Inspired by a rich heritage, Comcast NBCUniversal has the experience, creativity and leadership to shape the future of media and technology.
As we shape the future of media and technology, our 153,000 employees strive to earn the respect and trust of our customers, our shareholders and members of the communities we serve. We reimagine industries, invent new technologies and are the creators of movies, TV shows, theme park rides and experiences that thrill and entertain millions of people every day. Xfinity TV customers with X1 DVR with cloud technology* can turn any screen into a TV inside the home. Once added, users are prompted to add their mobile device or computer to their Xfinity TV account.
Because of X1’s cloud-based DVR, which provides 500 GB of storage, you can watch DVR shows at home or take them to go, schedule or delete recordings, stream recordings from anywhere over Wi-Fi or even download to your tablet or smartphone to watch while you’re offline.
Step 4: Select 'Take to Go' to download the recording to your device and watch it anywhere, anytime. Customers can now watch DVR recordings on devices in the home and download recorded content to take on-the-go. X1 users can now watch DVR recordings on devices in the home and download recorded content to take with them on-the-go using the X1 DVR with cloud technology. We’re changing TV from something that hangs on the wall to an advanced platform for every screen. Last week, we launched X1 DVR with cloud technology and live in-home streaming TV to new Xfinity TV customers in the Boston market. The X1 Platform has already set an industry standard for home entertainment, one that transcends traditional TV to deliver an immersive and personalized entertainment experience across all devices. Comcast Launches X1 DVR with Cloud Technology and Live In-Home Streaming in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The flexibility of the X1 platform allows for innovative new features and functionality that extend far beyond the existing television interface and create a convenient and intuitive TV experience. The X1 Platform took our TV experience in a new, more progressive direction, marking an industry benchmark in the world of entertainment. Comcast said it will launch its next-generation TV service, Xfinity TV on the X1 Platform, along with a new remote-control app starting in Boston and followed by other major markets in the coming weeks. The X1 service will be available to new Xfinity triple-play customers with HD DVR service at no additional cost. The MSO touts the X1 platform -- which it debuted at last year's Cable Show as Project Xcalibur -- as a "cloud-based" service, which combines interactive, customized apps and social media features delivered over IP with traditional TV services.

The X1 service will be delivered via new hybrid DVR set-top boxes, running tru2way and IP, as well as an enhanced remote control that Comcast said offers greater responsiveness and does not require a line-of-sight connection to the set-top.
In addition, Comcast is introducing a new companion X1 remote control app that lets customers use motion and gesture controls to control their TVs through the touch-screen of an iPhone or iPod touch. Also Monday, Comcast announced that it is developing a personalized "dashboard" user interface -- spanning TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones -- that combines up-to-date information with customers' Xfinity TV, voice, Internet and home security services. Codenamed "Project Dayview," the dashboard is scheduled to be available to Comcast subscribers later this year. For customers with the Xfinity Home security service, Project Dayview shows home alarm system status, lights, thermostat and room temperatures and security video feed. The Project Dayview interface can be used as a screensaver for when the TV is not being actively used, and displays content based on time of day; for example, showing rush-hour traffic in the morning or the night's primetime television lineup in the late afternoon. While Apple CEO Tim Cook continues teasing the public with respect to a rumored standalone television set with the shiny Apple logo on it, market incumbents are beginning to take notice of the buzz.
Not content with sitting on the sidelines and watch Apple potentially make deeper inroads into the living room, the cable giant Comcast, the nation’s top pay TV provider, today took the wraps off its next generation, cloud-enabled X1 Platform from Xfinity. They are calling it the X2, it’s coming this Fall, has a sleek new user interface, is social, can talk to you and run apps and integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Rotten Tomatoes and more. The new experience will include voice control, integration with third-party apps, social TV features and more.
It’s basically a bookmarklet that lets you fling a web page, includes one with streaming video, directly to an X1 set top box and view it on the big screen.
Three key innovations of the X2 platform: unified cross-platform experiences, cloud-based DVR and low price. Cloud-based DVR will let Comcast subscribers access DVR functions on any device because it uses cloud storage to record your time-shifted programming.
Finally those cable companies are beginning to realize that the TV is becoming just another screen. It would be really nice if a cable company would offer apps like plex and things like that so a customer can have everything, as far as entertainment, all in one location. I just want one box where my cable can run and i can stream my music and movies without having to have 3 different boxes under the TV. We strive to create the best content and constantly pursue innovation to delight our customers. That means the ability to stream any channel live, watch thousands of Xfinity On Demand titles and access DVR shows on a tablet or smartphone.

Enjoy live TV or On Demand titles on your personal device while connected to your home Xfinity network. The live TV streaming feature provides access to channel lineup and the X1 guide on devices in the home. Watch Elad Nafshi, Vice President, Video Product Management, demo this rich, new television experience in the player above. Now, Comcast and Xfinity are leveraging X1's leading-edge technology to bring the next generation of its cloud-based operating system to users. Live TV streaming feature provides access to channel lineup, Xfinity On Demand and X1 Guide on devices in the home.
Watch as Charlie Herrin, Senior Vice President, Product Design and Development for Comcast Cable, talks about X1's latest advancements and a look ahead at what's to come. The service pulls information from other integrated applications to regularly refresh content that's most relevant, Comcast said.
The dashboard also is designed to let users to put their personal media and photos on TV, by synching with various third-party media sources. Comcast subscribers will also be able to access TV-optimized sites from a variety of third-party partners. And by letting you access the service on any device, the X2 promises to seamlessly unify the experience on TV, mobile and desktop with consistent interface, controls, content and branding. You can stream every channel live, or watch thousands of On Demand offerings, all from your tablet or smartphone over your in-home Xfinity network. Return your downloaded recording to your DVR from anywhere once you are finished, or want to resume watching on your television.
It displays alerts, appointments, texts, emails, voicemails and DVR data; and aggregates updates from social media, news, and local information sources for updates on traffic and weather.
That means live sports, live shows and a preloaded library of thousands of On Demand titles right at your fingertips.

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