One of the features of the iPhone 4 is the ability to print photos from the iPhone wirelessly on a network printer. So as I was packing up the iPhone 4 to send back (Thanks so much Verizon for the experience), I got to thinking if there was a way to print from ANY smartphone to a network printer.
I use Google Mail (Gmail) for my primary mail account and Google Chrome for my primary web browser on my PC.
Google Cloud Print makes printing more intuitive, accessible and useful, by letting you print to your network printers from Google Cloud Print-enabled apps on any computer or smart phone. Using this option to print is good if you need a quick and dirty print of an email, because that it what you will get. Disclosure: I was loaned the Verizon iPhone 4 for the purpose of writing a review and stating my unbiased opinion.
Anyone can sign up for a free Google Account at any time, which is going to give them access to a bevy of free tools and services. As stated previously, anyone with a Google Account can gain access to their allotted Google Drive cloud storage space.
To the right of the Create button is an Upload button that you can click to browse to files on your computer that you want to upload to your Google Drive cloud storage account. The final item of note on this screen is the blue Download Google Drive for PC button at the center of the window.
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When you enable Google Cloud Print, you must enter the Gmail ids that are authorized to use the Google Cloud Print feature on your network printers.
On your smartphone you will not be able to use the Gmail app from the iPhone or Android app store.
Once you sign-in to your Gmail account (with the Gmail id that you authorized for the print), pick an email, and click on the down arrow at the top of the page. Click on PRINT and a list of authorized network printers will display (see the photo at the top of this post). While you used to be able to store a very large number of documents that you created online using the Google Docs service, this has since been expanded into a service called Google Drive, which is the cloud storage service that Google provides for anyone with a Google Account. However, it might not be immediately obvious where you go to begin using that storage space.
While not technically necessary, this will prevent you from needing to sign in again while you are learning how to access your Google Drive cloud storage.
If you click the Create button, you will have the option to choose among the assorted items that you can generate with the Google Docs applications. When you click the Upload button, you will have the option of uploading individual files or complete folders. If you download the application to your computer, it will add a Google Drive folder to Windows Explorer, which you can then use like a local folder.
You can also collaborate on projects with multiple people in different locations using Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. However, if you are not sure which Google Apps is most appropriate for your needs, then allow us to advise and configure it for you.

If the printer is offline, the email will be held in the Google Print Cloud queue until the printer is back online.
Because for some reason, the printing has lots of white space all around the words so you will probably use 2-3 times the amount of paper that you would normally use.
At the time of this article, free Google Drive users have access to 5 GB of storage space, which they can use to store nearly any type of file that they might want to access. Fortunately it is integrated into your existing Google services in a fashion that you are probably already familiar with if you have been using Google products for a while. This means that you can copy files to the folder and it will automatically upload and sync with your Google Drive cloud storage account. As an added bonus, your Google Drive can be accessed from a Web browser on any computer on which you are signed into your Google Account. This is also the place that you should go if you decide that you want to purchase additional Google Drive storage space.
You can also copy files form this folder to your computer to download them from your cloud storage.

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