Once synced, these files can then be accessed from other Mac computers, as well as iPhones and iPads.
Notification Center for the Make got a translucent makeover and now features a Today view, as in iOS, and is capable of displaying widgets from first and their-party apps.
Federighi then dived into a demo to show off these new features as well as newly refreshed Calendar and Messages apps. Apple is now making iCloud more affordable given that the cloud storage will now be more heavily relied upon with the new Photos app for iOS and soon for the Mac. Apple has not yet announced tier pricing beyond 200 GB, but the added storage should be welcomed for those who use iCloud Drive and for photographers to back up and synchronize their photos. For comparison, Apple competitor rival Google is also offering cloud storage through Google Drive. This is still a weak point for Apple - they should definitely increase the base storage included based on the size of iDevice you buy - that could help justify the $100 pricing tiers.
Following the yearly tradition, Apple has announced the dates for its Worldwide developer conference, the WWDC 2014, starting on the 2nd of June. We had already seen leaks of the next version of iOS, which will bring more fitness related apps as well as apps based on iCloud.

The event usually attracts a lot of developers and the tickets get sold out really soon, which we expect to happen again this year, owing to the mystery surrounding the announcements.
Bharadwaj is obsessed with technology and is a self taught designer who covers news, writes features, reviews, loves to take photos and produces videos. It works in conjunction with iCloud, but gives users greater depth, control and flexibility over the files they store online.
Users can sort and organize their files as needed – each app gets its own designated folder and users can create new ones as necessary. The new version features a bunch of new features as well as a stark new interface reminiscent of iOS. After just one year, Mavericks has been installed 40 million times bringing its adoption to 51%.
New Safari makes it easier to share and subscribe to RSS links and has a new tab view gives you a quick look at your tabs. A Media and Communications graduate from Newcastle University in the UK, Adam is a Bradford City FC fanatic and self-confessed tech nerd covering reviews and opinion pieces for TiP. The event, which will showcase the next versions of iOS as well as the Mac OS X will be attended by 1000 Apple Engineers and 5000 developers from around the world who work on Apple’s devices and its platforms.

We expect the tickets to get sold out in a matter of minutes, so if you are a developer looking at attending this event, make sure you mark you calendars with the right time to latch on to your tickets as soon as possible.
Aside from iTunes, it’s one of the few times that Apple has made its software available to users on other platforms. Continuing the evolution of OS X design, Yosemite has focused on clarity and utility, adopting a number of traits from iOS like translucency, maximising space and minimising toolbars. With iOS 7 and Mavericks, Apple had set a clear path for both the mobile and the desktop OSes respectively, and they both were divergent rather than close, so we may see Apple adopting some iOS 7 design philosophies for the OS X interface and may even introduce new features, which we are not aware of, yet. That said, we are excited to see what Apple has in store, with regards to iOS as well as OS X, and we will be letting you know whenever we found more information about the impending announcements. With the amount of fitness focus, we may even see Apple launching the long rumoured iWatch at this event.

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