You can now move games saves, profiles, achievements and other data you want to Cloud Storage. Now you can log into your Xbox Live account and have everything you stored in Cloud Storage available to you. If you've been having issues retrieving your Xbox 360 saves from the cloud, you're not alone. The Xbox service status page shows that all systems are go except for Xbox Live Service itself. There's no workaround for this issue - Microsoft simply instructs those who are experiencing problems to check back with the status page for updated support messages, which should be coming in every 30 minutes. After all, if your saves are all stored in the cloud, this outage means that you can't continue any of your games. TweetCloud computing continues to gain more mainstream adoption as more companies move into the cloud.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is what most IT professionals think about when they talk about the cloud.
Forrester, an analyst firm predicts it will generate greater revenue potential which can clearly be seen from Amazon Web Services, the undisputed commodity IaaS revenue leader. Rackspace, the second largest commodity IaaS provider also reveals an increase in its revenue. Both AWS and Rackspace’s rapid revenue growth can be credited from the growing usage of the IaaS. Large organizations rely on commodity IaaS for testing and developing new applications, and for hosting applications that are less-critical, while small businesses use it for mission-critical applications. Providing on-demand access to computing and storage resources is the main focus of Enterprise IaaS clouds. Even though adoption rates and market size can be hard to distinguish at Enterprise IaaS, it is still doing fine among its target audience. On top of the core enterprise IaaS platform, the entrance of IBM into the enterprise IaaS adds diverse services. For enterprise IaaS providers, one challenge would be to harden their clouds for enterprise applications.
The huge financial investment that Paas gained in the past years proved that is continues to gain popularity.
Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform is at the center of its cloud efforts that has attracted a number of customers. On the first half of 2011, PaaS providers address the concern about lack of control and lack of choice. Some reported that SaaS has inspired Everything as a Service, where any IT process or application or business function is available as a service. Aside from the endless emergence of new applications, SaaS will focus on integration of data and services. Most survey results reveal that users of multiple SaaS applications plan to increase their usage over time; which is both a challenge and an opportunity for data-integration vendors. As SaaS use grows, data virtualization can pick up its momentum by incorporating data from mobile devices and other end-user derived sources. Cloud storage is defined as the independent storage services in the cloud and is the most widely deployed cloud services.  It is currently being used to backup data, although it also serves as primary file- or content-storage options for web applications, like for Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Cloud storage is risk-free as data is already stored elsewhere without the need to be accessed by production applications. The innovation on cloud storage will focus on primary storage for enterprise applications in the cloud. However, companies deciding for primary cloud storage must innovate on data-transport front.
Private cloud is considered as the delivery model choice of large enterprises and other risk-averse businesses.
It has been noted that there are 2 interesting trends taking place – the advent of PaaS software designed to run on private clouds, and the OpenStack. Private clouds are here to stay whether as a whole or part of a hybrid cloud environment.  For private cloud vendors, choosing to rely on their partners or building their own features will be a big decision.
Two major trends can be expected in the coming years – advanced hybrid cloud capabilities, and a wave of innovation around higher-level features and specialized functions. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remained unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. Cloud marketing has the ability to drastically change the ways in which they reach and engage their audience, particularly with regard to distributing and storing mission-critical data.
More and more companies encourage their employees to work on their devices, thus reducing the cost of computer equipment, but also increase the cost to maintain licenses and safety. Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success. The software industry is undergoing major changes by trends such as cloud, SaaS, mobile technology and the “consumerization of IT”.
Backups and the cloudThe massive size of Killzone 4 and the move to 50GB Blu-ray discs also raises another question — just how long is it going to take to download games?
50GB downloads could also cause tremendous headaches for users with broadband caps, particularly families that own more than one console. The next generation will make this even more of a non-issue with optimized downloads that allow you to get started before the download is finished.
Obviously both MS and Sony felt that 500GB was a good enough size to get people started and also offer a compelling price tag. But for a system that might serve as a combination media hub and game repository, it’s not enough. Awe, The idea that you have to have enough space to install 10 games on your PS4 or Xbone at a time is a rather weak argument.

Fragmentation is only a PC because it writes lots of small files scattering them everywhere, so when they are erased you have lots of little gaps not big enough for a large file, so it get fragmented.
Fragmentation mostly occurs when your usage requires you to write and erase lots of small files multiple times.
