Edit: Okay I'm seeing spawns again for like the first time in ages but it defiantly feels nerfed. This expansion it seems that we’re being more or less overwhelmed by factions with dailies, and not everyone has the time to do dailies with every faction every day.
The gear that you can buy from the faction quartermasters all cost Valor Points, rather than gold (with a few exceptions). You buy the gear from the vendors by Niuzao Temple or at the faction’s quartermaster. It’s worth to note that once you reach Revered with a faction you can purchase a Grand Commendation from their quartermaster which will increase your reputation gain with that faction on all characters across your account. This reputation faction is linked to the Throne of Thunder raid, and you can only gain reputation with them by killing mobs and bosses in the raid instance.
These two factions (alliance and horde) are located on the Isle of Thunder where they take part in a server wide effort to unlock more of the island. These two factions (alliance and horde) are located in the Krasarang Wilds where they are fighting to gain a foothold in Pandaria and gain the upper hand in the ongoing struggles. Each day you will start the dailies from the hub at the Golden Pagoda in the Vale (between the two huge Pandaren statues). This faction can be found in the Dread Wastes and unlocking them is rather long and tedious. The Shado-Pan faction dailies can be picked up at their camp Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes. What you can get from them is a companion pet (tiny goldfish), some water strider mounts and various fishing items.
Located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, at the upper floor of Mogu’shan Palace this faction is devoted to safe-keeping the history of Pandaria. If you want to gain reputation with them quicker, you should complete the exploration achievements that has you travel across the world and click on monuments. If you want to gear as quickly as possible, you will want to start with the factions that offer the highest ilevel rewards. I think both JP and VP gear is now available regardless or faction standing so it’s only really the recipes and mounts to get which make it more of a personal choice.

The justice point gear no longer requires reputations, however the valor point gear still does. I only have time to do all the dalys quests of 2 factions, im a destro lock, wich factions u think i should do?
I would probably suggest starting with The Golden Lotus and The Klaxxi and get those to revered. I do have other characters that these would benefit but its extremely hard to do dailies on multiple toons and work and have a life too. Yes, that was pretty much my whole reason for making the post – showing what you can get from where so people can decide what they want to go for.
When everyone can see them they get fixed within 3 days and barely anyone gets to enjoy it. For this reason I decided to write down the basics of each faction, so that it’s easier to see which one(s) to concentrate on. It’s nice to get through the Revered-Exalted grind, but also great for any alts that you may want reputation on.
There aren’t really any high level items to get from there, but there are a few that might still be useful to you. You will be following a long quest-line that tells you the story of what’s currently going on, as well as daily quests for reputation. You can gain access to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms already at level 87, but the daily quests as far as I’m aware are level 90 only. As you gain more reputation with the faction, they will start sending you off to more hubs. I’d suggest simply doing the zone while leveling anyway, and then by the time you hit 90 and complete the zone the faction will be unlocked and you will be at (or close to) Honored already.
You will most likely have an equal or better weapon at this point, but this might still be interesting for transmogrification.
They offer only one daily quest each day, which usually seems to be to either turn in 20 archaeology fragments, or solve one Pandaren of Mogu artifact. Once an achievement has been completed, you will receive an item in your mailbox which starts a quest.

They’re all farmers and brewers, and the people you go to when you want to learn Cooking. Then if you still only have time for two, switch to Shado-Pan and The August Celestials when you’ve hit revered with the others. For me, I decided to go for the factions that unlocked the Valor Point gear (So Golden Lotus and Klaxxi, and later on August Celestials and Shado-Pan). Once you hit Revered with the Golden Lotus you also unlock the daily quests for two other factions; August Celestials and Shado-Pan.
The dailies can be picked up at Klaxxi’vess which is more or less in the centre of the zone.
The dailies all revolve around you getting your own Cloud Serpent and the ability to ride Cloud Serpents, helping out with everything the faction needs. If you have Archaeology at 600, you can speak to Brann Bronzebeard as of Friendly, to turn your restored artifacts in for boxes of fragments from other factions. Dailies in MoP seem to be much more time consuming than before so make wise choices to begin with go avoid wasted time. It?s possible to get exalted within 1-2 hours, it depends on how many players are farming them and the respawn of the eggs.
No gear is offered when you gain reputation, so again, this faction is optional if you’re looking mainly for gear.
Again, they offer no rewards in the sense of gear, but you can unlock seeds for your farm and a bigger farm.
You miss out on the neck and ring from hitting exalted with Golten Lotus and Klaxxi, but similar (or even better) versions are available for VP.

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