Some Bible study methods, including the inductive method, emphasize key words and repeated phrases to help you identify themes in Scripture. Wordle is a simple, free, online service for creating word clouds (collages) from text that you supply. Not only is Wordle useful, it’s just plain fun!  You can customize your word clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The ideas are limited only by your imagination.  And because there are no licensing restrictions on the images you create, you can even sell them. As I was studying Zechariah chapter 12, I noticed that I was repeatedly marking the phrase that day.  Just for fun, I decided to drop the full text of Zechariah 12 into Wordle, and I got the following word cloud.
Beyond that, we can easily see that Zechariah 12 focuses on Jerusalem, Judah, house, David, and that day.  The prominence of the word like would also seem to indicate that the author makes frequent use of comparisons, which is noteworthy. Even if you have never read Zechariah chapter 12, you already have some ideas about its content just from observing this simple word collage.  This would be a great way for teachers to introduce a Bible study lesson.
Because this example bore such interesting fruit, I decided to copy and paste the entire text of the book of Zechariah into Wordle.  Look at this fascinating result!
I was stunned that this randomly generated word art chose to display the most oft repeated key word, Lord, in enormous letters beneath all the other words!  It seems to shout that the Lord is the foundation of all things.  It makes you want to praise God!
We can also see that His name, Lord of hosts, receives significant billing in the book of Zechariah (which actually has bearing on the message of the book).  As with Zechariah chapter 12 above, we see that Jerusalem, Judah, house, and that day are key words throughout the entire book of Zechariah as are land, nations, and angel. As you can see, using Wordle to expose key words in Scripture can be a useful and compelling exercise.  Give it a try, and feel free to share links to your Wordles in the comments below.  We can all use the encouragement!
Using the 1 Peter example, I replaced suffer, suffers, suffered, and sufferings with the word suffering, so that my resulting Wordle (below) would reflect an accurate count of the number of times this theme occurred throughout the book.

Again, using the Find & Replace feature in Microsoft Word, you could replace synonyms of known key words with a single term to ensure that the key word receives appropriate respect in the final word cluster. An example would be 2 Timothy, where suffering is a key word.  Depending on your Bible translation, you will encounter various synonyms for suffering in 2 Timothy, such as hardship, persecution, trial, or tribulation. If you plan to use your Wordles for teaching or for publication, you may want to spend a few minutes preparing your source text by consolidating phrases, word forms, and synonyms before generating your final Wordle image. And if you find that creating Wordles to expose key words in Scripture is useful, be sure to share your artwork with us in the comments below! What is Psalm4?Psalm4 is a social media platform for sharing Bible study resources, including tools, tips, insights, and exhortations.
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