When you use the Rackspace cloud you will have access to computing and storage services, including hosted databases, as well as access to cloud file storage and the Akamai’s content delivery network. It’s easy to think of cloud computing as a utility or commodity business but Rackspace is making us reassess that opinion. After you confirmed your account you will have full access to the Open Cloud management console. You do not directly choose the number of virtual cores you get; those are assigned based on operating system and RAM size.
If you will be using a MySQL database with your application, you might want to consider running it as a cloud database. Rackspace makes it easy to create basic monitoring checks, like ping or HTTP checks, for servers; the price for monitoring is based on the number of checks you create, the number of zones used, and the number of hours checks are active.
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Montreal-based Genetec has developed a global customer base with its enterprise grade Security Center solution for unifying and managing images from an organization’s video security, access control, and license plate recognition cameras to help reduce theft and other crimes.
For over 15 years, Genetec has been a leader in protecting organizations with its world-class unified Internet Protocol (IP)-based security solutions.
Genetec works with partners on six continents to help provide safer, more secure physical environments for organizations in more than 80 countries. As part of the company's commitment to developing innovative concepts to unify business and security systems, Genetec wanted to provide an affordable solution for small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs) so they too could benefit from the same technology its enterprise customers were experiencing with Genetec Security Center.
Genetec liked the fact that cloud deployment would lower the cost to itscustomers-eliminating the capital expenditure for on-premises servers for storing video images and image management applications, as well as avoiding the added operational costs involved in having personnel dedicated to systems administration and maintenance of on-premises systems. As Genetec considered the best way to host its applications in the cloud, it quickly decided against providing cloud server infrastructure.
Genetec needed to find a cloud provider that delivered the same levels of security and reliability to its customers that Genetec provides with its on-premises Security Center deployments. The company deployed a new cloud-based video management software solution called "Stratocast" on Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform and infrastructure. Genetec developed Stratocast internally using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Azure. While Stratocast was developed for SMBs, the company soon found that its enterprise customers desired the cloud-based product as well. All of the Stratocast server roles-web servers, application servers, and database-are configured on Windows Azure for automatic failover, so if one piece of hardware fails, the load is automatically shifted to another server. Genetec credits the robust offering of the Windows Azure platform and Visual Studio for enabling a swift and efficient development process.
The Windows Azure-based Stratocast offers Genetec and its customers a number of benefits including strong security, robust reliability, support for constant code improvement, and a competitive advantage for cost and convenience in approaching SMB markets. Strong SecurityFinding a secure cloud platform for Stratocast was a key driver in choosing a cloud provider for Genetec.
Morin notes that deploying on Azure, which is managed and regularly updated by Microsoft, enables Genetec to focus on application development. From a sales standpoint, Genetec has found that its cloud-based offering benefits from Microsoft's experience and reputation for trustworthy computing and commitment to security.
Robust ReliabilityThe Windows Azure platform served Genetec well in providing cloud-based customers with the robust reliability that it has long provided customers using its on-premise video security solutions. Genetec was attracted by the ability to use the Azure platform to provide redundant failover for every function within its cloud deployment.
Support for Constant Code ImprovementGenetec is committed to continuous improvement of its cloud-based service offering. Competitive Advantages for Cost and ConvenienceStratocast provides a competitive advantage for Genetec, as the company can now approach small organizations that otherwise might not have had the budget-or room-for an on-premises video security solution.
Another advantage is that customers don't have to store a physical server onsite in a closet, under a desk or some other place. The simplicity of the Stratocast solution provides exactly what many of Genetec's customers-of all sizes-are looking for. SummaryGenetec used Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Azure platform to create a cloud-based application that provides customers with the enterprise grade security and reliability of its on-premises Security Center, while offering the low entry cost of a hosted solution. I remember getting my three 2TB drives for like $79 each back in like 2010 or 2011, right before the Thailand flood.