It does not have said support at this time, and all reports say it will be released without a way to use ANY drive other than the built in drive…. This is a HUGE failure on Microsoft’s part… I mean, how hard is it to have shipped the console with USB drive support, given that the core OS is based off of Windows 8?
Maybe next year, or by Christmas if we are lucky, Microsoft will release a USB Mass Storage driver…. Also XB1 seems to have no time table for patching their storage issue… which I find very odd. Combined, these two statements (and a link to a full story on the topic) clearly communicate that the external capability will NOT be in the console at launch, and that MS will only be adding it later. Now let’s hear from the XBOX1 side… Did any of you get to use an external drive of any kind for your day 1 patch? I think it’s pretty clear who the real winner was in terms of sales and day 1 usefulness. As clear as your inference of the articles was, only the Microsoft console lacked external hdd access, though it did support USB flash media well enough.
Those who like the idea of an external expansion on X1, how many times will you unplug that drive to take your console to play at a friend’s house?
I used to work in a computer shop, and I did a fair bit of replacing USB ports due to heavy removable drive swapping.
I never stated it would be for installing games… Just access and reading and writing some file formats. But this is secondary, as I agree with you that replacing the HDD is better than hooking up via external. You will be able to remove the Sony drive and mirror it on a PC with a live Linux disc and a spare drive. Since PS4 runs a modified BSD OS, that should mean the drive will be EXT4 or might be both EXT3 and 4 partitions.
If not, the good hackers will find out what partition types are used, and they will make a copy utility for us long before our HDD’s are full. Didn’t MS say that Xbox Live Gold subscribers get unlimited cloud storage for Xbox One games and music and more?
Edit: I suppose the article could have been written through the scope of all of the angry anti drm, and all things cloud, folks from a few months ago.
If the cable companies had moved to fiber 10 or 20 years ago like they were supposed to, we’d all have gigabit internet, and none of this would be a problem.
Unfortunately the lack of real options at the local levels has done much more harm to our internet infrastructure than good. While I am not going to be a Verizon apologist, but I am sure it is not all their fault, we are talking about an arena that requires negotiations with local principalities, that may be protecting a local cable company who has resided on a virtual monopoly for some time. Currently the only saving grace (besides Google Fiber) are community-owned and operated fiber networks, which employ 100% local workers, operate far cheaper than the big companies, and are actively under attack by lobbying from these companies to pass laws preventing community fiber networks from staying in business.
I wouldn’t say no where near as fast, the hybrid drives fill the SATA buffer much better than hard drives.
The Momentus XT was 175% faster than TR’s baseline drive, and 11% faster than the WD Caviar Black. The best bob haircuts created by the professional hairdressers of celebrities are the most requested hairstyles in the fashion world.
After Gigi replaced her long tresses with a fashionable short bob haircut we have seen her in another charming appearance. Come Scaricare Giochi Wii,ps3,xbox 360,pc,nintendo 3ds In - in questo video vi mostro come scaricare giochi in modo veloce (chiaramente dipende da anche il vostro modem ecc) giochi in file iso per le varie console . Play Original Xbox Games On Xbox 360 - Learn how you can play original Xbox games on an Xbox 360 console..
Giochi Usati Playstation 3(PS3), Xbox 360, Wii, Ds, PSP - Tutti i videogiochi usati in vendita! Come Usare Un Comune Hard Disk Su Xbox 360 - YouTube - Una guida completa su come usare un comune hard disk Western Digital su Xbox 360, spendendo molti meno soldi rispetto che comprarne uno originale pur . He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek.
As it turns out, Microsoft is experiencing some problem with Xbox Live at the moment, which is causing a couple of different headaches. Microsoft has put a little alert on the status page, telling affected users that it has engineers working on the issue. It sounds like Microsoft isn't anticipating that Xbox Live cloud storage will be down for very long, which is good news for people trying to get a little gaming in on this Friday afternoon. IaaS is also referred as Cloud Infrastructure service and is considered as the core of cloud computing.
Investment bank, UBS reported that AWS earning statement could jump from $550 million in 2010 to $750 million in 2011. Despite this reported growth, some are still reluctant to consider commodity IaaS for mission-critical applications in the cloud.
One difference between the two is the difficulty to distinguish enterprise IaaS adoption rates and market size from those of commodity IaaS.
