a single large 4TB drive for content - no RAID. I had a power supply failure that fried everything in my computer: two hard drives, graphics cards, etc.
Maybe a Win 8.1 homegroup share is the way to go, but the inability to access NAS from Metro apps is very annoying.
If you have any kind of sync enabled, and accidentally delete it, it's gone in SkyDrive too, and in all other synced copies. A MicroServer or NAS is not an option for me as I also use the server for movie storage and Plex (with transcoding when viewing on a mobile client via internet). It's not a very "Windows" solution but I've found it to be extremely stable and to require very little by way of management. Boasting eight times the graphic performance of its predecessor, it has an eight-core x86 processor that makes lag times and loading a distant memory. It features three layers of premium foam providing support, bounce, and consistent temperature so you can stay cool during those hot summer nights. The details continue with a full set of pedals, an F1-type quick-release steering wheel with force feedback, your choice of a silver, red, or black paint job, magnesium alloy wheels, and Pirelli F1 show tires. Designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram, this board is currently in service at the 2013 World Chess Championships in London, and as such is approved by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). Indeed, just a quick glance at the table above shows you that the 360 is now the poor cousin of the gaming consoles.
To help you navigate the rapidly changing cloudscape, we outline 10 cloud storage and backup services worth exploring for your business.Paul Mah is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Singapore.
Box offers a range of business-centric features, such as the capability to exchange documents online, track changes with version history, and tracking of file activities.
The primary advantage of Google Drive, though, is its close integration with Gmail and Google+, as well as powerful search that extends to text in scanned documents and even objects in images.
For small businesses, Dropbox comes in a Pro for individuals that require more storage and a Teams version that adds dedicated support and various administrative and management tools. The cost of storing data at Amazon Glacier is $0.01 for 1GB per month, which works out to about $10 per month for 1TB. In addition, a Data Shuttle service lets small businesses without a fast Internet connection physically ship the initial full backup via hard disk drives.
SkyDrive users can view as well as perform limited editing of office documents with the free Office Web Apps. SpiderOak supports desktop environments such as Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. SugarSync also saves the five latest versions of all files to protect against mistakes when editing work documents. Based on this experience, I'm rethinking my home server setup and will be making changes this year. At best, it'll do the first disc, but the track listings NEVER match up, and it's just a confusing mess. For instance, on the Xbox One you can stream photos and videos from your own SkyDrive folders, but not music - seems like a missed opportunity (maybe purposely so). I've redirected my Documents, Music and Video folders from my desktop to the NAS and store all my data either there or in SkyDrive (SD for works in progress).
One day I hosed the Exchange server, and made the decision to try Office 365 (E1 Plan at the time, Small Biz Premium is likely a better choice).
The admin console is accessed via a web browser and following initial setup I have hardly interacted with it. The bittorrent sync application must be running on both devices that are trying to exchange files. It is a simple as right clicking a drive and select mirror to Bitcasa, and the entire drive is mirrored and also accessible.
Not yet browsable by the Xbox one, I have to use their Win phone apps to play-to the big screen. New features include a redesigned liquid black shell with clean, horizontal lines, a 1080p kinect, and a totally-rebuilt controller — no more bulky battery packs and clumsy directional pads. Using a Bluetooth connection to your phone, it automatically updates itself four times a day, setting not only the main dial to the correct local time, but also the second time zone subdial, as well as the day and date.
Of course, it's going to be a challenge getting this thing to fit in any normal home, so luckily the price includes having an engineer fly out to your house to make sure it gets installed properly.
It features a 3.75" King, and comes boxed for presentation, with each piece individually hand packed, and a 50cm Rosewood and Maple board featuring the World Chess Hexagon. However, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting and, once the Xbox One has been released and the dust has cleared, it will be interesting to see if the 360 has left the stage or if it can still hold its own in a fast advancing technological age.

In addition, full-text search lets users search documents, presentation, spreadsheets and PDFs based on their content. For example, CrashPlan+ comes with free unlimited backup for individual PCs at just $5 per month. Mozy offers 2GB for free, while 50GB of storage is available for $5.99 per month with Mozy Home. Livedrive is offered to individuals, businesses and resellers looking to rebrand it as part of a portfolio.