The vast majority of SSD users will upgrade their SSD to a larger, faster one several decades before it wears out. Not a single one of the roughly 20 conventional HDDs I’ve been using during the last 25 years came even close to that lifetime. You do realize that to reach 500TB write, you would have to write 100TB per day, for 13.5 years straight.
But remember, those who wait for new technologies end up not getting anything, as by the time 8TB drives are here, someone else will make the same point about 12TB drives. Yeah, but anyone who wants performance isn’t going with crappy rotational drives in the first place.
If you put several of these in RAID format wouldn’t the performance of the whole storage system improve dramatically because you’re now pulling data in parallel?
What about people who run 45 drive archival boxes with only dual gigabit ethernet connection? That’s because 1 kilobyte IS 1000 bytes, just like 1 kilogram is 1000 grams, 1 kilometer is 1000 meters, and 1 kilonewton is 1000 newtons. Technically, that’s a kibibyte (which I admit is a bit awkward sounding), abbreviated KiB. I’m mostly pointing out the different between bases and the difference in nomenclature that the HDD makers use versus OS makers. Even the most expensive hybrid drives from Seagate have been known to fail at an alarming rate compared to hard drives made by other manufacturers. Seagate is very popular hard drive maker, I purchased 6TB Seagate HDD in last year, it performs superbly till now, but I have an another company HDD, it hits one time error within last two years, when it occurred fault I immediately contact a reliable company for hard drive repair as well hard drive data recovery. I have tested one Seagate 8 terabyte harddrive on many computer platforms (Intel, AMD) and varying OS (Windows and Linux).
I use many very large drives from Seagate, and they start to develop compability issues like not working with SATA or not being found by Windows or just irrevocably losing its data. The next step is to sit down with company management to discuss general business operations as it relates to your network. StepUp Technology can now use the knowledge of your business operations, along with the data collected from the resource assessment, to identify technology deficiencies. StepUp Technology will proactively review the Technology Road Map and communicate necessary changes with your company. Rackspace was one of the co-founders of OpenStack, which it uses for its cloud infrastructure, so you can run the same platform in-house if you decide to move to a private or hybrid cloud. When you create a virtual machine instance, you will specify which data center will host the instance, which operating system you’d like to use and how much RAM you will need. On Windows servers this ranges from 1GB of RAM gettting 1 virtual core ranging to 30GB servers that allocate 8 virtual cores. Rackspace deploys cloud databases to specialized infrastructure that includes high performance SAN storage and a dedicated storage network.  The service automates database deployment so you spend less time with configuration and patching issues. It is a good practice to change the root password and to set up public and private keys for SSH login. He has worked in a broad range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software development, government, retail, gas and oil production, power generation, life sciences, and education.  Dan has written 16 books and numerous articles and white papers about topics ranging from data warehousing, Cloud Computing and advanced analytics to security management, collaboration, and text mining. To make its services more affordable to smaller organizations, the company decided to create a cloud-based offering, but required a platform that provided the same high level of security and reliability as its Security Center. The company provides its global customer base with IP-based video surveillance, access control, and video license plate recognition solutions-all integrated into an on premises application called the Genetec Security Center.
Customers range from Avis Budget Group, to the City of Calgary, to the University of Brussels. The solution would also have to seamlessly integrate with its own infrastructure and development environment. Stratocast provides cloudbased hosting of its video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) offering for storing and managing video data from Genetec customers. The project took 12 months to complete, with a core team of 12 developers that ramped up to 18 during the peak of the project. Enterprise customers that had already deployed Genetec Security Center, an on-premises product, saw Stratocast as a scalable solutionideal for extending coverage to branch offices and other locations around the world. The company can now deploy Stratocast upgrades in real time-enhancing the customer experience.
At that rate, I should have about 396 years left before it reaches the end of its rated life.

With all of the technologies that are vying to replace NAND Flash, running out of writes may cease to be an issue in the next few years, but no one should hesitate to buy an SSD today based on fear of the Flash wearing out.
Sure, the 1000 = 1024 approximation is fairly close for small data quantities (leading to laziness in nomenclature), but we should keep our metric prefixes consistent. StepUp Technology uses sophisticated software and discovery techniques to capture important information about your network and computer resources. Having a better understanding of how you do your daily business will enable StepUp Technology to better align technology resources with the needs of your operation.
At this point decisions can be made to acquire needed equipment, initiate required policies and procedures, and establish a budget for future technology investments.
Users can submit a help desk request at any time or call a StepUpTechnology representative directly to discuss issues or request service.
The company's safety-critical video surveillance systems are used by some of the world's most traveled airports, largest retailers, and many Fortune 500 businesses. Stratocast is built upon Windows Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) services that enable developers to be more efficient during development andreduce ongoing infrastructure operations management efforts. Stratocast uses Windows Azure to host its complete VSaaS product including web servers, application servers, and the database tier.
Back in 2013, Seagate said it was already shipping SMR-enabled drives, but actual data on which drives actually use SMR is hard to come by.
Of course, we now know that SSDs can usually survive several times as many writes as they are rated for, so I don’t truly expect my current SSD to die until at least the fourth millennium. That gives it a projected lifetime of at least another 30 years (as regards flash cell write cycle limitations).
It is definitely targeted towards low to mid performance storage systems or for workloads where number of writes is a lot higher than reads, such as backup storage. So much capacity within something so relatively small and at the same time worried that the infamous *ka-plonk**ka-plonk**ka-plonk* sound would chime at any moment. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. When it comes to your business, you need to have a technology plan for next week, next year, and the next five years.
An analysis of this data will provide the basic information needed to begin your technology plan. All requests are recorded in the help desk, and users will receive email updates as issues are resolved.
Linux virtual machines with up to 15GB of RAM get 4 virtual cores while Linux servers using 30GB RAM get 8 virtual cores.
The Azure-based offering provides Genetec with a game-changing offering for small to medium-sized businesses that is more affordable, provides strong security, robust reliability, and includes a deployment model that doesn’t require capital expenditure for traditional on-site servers. The solution uses Windows Azure SQL Database for storing relational data and Windows Azure Storage for videos. Microsoft's cloud-based offering gives our customers the added security Microsoft provides in handling infrastructure updates while creating a secure foundation from which we could build and host our application. Seagate, without the hermetically sealed helium tech, had to stick to six platters, with a massive areal density of 1TB per platter. Worry about a dozen other things that might actually happen, but the fears about Flash wearing out have always been irrational, as long as you put enterprise SSDs in enterprise environments and consumer SSDs in consumer environments. If the data has been modified (and thus moved) from its original location, then there is extra overhead involved in locating and reading that data. The number of CPU cycles provided to a virtual server is weighted according to the size of the server. For the 6TB drive, we believe Seagate used conventional perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) rather than shingled magnetic recording (SMR) or heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR).But how did Seagate squeeze 8TB into a normal 3.5-inch drive? While HAMR is due to hit the market any day now, I suspect Seagate would be making a rather large fuss if it had created an 8TB or 10TB HAMR drive.
It is also possible that Seagate managed to squeeze seven platters into the enclosure, despite the lack of helium, along with a smaller bump in areal density to 1.14TB per platter.

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