Microsoft SkyDrive has emerged as a powerful tool in the cloud for those looking to connect e-mail, pictures, videos and more online.
When you set up Windows with your Microsoft Account, it automatically configures SkyDrive to work that information. If you have uploaded or worked with Microsoft Office-based documents on SkyDrive, they will appear here. This is where you will receive documents, pictures and more that have been shared with your through SkyDrive. This will open a pop-up that gives you a basic breakdown of what is going on in that folder, such as the date it was last modified, size and who else it is shared with.
If you have not synced folders to work with SkyDrive, you can manually upload files this way.
ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives. Updated on Oct 6, 2013 By Guest Blogger 1 CommentThe general public may be a bit lost in launching Windows 8 for the first time. Again, the principle of centralization of information allows applications to recover from anywhere. This entry was posted in Windows and tagged CPU, Hardware, Multi Touch Gestures, New Build, RAM, System Requirements, Windows 8 by admin. La sua utilità non si discute, ma qualcuno potrebbe anche non esserne soddisfatto o temere per la privacy dei propri dati.
Ripetere la procedura di cui sopra su tutti i computer con Windows 8 sui quali si è impostata la sincronizzazione dei dati.
Il Windows Store di Windows 8 ed RT richiede l’inserimento della password del proprio account Microsoft ogni volta si acquista una nuova app. Se amate i design minimalisti, sarete sicuramente entusiasti di Windows 8 e più in particolare della sua interfaccia Metro. Dopo il Windows App Store, ecco un altro paio di interessanti funzionalità segrete di Windows 8 su cui si apre il sipario. Since its introduction, Microsoft has tweaked, upgraded and evolved SkyDrive into a service that can truly compete with level footing against Dropbox, Google Drive and more. While SkyDrive will still be available if you set up a local account, you will get much more out of it if you utilize a Microsoft Account.
Documents and Pictures are set up to those folders on your computer whereas Public is what others choose to share with you. This includes heading back to the main page for SkyDrive, as well as recent documents you have synced and your public folders.

This includes what you have synced on your computer as well as what you have created in SkyDrive as well.
If you are already using SkyDrive or want to give the cloud a try, this is the way to go in Windows 8. Once you create one and utilize it in Windows 8, you can use SkyDrive even more seamlessly through your new operating system.
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We will not return to the first choice – as a traditional account in Windows 7, Vista and XP.
It is the one who gives all his interest in Windows 8 (which may displease some also strongly). Clearly, be enrolled in one of the following services: Windows Live, Hotmail, MSN or Skydrive.
In other words, you do not store your texts, spreadsheets and presentations on your hard disk but on Microsoft’s servers.
You will only receive the full set of installation options when setup is launched in Windows. Con questa semplicissima procedura, avete disattivato la sincronizzazione dei dati online su tutti i vostri PC con Windows 8 e cancellato tutte le informazioni precedentemente conservate sulla piattaforma cloud di Microsoft.
If you have recently upgraded or bought a computer with Windows 8, taking advantage of your Microsoft Account and SkyDrive can be a great way to get involved in the cloud. Whether you use another cloud service or were already a convert to SkyDrive, this makes SkyDrive one of the most powerful ways to sync your files, folders and share with others through the cloud when using Windows 8. It lets you access all your files from anywhere on the web and even when your device is lost, your data will remain safe. It allows you to synchronize all servers from Microsoft applications, settings and files are accessible from any device running on Windows 8.
It is of course possible to record them locally, but the goal is to host them online for easy sharing (working together on the same document), export (from a tablet) and playback from any browser (Office Web Apps, free online version of Office).
I will be updating this post with newer system requirements as more official versions of Windows 8 are released. If you host them on Skydrive online space (7 GB free), Picture tile Windows 8 will customize with a slideshow of your personal images.
It is for example possible to type text in Word and not synchronize it in posteriori (or not at all). By default, if you want to sync any file to your One Drive account, just copy and paste in that folder.

Not only your One Drive account, you can connect any cloud service with Windows and move these folders to them.
It will open a new window, which will show all the connected cloud applications and file explorers in your PC. Anything you update on that particular folder will be synced automatically to your Google account. Try this simple tweak on your Windows machine and share your experience with us in the comments.
Doch nachdem Apple’s iCloud nun schon kraftig die Werbetrommel geruhrt hat, wird es Zeit fur Microsoft und dem anstehenden Betriebssystem Windows 8 klare Plane zu schmieden. Wird der Cloud Desktop kommen oder nicht?Bestatigt ist bereits folgendes, die Windows 8 Online ID: Bereits bei der Installation von Windows 8 lasst sich eine derartige ID anlegen.
Denkbar ist die Moglichkeit, jegliche Einstellungen automatisch uber die Wolke zu synchronisieren. Aber nunmal ernsthaft, eine echte Cloud Losung ist es erst, wenn es Microsoft schafft den Cloud Desktop in Windows 8 zu etablieren. Der Datenspeicher besteht bereits, die Microsoft hauseigene Cloud nennt sich Azure und scheint im Enterprise sehr gut angenommen zu werden. Damit steht doch dem Cloud Desktop eigentlich nichts mehr im Wege, wenn sogar schon die Infrastruktur steht. Wer sich in einem gangigen Windows 8 Forum umsieht, wird schnell bemerken wieviele Leute ein Cloud Desktop Konzept befurworten wurden.Offiziell wird Windows 8 auf der CES 2012 angekundigt, voraussichtlich von Steve Balmer personlich. Aus internen Kreisen war zumindest zu erfahren, dass man mehr als 9 Millionen Dollar in Betriebsystem spezifische Cloud Technologien investiert hat. Ich finde den Gedanken alles in der Wolke zu haben hochstinteressant und hatte sogar schon uberlegt deswegen zu Apple zu wechseln. Doch ich mochte Windows 8 gerne eine Chance geben.Was hier ubrigens nicht vergessen werden sollte sind die neuen Chromebooks.
Die mit Google Android ausgestatteten Notebooks sind komplett auf Daten aus der Wolke gestutzt. Ich hatte leider noch keins in der Hand, aber fur Menschen die keine speziellen Entwicklertools o.a.
Wenn das Microsoft nun mit Windows 8 out of the box anbieten wurde, konnten diese Anbieter wohl gleich einpacken.Doch ich gebe euch recht, die Moglichkeit alles uber die Cloud laufen lassen zu konnen ist extrem wichtig.

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