Gone are the days that every employee on payroll drives to their nearest branch office, swipes their badge for timekeeping, and spends their eight hour work day in the office. If you’ve posted a listing for a job opening on a job board website lately, you realize how flooded the job market has become. Providing access to your company files via cloud computing allows this perfect candidate-turned-employee to work anywhere. In my last position with a small staff nonprofit, I regularly had to E-mail very large JPGS and Power Point presentations to colleagues all over the country. I dona€™t know about you, but if therea€™s a technical issue with my data, how to retrieve it, why Ia€™m not receiving it, or updates, I dona€™t know where to begin. With your stuff in the cloud, you have room on your hard drive for projects that are important to you right now instead of stuff you did a year ago, but want to hold onto.
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When it comes to finding a low-cost yet highly effective IT infrastructure to support a growing business, small business owners spend too much time ‘getting their hands dirty’ as opposed to focusing on moving the business forward. That is why Cloud Computing might just be the perfect remedy, giving them the ability to focus on keeping competitive by streamlining their operations and removing the up-front capital costs of a traditional solution. Costs are also kept down on an on-going basis, this is due to the technology being delivered over the internet; businesses rent their required space and processing power, with the ability to scale, up or down, as and when required. Ask any techy and they will tell you how excited the IT industry is about the capabilities of the Cloud. Adopting the Cloud is like renting a car, the maintenance, repairs and breakdown assistance are all taken care of by the rental company. Spend less time keeping the technology supporting your business on, and more time implementing core business processes.
Above all of the benefits and possibilities the Cloud offers businesses, the biggest driving factor is the financial savings. Now imagine a low predictable monthly fee, based on the number of users and software they need, which can scale with your business; that is the Cloud. The belief that the Cloud is less secure than a traditional on premise solution is a rapidly diminishing misconception. The term ‘cloud’ might not inspire confidence, but it’s actually a safe and substantial way to store, share and secure your data. Although, when you place the responsibility of your business critical IT infrastructure and data in the hands of a third party, there needs to be a degree of trust, that they are capable and credible. It is, however, simple for small businesses to achieve the assurances they need by choosing a CSP that is certified by the independent UK Cloud governing body, Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). CIF deliver a certifiable Code of Practice to members on best practice processes and client protection. The Code of Practice allows businesses, as end users, to have confidence in their choice, where they can evaluate certified CSPs against the guidance and rationale set out in the Code, thus allowing a more thorough and informed decision on choosing their supplier.
Editor’s Note: Helping startup entrepreneurs and small business owners introduce new web technologies such as cloud applications to their businesses is one of our biggest tasks as an IT outsourcing partner. We’re the cloud application and infrastructure experts behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced cloud computing initiatives. Cloud Technology Partners is consulting with large enterprises, including General Electric (GE), about how to develop software to run in cloud computing environments, including new projects and also conversion of older workloads. Cloud Technology Partners works with pretty much any major cloud infrastructure provider you can name, but it doesn’t engage in reseller relationships with those companies, which distinguishes its approach from many of the solution providers assisting with cloud migrations. Cloud Technology Partners is experienced at migrating enterprise applications into the cloud.
The combined pedigree of the Cloud Technology Partners team, which includes the co-founders of Cambridge Technology Partners, is enviable.
Honorable mention in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards best AWS consulting partner category goes to Cloud Technology Partners. Cloud Technology Partners, a Boston-based cloud consultancy that works with AWS, Google and Rackspace, had the most daring and bizarre booth on the re:Invent show floor.
In a presentation at the 2014 TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, consultant and author David Linthicum discussed the impact of cloud computing on business intelligence and data analytics and the opportunities it presents to organizations. At DevOps Summit New York, Cloud Technology Partners' Mike Kavis explored how to derive the greatest value from DevOps.
The Open Data Center Alliance, announced Snehal Desai and David Linthicum as keynote speakers for its third-annual Forecast 2014 conference. Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM, others are backing an open-source effort led by Google to develop a containerization management tool for startup Docker. AWS' new T2 instance type gives IT pros a way to buy Elastic Compute Cloud resources in increments of less than an hour.
Software and service company Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) has done cloud migration services work for the past four years. Updates in OpenStack's latest release are relatively minor in comparison to some previous releases, but they will be meaningful to cloud operators who have struggled to deploy the cloud operating system on existing infrastructures, experts say.
