An Honor Flag is not divided into levels Any Arm Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) Troop that has fought loyally and bravely will be decorated with an Honor Flag. The Decoration of Medal or Sword is by the order of the President, together with a Certificate of the Medal or the Decorated Sword. The decoration of a Medal or Sword to an officer with a General Rank is done by the President or the highest Commanding Officer personally or their representative ; For an officer with the rank of Colonel (or below) and Enlisted Soldiers, the medal is decorated by their Superior Officer or the original organization which recommends. The decoration of an Honor Flag is reported by the highest Commanding Officer to the President for review and release, and is decorated personally by the highest Commanding Officer, or his representative assign a person to decorate on his behalf. Having researched and invented something that can help the military in a battle or military constructions development. Having participated in all kinds of war skill competitions, and being evaluated with an excellent grades that reached the required standard. Having participated in all kinds of logistics technical skill competitions, and being evaluated with an excellent grades that reached the required standard. Having obtained a Doctor Degree in a domestic college or abroad, or Non commissioned Officers having obtained a Master Degree in a domestic college or abroad. Having written an article (or book) about the National or Defense Military and being evaluated as an excellent work. Any Military Organization or Group that has an accomplishment can be rewarded a certificate of award. With the first half of 2016 firmly in the rearview mirror, now is a good time for manufacturers to look at the trends likely to shape the rest of the year. Custom-design manufacturers are in a position to become early adopters of many of these new technologies to improve their internal process and production.
Manufacturers rely on advancements in supply chain technology to streamline operations and improve workflows.
One of the newest ways companies have been attempting to overcome the burden of deadheading has been by utilizing crowd-sourcing applications. Commonly referred as 3-D printing, additive technology is rapidly becoming a major disrupter in the manufacturing industry, especially for companies that build engineer-to-order products. Already this new technology has been disrupting the manufacturing industry by greatly decreasing the time from the design stage to the production line.
Further, as noted by Strategy&, additive technologies could potentially be used to build the highly specialized, low-volume parts necessary for the engineer-to-order manufacturing process, including the components and subassemblies that drive this sector. Industry experts have been discussing the transformative role of automation and robotic workers in manufacturing since at least the 1980s. Despite the growing trend in China to take advantage of greater automation in manufacturing processes, many industry experts believe robotics can only go so far in boosting productivity before a lack of innovation takes over.

Increasingly, manufacturers are learning about the benefits of using cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions, such as big gains in IT ROI, greater data visibility and better productivity. Questica ETO, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning platform, provides a wide range of benefits for custom-design manufacturers.
Any Military Man of the Armed Forces who defends his country from a foreign invasion and has an achievement in a war is decorated with this medal. The medal features a picture of a white and green tripod in the center and streaks of gold on the border. A Non-Military Man of the Arm Forces or Military Man in his Hometown or a foreigner who has an outstanding achievement in a battle, will be decorated with a Precious Tripod (Pao Ting) Medal or a Cloud & Banner (Yun Hui) Medal. Any Military Man of the Armed forces who has continuously served for more than 10 years and his records are worthy to be decorated. When a General Rank of the Arm Forces has been awarded the highest level, and had an outstanding accomplishment or achievement on a war again, he will be decorated this decoration. However those with a special achievement will be decorated by a person assigned by the President on the battle field or at the location. Or if a deceased has an outstanding achievement before he dies, and has been approved to be decorate with a medal, but can not be decorated on time, the medal should be released to his direct relatives or spouse. From crowdsourcing supply chain logistics to incorporating more additive technologies and the increased role of robotics, many of the newest innovations impacting the manufacturing industry have already started to take hold, and experts only anticipate these changes to continue gaining steam throughout the rest of the year and beyond. Those organizations that fail or even refuse to pivot their operations to meet these shifting changes will find it more difficult to remain competitive and could end up losing ground to their industry peers. One of the latest innovations to take the supply chain logistics by storm has been the introduction of crowd-sourcing technology. Much like Uber or Airbnb, freight crowdsourcing apps let supply chain logistic companies, such as freight enterprises or owner-operators, connect with others in need of the empty space on a truck going in the same direction. By using digital designs to print layers of materials in precisely determined shapes and sizes, custom-design manufacturers are capable of creating a wider range of parts in-house. Further, 3-D printing provides custom-design manufacturers with more precision in the construction and assembly of both the individual pieces and the final products.
In addition, as these techniques become more mature, custom-design manufacturers could also potentially 3-D print the unique tools for molding, casting or forming of products.
Since only humans working on the actual production line are capable of developing ideas to improve products and processes, an over?-reliance on robotics can actually stymie growth capability for manufacturers. The medal features a bright-yellow flag fluttering among clouds in the center and streaks of gold on the border. The medal depicts a sword and a book in the center, symbolizing the awardee's mastery of both the pen and the sword.

The Honor Sabre of the Awakened Lion was instituted in 1935 for awarding to generals of the armed forces, who, having already been conferred order of the highest rank, have made further contributions. If the unit designation of an Arm Forces Troop has been abolished, the decorated honor flag should be returned to the original decorating organization for cancellation. By creating a network of interconnected users who can all take advantage of the availability of unused trucks, crowdsourcing logistics can trim wasted costs and add value to the entire supply chain. By streamlining processes and reducing production cycle times, this innovative technique is dramatically altering the economics of manufacturing.
However, it's crucial for manufacturers to begin incorporating this technology now, before their competitors gain the upper hand with these new processes. The International Federation of Robots noted that 2014 recorded the highest level of robot sales by far. As revealed during the Manufacturing ISV Cloud Summit, only 19 percent of companies in this industry are taking advantage of enterprise cloud applications – some of the lowest adoption rates across a range of sectors. However, after hauling those 9.96 billion tons of goods, parts and products, all too often the trucks return back to their original destination completely empty. With more flexibility and a higher turnaround, engineer-to-order manufacturing companies that utilize 3-D printing have the opportunity to reduce costs and ultimately boost profit margins. A bright-yellow flag fluttering among clouds is featured in the medal, symbolizing the distinguished services of the awardee.
The first class is decorated with nine lions, the second class seven lions and the third class five lions.
Between 2013 and 2015, China more than doubled its number of multipurpose industrial shipments, and the IFR forecast this number to double again by 2018. By teaming robots with operators, custom-design manufacturers can make more complex parts during the assembly process safer, easier and faster.
In each case, the Chinese characters of "Yi Nan Ting Kung" (Defeat the foreign invaders) and "Wo Wu Wei Yang" (Our military might is known worldwide) are inscribed on either side of the sabre. The decorated medal or sword can not be transferred or pawned, The person who violates the rules should return his decoration which must be cancelled and should be punished ; Any person Wearing other's medal or sword will also be punished.

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