New appointments are added to your default Calendar folder and you cannot set the iCloud Calendar folder to be your default Calendar.
Don't use iCloud calendar, contact, or tasks sync for Exchange, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts. If Outlook and iCloud stop syncing, you need to close Outlook, open the iCloud control panel and sign out, then sign back in.
After upgrading to iCloud2, you may not be able to type or paste notes into the notes field of some appointments (meetings) because the appointment or meeting is read-only. Set the iCloud calendar to use a List view, add the Recurrence Range End field to the View and sort by it. The default calendar used by the To-Do Bar (and Outlook Today) is the one in your default pst file. If you use iCloud 2, you can set the iCloud data file as the default, however, this will not work if you use an IMAP account. Although you can't set the iCloud calendar to be the default, you can configure Outlook to display the iCloud calendar when Outlook is opened the first time.
Go to Tools > Options > Other tab > Advanced Options button to select your iCloud calendar as the startup folder. Cancelling the meeting sends out a second "email blast" and may remove the original meeting from everyone's calendar.
You cannot cancel these invitations, doing so may cancel the real meeting (as well as sending out a second mass mailing).
CompanionLink synchronizes Outlook data with phones and other supported desktop applications and web-based services (like Google).
Your sync-software can sync only default folders of Outlook, but you need also subfolders and public folders? The following tutorial shows you how to use the Move to Folder command to move new appointments or contacts to a different contacts folder. On the open appointment form, click Save then go to File menu and choose the Move to folder command.
To make Move to folder easier to use (and remember!), you can customize the ribbon, adding the Move to folder command to the Home ribbon, placing it next to Save and close. If you print a calendar from Outlook and it is either blank or missing appointments, verify that you have the correct calendar selected.
Click Print Options then select the iCloud calendar (it should be the other calendar named just Calendar). About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. Again, this is not recommended unless you know exactly why you’re deleting the iCloud account from your device. Once the iCloud account has been removed from the device, you’re left with a blank iCloud login. Unfortunately there is no way to bypass the icloud id, u could try the forgot password option and reset the password.
Otherwise there is no way either by software or hardware possible for it to happen, unless u have someone at apple!!! Or, reset the device as new to factory default settings, then enter your new fresh iCloud details. I have an iPhone 4 that I am going to sell and do not have the password for icloud account.
What I just did that worked for me was to update the IPhone 4 to the most recent update and in the middle of update perform a hard reset by hold home and start button and forcing a reset. With the latest iOS update the delete account button is missing, so you cannot implement the suggestions above. Also my daughter had used her college email for her Apple ID, but at this school you lose the email when you graduate. After a lot of reading, in which nothing helped, I figured out how to delete an iCloud account in which you have changed the email address.
So if you have changed your email address to a new one, and have no access to the old one, this should work!
If you need to change or delete your iCloud account I would recommend to read the instructions on this webpage rather than jumping directly to the comments to write the most typo stricken comment that exists on the internet. There are no issues with this method, you simply enter the login details and delete the account from the iPhone or iPad. Okay so clearly you all are having similar issues my wife bought a phone from someone awhile back but has his iCloud settings and we do not know the password therefore can’t delete the account nor the reset feature is there a way around this to delete the account? Hi I bought a phone from someone also who can’t remember their password how do I delete iCloud ? However, since mail on my Mac crashed, I stopped using it and then forgot my Apple iCloud ID and password. This morning, it asked me to reset the password and ID, but it defaults to my icloud mail email in Mail. So in resetting the password and ID, I discovered that it has not reset my icloud email access info, but rather attached my Apple iCloud ID and password to my Gmail address. What to do if my iPhone shows that already max no of accounts have been created on this device and cannot login with other account i buy this iphone 4s from. I don’t like my iCloud email that I have chosen, so how do I delete it and use another.
I don’t want to remove icloud account from my iphone, I just want to stop getting icloud emails on my phone (I have an ipad and I get the icloud emails there).
I was wondering if when you delete the icloud from your iPhone, does it delete it from everyone else’s who uses the same icloud? Create an iCloud account on another computer or phone and use that one to log in, otherwise you can contact Apple and see if they will lift the iCloud account limit.