This includes tools to enable dynamic application development to advanced analytics services. In order to attract more enterprise developers, they have to loosen access to their platforms. Everyone needs a service that promises to fundamentally alter the way applications are developed, deployed and managed.  Still, it remains to be dependent on individual developers, web startups and enterprise developers.

This integration could prove to be a valuable offering that will address the growing number of cloud services.
It uses a virtual gateway to route files securely and reliably to cloud storage infrastructure from a number of providers. As vendors such as HP and Dell have storage businesses and public clouds, they could benefit from leveraging their storage expertise to make primary cloud storage a reality. It won’t be attractive for customers if they rely only on the public Internet for uploading and downloading primary data. GigaOM survey reveals 63 percent of respondents utilize private clouds or hybrid clouds as the focus of their cloud strategies. Ars Technica did a comparison recently of how broadband speeds and game sizes have changed from 2007 to the present day across Steam, PS3, and the Xbox 360.
If you know you’re going to go for every game, and you tend to buy a ton of games, then a high-capacity SSD may be worth the money. Before you start claiming an article is biased, how about you try checking the linked coverage? I know the system firmware can be updated off USB flash drive, but that seems to be the only enabled function.
The ability to create a mirror image to an external (even if the mirror image isn’t playable) would be very nice. Fiber was very, very expensive at that time, it wasn’t really in the cards for consumer use at the time. They are pushing customers towards LTE modems while simultaneously offering data caps that cost $10-12 per GB if you incur overage charges. I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that somewhere in Kentucky, getting a 100 Mbps internet connection will run you $1700 a month. Point is, anywhere the big companies get a local monopoly, they jack up the price in that area, without exception. When installed it doesnt need the security codes and I know sometimes the same data gets put on the discs just in different places so it reads through game easier. Hollywood stars refresh their haircuts with bobs one by one and represent us as many possible styling ideas as you can find for short hair. The unique slicked back blonde bob hairstyle soon became her signature style and captured many hearts.
Puoi acquistare giochi usati per Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS, PSP, PS VITA!
This allows you to save your games and pick up where you left off from any Xbox 360 console. Your game saves, Microsoft points, Dashboard backgrounds, achievements and more are saved on Xbox Live servers.
The big M doesn't disclose what kind of problems its specifically having, but assures that a fix should be implemented soon. This year, AWS reveals that its S3 storage service hosts doubled as it now hosts more than 262 billion objects.
A recent survey showed that 52 percent responded that security concerns are holding them back from using the cloud. Survey respondents cited the need for more insights from operational data and more control. Enterprise IaaS clouds don’t need to attract a number of users as they are dealing mostly with revenues from larger deals. As part of IBM’s SmartCloud offering, it has promised Hadoop processing service in addition to its existing WebSphere and Cognos services. BF4, AC4, COD, DR3, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Ryse, Kinect sports, and The Division are all games I plan on getting. I am not claiming they are uniquely evil or staffed with toxic mutants, but they are not operating networks with an eye towards anything but charging ridiculous amounts of money for minimum service.
All in all I think a regular game is going to land at about 35gb on the high end 15-10 on the low end (thats including arcade games). After everything is done with the experiments of the latest trends we collect the most inspiring and elaborate versions for you.
Qualunque sia il tuo stile di gioco, troverai cio che desideri nella nostra vasta libreria di giochi.. Cloud users and providers cited “analytics” and “automation” as a service they’d like to have. Through this, organizations won’t commit entirely to public cloud resources and private cloud resources as they can use either model. Hopefully they will — the ability to create an imaged backup of a PS4 or Xbox One would, I think, be well-received by fans of both companies. The Sony approach allows to maintain all in the single unit, no additional devices connected to the unit is needed.
Their NYC compliance is a joke, not worth the paper it’s written on, and all their efforts have poured into charging you enormous amounts for pitiful bandwidth.
Tucking it behind the ears you can bring out your facial features and sparkle with all your charm. Alternately, really good cloud streaming could obviate the problem, but only if the solution can smoothly fall back to the console (and hand the user the corresponding increase in graphics fidelity) without a hitch. Is it an issue day one, no, but that drive is going to fill up very fast with just game installs, let alone apps saved gameplay vids and dlc. Now, take that figure and balloon it out to 50GB, and we’re looking at games that take 12-14 hours to download at the average speed of US broadband.

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