I like the Sans Digital hardware RAID enclosures (hardware RAID is much faster than software RAID). These servers last forever and are highly engineered fault tolerant hardware like redundant fans and memory. Little shame still that Xbox video also suffers from the fact that network drives cannot be added to libraries. Couple that with a host of new games including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fifa 14 and Madden NFL 25, and all you need is a couch. You can switch the time between the two using a single button, and also use the watch to track down your phone.
The Leesa mattress is made in the USA and comes with a 100-night risk free trial, so you're guaranteed to get a great night's sleep all summer long. Boyd continued "[As a developer] I can start doing things like shifting latency insensitive things to the cloud. Users can get 5GB free; Box Business, which offers 1TB of storage and additional features, is $15 per user per month. Meanwhile, the mid-tier CashPlan PRO plans are designed for small and mid-sized businesses with administrative capabilities, while CrashPlan PROe targets larger businesses with Active Directory or LDAP support as well as API integration.
The MozyPro plan adds the ability to protect server environments and starts at $9.99 per month for 10GB. Livedrive differentiates itself with an unlimited backup plan for just $6 per month for a standalone PC.
Businesses can get 1TB of storage for $600 per month, while a Private Cloud offering gives unlimited on-premises data storage for $5 per month per user.Blog: Ditching DropBox?
The (temporary) solution is to press Ctrl-Alt-End to bring up the remote Ctrl-Alt-Del screen, then press Esc.
On my Android S4, I use ES File Explorer , or sometimes AndFTP (they each have advantages). Other features include a solar charging system that can use even fluorescent lights for power, 3D rounded indices and a 3D globe dial that shows the time in relation to the Earth's rotation, and a sturdy metal body that's water resistant to 100 meters.
You may have a limited number of transistors in your house, but you have an unlimited number of transistors in the cloud" As bandwidth improves, there is potential for actual game computations to be off-loaded to servers in the cloud, essentially allowing the Xbox One to become more powerful over time as more and more transistors are connected to Microsoft's cloud infrastructure. Leave RAID 5, 10 or whatever for the big Corps that can afford to have duplicate hardware laying around. The parity protection takes the storage of one device, so I'm left with the usable storage of 3 drives.If a single drive fails, I just replace the drive with a new one (of the same size) and it automatigically rebuilds the data, and nothing is lost.
I do spend the coin on full server 2008 or recently 2012 but that's not so bad when buying ultra cheap enterprise gear. That will be the deciding factor in how well received it will be.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. This is a general-purpose server with my full document archive (dating back almost 20 years), photo collection, software library and so on. Google Music for music they seem to handle 2 CD tagging quiet well and you can edit the tags online. It runs an expensive and complex Windows Server version, it utilizes Storage Spaces technology to create redundant pools of storage that span multiple disks, it holds virtually everything of importance to me both personally and professionally, and it's backed up locally and to the cloud (in this case Crashplan).
I needed to be able to reach it remotely if I was on the road, so I paid for products like LogMeIn Pro and Hamachi to make sure that happened reliably. But in recent years, the cloud has changed how I worked, and rather than centralize my daily use data on a server, I've started centralizing it in the cloud, with both SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro.
I can sync what I want to the PCs I use, but my need for local storage has gone down dramatically, and even more so if you pretend all that old stuff doesn't exist. And that, combined with my experiences with these two machines over 2013, has me rethinking the whole home server thing. I do this to check on the health of the machines, to look for and install Windows Updates, and to make sure that everything is working as expected. RDCing into the box and restarting Crashplan sometimes works, and rebooting it works even better, but it's stupid thing to have to do.
And given my changing local storage needs, I'm starting to see the writing on the wall. But first, I need to think about what I want to do with all this data that I'm still storing locally. But looking at my sadly voluminous use of hard drive space on the server, the first step is figuring out how much I'll need to archive. Now, we watch Netflix and sometimes rent movies from whatever service makes the most sense at the time. I can let much of this go, but my complete movie and TV show collection is an incredible 2.2 TB. I will need to go through this to pull out the stuff I do want to save—old MST3K recordings, Rifftrax purchases, some tech-industry and travel stuff and so on. Saving just the important stuff, I bet I need next to nothing here, as most of my installs now come from the cloud. That service is $0.01 per GB per month, so about $10 a month for 1 TB if my math is correct. I just want to spend less time managing it, and I want it to be simpler when I need to manage it.

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