Finally some months after the launch of Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1, Iron Networks announces Windows Server 2012 Network Virtualization (NVGRE) Gateway Appliance for System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual machine Manager at the Microsoft Management Summit 2013. Windows  Server2012 Hyper-V Network Virtualization provides virtual networks to virtual  machines, similarly to how server virtualization (hypervisor) provides virtual  machines to the operating system. VMware has announced its End User Computing journey to the cloud, and VMware View™ and ThinApp™ are the first steps on the path.
At VMworld 2011, VMware announced products for each of the steps on the VMware End User Computing journey to the cloud.
In this journey, Horizon™ Application Manager is the secure, policy-driven broker for desktops, applications, and data in the cloud. Horizon Application Manager: Now, policy-based management of applications (SaaS, web applications, ThinApp virtualized Windows applications, and enterprise applications).
If you are ready to refresh physical desktop computers, now is the time to consider the virtual desktop solution. Built on the industry-leading virtualization platform, VMware vSphere™, VMware View enables you to deliver virtual desktops to any device with all of the benefits of centralized enterprise desktop management. VMware View desktop virtualization not only benefits from the sophisticated features of a vSphere infrastructure, but View also frees up time for your desktop administrators. The Business Case for Desktop Virtualization white paper compares time spent on physical desktop management to time spent in virtual desktop management with View.
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VMware End-User Computing extends the power of virtualization — from data centers to devices —and empowers IT to deliver work at the speed of life. Recent CommentsMark Margevicius on Survey Reveals What IT Really Thinks about Windows 10Why upgrade to Windows 10?
The Network Virtualization Gateway Appliance allows you to connect your Software Defended Networks (SDN) which you have created with Windows Server 2012 Network Virtualization to physical hardware or other networks.
Network virtualization decouples and isolates  virtual networks from the physical network infrastructure and removes the  constraints of VLAN and hierarchical IP address assignment from virtual machine  provisioning. You can keep the rest of your organization as is and begin by placing your user desktops in the cloud. Some of these products are part of the VMware product set already, and others are coming to fruition in 2012. Horizon Application Manager delivers these cloud services to end users on a variety of stationary and mobile platforms, including those that users choose as part of the bring-your-own-device trend.
Soon, policy-based management of all public and private cloud services (desktops, applications, and data). In this initial setup, View is the broker between end users and the cloud of virtual desktops, applications, and data. You can deploy desktop instances rapidly from secure datacenters to facilitate high availability and disaster recovery, protect the integrity of enterprise information, and remove data from local devices that are susceptible to theft or loss. Managing physical desktop computers is something that every IT director wants to make more efficient, but it is difficult to save time with an old model and with tools made for the old model. Your IT department can save 57% of the time currently spent on desktop administration with a VMware View virtual desktop implementation.

Get the details on how you can save time in desktop administration with VMware View: The Business Case for Desktop Virtualization. This group writes and edits white papers, blog posts, and knowledge base articles on VMware End-User-Computing products.
This flexibility makes it easy for customers to move workloads to IaaS clouds and adds efficiency for hosters and datacenter administrators to  manage their infrastructure, while maintaining the necessary multi-tenant  isolation, security requirements, and supporting overlapping virtual machine IP  addresses.
Work as a Cloud Architect for itnetX, a consulting and engineering company located in Switzerland. On those VMware View desktops, you can place applications that have been virtualized with ThinApp. The model of individual physical computers with Windows applications and a web browser is being replaced. The more users you have, the more hours you save by converting to a View virtual desktop implementation.
I am focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter solutions based Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Virtualization and Microsoft Azure.
Both of these solutions save your IT department a bundle of time, and what organization doesn’t have a backlog of other projects for IT?  To delve into technical details on saving time with desktop virtualization, see The Business Case for Desktop Virtualization. The new paradigm is a user “view” into the cloud to access a personal desktop, applications, and data.

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