IT distributor Ingram Micro Inc. announced today that the company has brought on Stan Clark as the new vice president of cloud solutions.
He previously worked for six years at HP, with his last role being the company’s worldwide senior director on the board of advisors at the office of the customer. According to Ingram Micro, he will report directly to Nimesh Dave, the company’s executive vice president of global cloud computing. LAS VEGAS – Just one week after signing a major distribution deal with Tech Data Canada, Dell Canada announces another significant partnership with a distributor. Microsoft has begun the global transition of Nokia-branded stores and care centers around the world, with Nokia retail stores to be called Microsoft Authorized Resellers. The stores will showcase a range of Microsoft experiences and products including Lumia, Surface, Xbox and various accessories and services such as Office 365 in those markets that sell them, writes Nishtha Arora in a blog post. Many website designers overcomplicate the design process of Joomla websites, while it should not be necessarily so. The following steps are sequential steps, this means that you have to do the first one first, followed by the second, etc. After successfully installing Joomla, you can now login to the Joomla Admin area or Backend to configure it. The next necessary step to designing your Joomla website is to create your content sections, categories and content items or pages.
The content items, pages or articles (as they are variously called) are the pieces of content that are posted under each category.

Do note that you can have as many content sections, categories or content pages as you want.
One good reason to design Joomla websites is that you can actually modify and customize your Joomla site as much or as little as you want to. The US presence began with the acquisition of a startup in the High Availability and Disaster and Recovery market, SteelEye Technologies Inc.
Their main products operating in the application protection (HA) and data replication (DR) spaces for both Linux and Windows (LifeKeeper and DataKeeper respectively).
SIOS was founded May 23, 1997 and established its business partnership with Red Hat in 2003. In addition to its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, it has offices in the China, the UK, Lexington South Carolina, and San Mateo (Silicon Valley).
As part of a strategic initiative, SIOS has committed to investing into a new US operation in Cloud to address opportunities in enterprise data center automation – private Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. While you may sometimes, be able to still build a Joomla site without actually following some of these steps sequentially, it is best not to do so. So, for example, you may have a menu category for your paid products, another one for your freebies and even another for your niche articles. So, we may both be using the same template, for example, but each of us can modify the template and rearrange the modules in such a way that the finished website may not look anything similar to the original site. When I was asked to assess whether SIOS could participate in Cloud and be successful in building a large enterprise cloud business, I first took a look at the assets of the company both in Japan as well as in the US and then in the rest of the world (ROW).

That led to it’s move into the public market with an IPO in 2004 with major shareholders including Otsuka Corporation, Nissho Electronics Corp, Fujitsu, NEC, and Hewlett-Packard Japan.
Today the company supports over 450K end-users across 140+ enterprises and 28+ universities.
This takes about 3 minutes at most and is the simplest and easiest way of installing Joomla. So, whether you are designing a Joomla article directory or just a simple niche website, you will still find that the Joomla CMS will serve your purpose all the same.
You can also have any of the menu items point to a content section, category or page of your website. The company acquired Gluegent in 2008 to expand into data center web application development. I was chatting to a guy from the MPN support team a few months back and he said they are very much aware of how bad it is and are slowly working to improve it. The fact alone that I use google to find an answer to this mistery helps me to survive this level of stupidity MS shows.
Especially if they had at least shown a login but no, only after I entered all relevant data.

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