With the price of public cloud falling, new features constantly being added and security being beefed up, you would think that implementing a private cloud would be last thing an SME would want to do.
OpenStack is the open source project that's attracted as many critics as it has supporters in its three year lifespan. The automated assessment tool from integrator Cloud Technology Partners analyzes code for cloud readiness, helping IT teams identify potential issues that could slow down migration to public or private environment. PaaSLane from Cloud Technology Partners is a tool that greatly facilitates the process of migrating an application to the cloud by comparing its source code to known safe best practice.

Application development and consultancy firm Cloud Technology Partners has announced the general availability of PaaSLane 2.0. Routing the calls through the Internet is simply part of the process of a cloud phone system.
The modern VoIP-based phone system can do all these things with many offering additional features. In addition, a cloud-based phone system offers additional flexibility that conventional phone systems lack.
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Now, companies are realizing that they can see positive gains on their bottom-line by allowing their employees the freedom to telecommute or even work remotely full time.
Everyone is applying for just about anything that remotely sounds related to something they may or may not be qualified to do.
This doesn’t just benefit long-distance employees, but even those team members in your own town. Giving your employees the freedom to work from their beds on the days they’re ill, allowing them to take extended vacations, and even work remotely full time is an excellent way to nurture the happiness of your team and to protect against high-turn over. Outlook held those files perpetually in my out box, unable to send a file that large, and deadlines came and went.
The advantage of using a cloud server is that you are paying someone to store your information for you. If you and your colleagues all have access to the cloud, you can easily share files without having to pull them off the a€?digitala€? world and put them into your purse. The majority of SMEs will find the ability to outsource the technology to a capable Cloud Service Provider invaluable”. When you purchase a traditional IT suite, you have to predict how much space and processing power you will require, with too little or too much both having financial implications, then, after the 3 years a refresh is a likely expense, with the hardware becoming obsolete, all while the continuing and unpredictable costs of fixing it when it goes wrong. Where the costs used to be a major capital expense they now become an operational expense”.
It doesn’t actually present any risks to sensitive data that do not already exist with an on premise environment. All CSPs awarded the certification have made a commitment to present the terms of their Cloud offering unambiguously and have demonstrated that they have met the specific requirements of transparency, accountability and capability.
The scheme goes beyond the technical specifications required to deliver secure cloud services, and governs the way that we operate as a business, to ensure that we are fully transparent and accountable to our customers”. We carry out this task not only in specific projects but also in this blog by publishing some informative articles for newbie entrepreneurs to learn a thing or two regarding possibilities to boost their web presence. Small and medium sized business executives have heard plenty of talk about the cloud, but most have a low understanding of the potential benefits that cloud-based solutions can bring to their businesses.
That includes both privately-built and run cloud data centers, and also public cloud data centers. The firm engages in deep technical relationships, so that it can help businesses determine which cloud stack is best for its application portfolio. It puts them in an ideal position to help their customers fully leverage cloud in order to not only transform the way their corporate IT services are delivered, but to revolutionize the way they conduct business. The company is now seeing an increase in activity, as more clients are moving beyond the strategy phase and into the execution phase. Because services such as Amazon Web Services are built of redundant components that can fail, customers who use AWS have to build their apps to be resilient in the case of server failure. These platforms include Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Pivotal CloudFoundry and the Apprenda platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment. Because the Internet connects to all corners of the world, the costs associated with the calls are reduced with many cloud-based business phone systems. The staff of the business must be able to use the phones efficiently with all the features of any comprehensive office phone system. The business staff often will not know that the phone calls are being routed through the Internet rather than the phone company lines. This allows the user to change the designated answering position for calls coming through the Internet. A company with offices on the east and west coasts of the United States can shift calls to accommodate the differences in time zones. It may strike you as jarring to wrap your mind around the idea that in this environment you can’t see that everyone is doing their jobs.
Sick days don’t have to mean an entire eight hours lost, instead they could stay in the comfort of their own home and take care of themselves and work around their illness – without infecting the rest of the office. Ditch the leased suite for a membership at a co-ed working space like VentureX in Naples, Florida.
They can help with those technical issues, and probably know a lot more about it than you do. When a business implements Cloud they use the software they require without worrying about installing it, maintaining it, downloading updates or keeping it secure.
In fact, the majority of SMEs that evaluate their internal security, response times, and downtime to the service level assurances they get with a reputable Cloud Service Provider (CSP), find that their security is increased by moving to the Cloud.