Formatting the iPhone as new may be helpful as well if it has someone elses stuff on there.
So i found a Iphone 5 in the bush and i do not know who owns it i can delete there account on icloud ? Hey man email me, I’ve got a phone that I have no clue the icloud info and basically just need to restore it completely so I can use it, an you claim that you know how to remove the previous owners account without the info, so please let me know ASAP so I can get to using this phone.
Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. I am migrating from Spotify and I want iTunes to accommodate the way I used to add songs to a "favorites" playlist, just like the Starred Songs works on Spotify.
My second solution was to create a non-smart playlist and manually update that one with any new music the smart playlist catches.
My third solution was to create another smart playlist especially made to mirror the first. The playlist was created, and it works as I intended (successfully mirroring the first one at all times), but apparently I can't access it from other devices for some reason.
Solution: if you go into any one of your Apple Music playlists, hover over any one of the songs, you will notice a little icon with 3 dots show up - if you LEFT-click on this, a menu will pop up (different than the old menu), and then add the song to your desired new self-made playlist.
The problem is that iTunes still has both the old method and the new method active, but only the new method actually works. I moved the 10% of bad songs to a temporary playlist and deleted them from the new playlist. I then dragged and dropped each song, 1 by 1, from the temp playlist back into my new playlist. I saw this error when I added songs directly from the "For You" or "New" tabs in iTunes to a playlist. To fix the error for my playlist I manually added the songs to My Library, then added them to a playlist. I am not sure if this will resolve your issue but could be an unseen issue as to why this may have happened. I've found that certain songs are available in Apple Music, but once you add them to an existing playlist it becomes un-syncable. The duplicated playlist had six fewer songs (which I suspect were the reason the original playlist couldn't be synced) but I was able to sync it to iCloud without any issues. If you go to your playlist and tell it to arrange according to song, you can regain the ability to click the little cloud icon in the menu bar and sort this way. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged itunes icloud music playlist apple-music or ask your own question. USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. We have a lot of graphic and web design, a bit of architecture, ads, tech news, awesome reads and other crazy stuff! Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo.. These accounts support EAS (Exchange Active Sync) and will sync directly with the accounts OTA (over the air).
Outlook will tell you that you can't forward the item and will offer to make a copy in your default calendar.
However, it's not set as default calendar ("My Calendar" is empty) and so I cannot see my appointments in the To-Do Bar. Yes, I know this isn't even close to being a replacement for not seeing the appointments on the To-Do Bar but it is one option available to you. It's easy to create them directly in the iCloud if you use the File > Move to Folder command. The first issue is that meetings do not automatically sync with the iCloud; you need to move or copy the meeting to the iCloud folder. To clear your calendar, disable calendar sync in the iCloud control panel and set your device to sync 2 weeks back. I have a macro at Copy meeting details to an Outlook appointment that will do this for you. Companionlink supports all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2013 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows 10. The synchronization of data will always take place between selected folders and the user can choose several pairs of folders that need synchronizing. OLMixedFolders can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook subfolder or public folders with your Outlook default folders. If you previously used the folder (within the last 10 moves), it will be listed on the MRU, otherwise you will need to select the folder. While Outlook should default to calendar that is in focus (Calendar name is bolded, the appointments on it are brighter than others) when the default calendar is also selected, Outlook drops down to it. This is typically for situations where you need to swap in a different account, create a new iCloud login for some reason, or just change to another existent iCloud account that is better suited for a device. Here you can either create a new Apple ID and accompanying iCloud account, or change to another iCloud account. Again, this is not a recommended procedure without knowing why you want to do this, since it can lead to a variety of problems. For your own personal devices, always try to use a single iCloud account and Apple ID, this insures continuity of app and iTunes purchases, and proper syncing of your files and data. Obviously reseting everything isn’t going to be necessary if you simply need to change the login though, so use which is appropriate for the given situation.
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Or just go to apple with your receipt and proof you own the iphone and they will unlock it.

If you could than Stolen phones could be resold, and thieves could bypass the security features. Upon restart of phone it will require you to connect it to iTunes and you will be given an option to restore iPhone which will wipe all contents. The Apple Mail app on my main Mac has crashed and burned and I had my OS upgraded by an accredited Apple agent C3 which has since ceased operations as the owner had a stroke!
I want to keep my iCloud info from my previous iPad and not have to download everything again.
But it is currently linked to an email and I don’t have the email nor password is there some other way I can unlock it??
In order for me to sell my phone for money towards a new one i need to remove the device from my icloud account. If so, you might enjoy hanging out with other like-minded folks on the Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group. That didn't work because apparently the heart rating doesn't persist between devices, and most of the point of this is so I can have this self-updating playlist available offline on mobile. The Playlist 3 contains exactly the same tracks as Playlist 1, so the given reason that Playlist 3 "includes other media kinds or songs that are not eligible" doesn't make any sense. You can no longer just drag and drop songs from Apple Playlists to new ones that you create yourself, but you are still able to do it a different way. I've done this for years with my iTunes library and it's just a matter of creating a smart playlist for all songs rated five stars.
So take a look at the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what's going on out there! Unless you select a different calendar, the iCloud calendar should be shown by default every time you switch to the calendar navigation pane. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums. I've already disenabled the link from iCloud Control Panel and enabled again and did the same with the Outlook add-in in Outook. In most cases, the dot indicating the calendar would be a different color on the ones that sync over from outlook and the ones you create on the phone that don't sync. While iOS makes this process easy, but be sure you know why you would want to do this, otherwise you may encounter unanticipated problems. Note if you already changed an Apple Store ID to the proper ID, this is unnecessary as the setting will carry over.
But I’ve created a new one and I use the new password to sign out from my ICloud (in order to sign in with a new Apple ID) and it actually works! So I can’t reload the OS software which I believe Mail is integral to and the only way to revive the operation. Now I get the pop-up requests to insert my iCloud ID password every few seconds AND IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!
So i removed that and have now a new one which I used to create a new iCloud log in for my mac. In that I learned one thing when jail breaking we need the last used sim we need to jailbreak. As a result, I have to delete each email four times, one for every method by which I receive email.
You also used to be able to just right-click on a song, a menu would pop up, and you could then "add to selected playlist" - this no longer works either. This is a real pain, specially because there is not warning as to which song is causing the issue. You could import the Spotify list, select all, rate them five stars, and then they would automatically be added to the list. Right now I am dealing with the policy of getting a newer phone back from a former employee, wiping it clean, and assigning it to someone else. Complicated no doubt by the number of mobile devices and configurations without EVER considering that Apple disciples might want all four. I thought my phone would just recognise this too and promed me for the new email and password but NOOOOO. Unfortunately, Comcast does not as of today provide IMAP accounts for residential customers, only for business accounts. Except that can’t be done because the last user attached their icloud account and then they deleted the account.
I had forgotten my log in password for my phone so I thought a factory reset would do some wonders. There are, however, several free IMAP alternatives such as Gmail and iCloud.Services like iCloud sync email via the IMAP protocol. Your first option is to simply switch to one of these free alternatives by setting up a new and separate email account. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc. Deleting a POP account will almost always delete all the messages, including Sent mail, in that account.

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