It is important for customers to know that their data and applications will be properly supported and protected in cloud environments, and knowing that we are CIF certified instantly provides this reassurance. Companies like Genetec, a leader in the physical security and public safety industry, have used cloud technologies like Azure and Office 365 to grow its business while maintaining high-levels of quality and service. It’s also decided that the time is right to make the process and engine behind its application migration services into a software product. In addition, the broader Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud services market is gaining momentum.
We suspect that in many cases this will easily be achieved, plus PaaSLane removes a lot of uncertainty.

These systems use voice over Internet protocols, sometimes called VoIP, to keep any office connected to the world for a low cost. VoIP calling plan costs are minimal and are often in the form of a monthly fee rather than a per call cost.
This includes the ability to transfer calls, use voice mail to receive messages and make and receive conference calls. Early morning calls can be answered by the east coast office while late afternoon calls are shifted to the west coast. Once you’ve plucked the best from your local market, what do you do if you need to hire more? Or even if you prefer to keep a working space for your employees to come to, cloud computing cuts down on the resources you’ll be spending at your physical location. Your membership is free and you’ll gain access to discounts from suppliers from Office Depot to USPAY!
Nor, will the business need to invest in additional hardware or an IT suite, such as servers, it’s all taken care of. Digitalization of business processes has been the first step toward the great situation that we have today. And of course, these phone systems are highly adaptable and are perfect for a business of any size.
Calls on a VoIP phone system can be shifted to a branch office, the home of a staff member or even a temporary storm shelter. This can reduce costs for overtime by allowing each office to maintain its staff during normal work hours for the time zone. At first, it has been reserved for the great and big companies with big enough budget for modernization of their process, but nowadays, it is not the privilege but the necessity for any type of business.
Whether you are a large corporation or are more in the market for small business phone systems, many providers, such as Broadview Networks, can offer VoIP phone services tailored to your needs. Anywhere with adequate Internet bandwidth can serve as the new headquarters of the company during the disaster. Opening your business up to cloud computing give you the ability to hire anyone, from anywhere. SMBs who are adopting modern technologies like cloud and mobility are increasing their revenue faster, growing in size and capacity and are more likely to expand internationally than companies that are slow to adopt new technologies. Staff can also take phone calls on their laptop or home computer through the Internet connection.
There are many ways why these things are the latest hit among the small business owners and why so many small businesses conduct their work using virtualization and cloud.
This allows each staff member to have his desk telephone with him wherever he has Internet access. When you talk about virtualization, you are actually talking about the infrastructure of your company.
By introducing virtualization, you are actually introducing a software that acts as a virtual server.
All the database software, email applications, apps that help you do your accounting and every other app that is specific for your own type of work, don’t have to be carried out by a separate physical server, but it can be conducted and supported by a virtual one. If you understand that virtualization is a process that manipulates hardware, the cloud computing is the result and the service that is provided by virtualization. With cloud computing, it is no longer necessary to have the physical server at your premises and all the software can be accessed from a secure server that is maintained by a provider of this service. There are many benefits of using this type of data storage and software usage as just some of the good sides of cloud computing.
The most obvious way cloud computing makes your life and work easier is the mobility it provides for you and your workers. Since all the apps and data are on the server that is reachable from anywhere, it is possible to conduct business from anywhere.
The least of those is the fact that you can finish your work from home after office hours if you have the need. One of the most economic ones is the fact that you can outsource some of your work by using cloud computing or even reduce the offices to the bare minimum, getting your workers to work from home. With this type of business conduct, you don’t have to download software and spend money on training as everything is straightforward.
Also, cloud computing ensures that your data and work are safe from being lost due to some physical damage of your drives, servers and the like.
Losing all your data could easily kill your business and that is something that cloud computing prevents. This means that you can tailor it according to your needs and be as flexible as you like with its resources. However, public cloud is more prone to innovations that big companies have to introduce to their services. It seems that the best way to deal with these decisions about moving to the cloud is to combine the benefits of virtualization, private and public clouds. Also, although this is a great solution for many small businesses and those that switched to cloud report major savings and increase of productivity, it is not necessary to move your entire work on the cloud. The whole idea is to carefully tailor the best and the most optimal solution that will suit perfectly the specific features of your business. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies, like australian web hosting company Crucial.

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