WhatsApp erstellt unter Android nachts um 04:00 Uhr alle 24 Stunden automatisch ein Backup Ihres gesamten Chatverlaufs. Alternativ lässt sich der Chat-Log auch auf dem iPhone per Mail an sich selbst versenden.
Je hebt een nieuwe iPhone of ander iOS-apparaat gekocht en wil nu al je apps overzetten naar het nieuwe toestel. Het overzetten van apps werkt alleen als je oude iPhone iCloud ondersteunt en alle apps die je wilt overzetten nog beschikbaar zijn in de App Store. Weet je zeker dat je een recente backup van je oude iPhone hebt, dan kun je verder gaan met de volgende stap. Als je een nieuwe iPhone in gebruik neemt, kun je aangeven dat je een bestaande backup vanuit iCloud wilt terugzetten.
Heb je apps via meerdere iTunes-accounts gekocht, dan moet je het wachtwoord voor al deze accounts invoeren. Het is niet mogelijk om backups van iCloud gedeeltelijk terug te zetten of twee backups te combineren.
Now, more and more people tend to use WhatsApp to chat with their families, friends and workmates. Click Start Scan button, then the program will begin analyzing and scanning all the data on your iPhone, this process will just take some time.
Select Recover from iTunes Backup File and choose the one for your phone, and then click Start Scan button.
When the scan is completed, you can find those found data are displayed in different types. Now, you will get the Recover to Computer prompt, simply click it and choose the path to save. In base a quanto si apprende, estrapolare questi dati non e un’operazione semplice, tuttavia il ricercatore suggerisce di creare una password per i backup abbastanza complessa e, per precauzione, consiglia di non memorizzarla nel portachiavi di iCloud. In alternativa e anche possibile disabilitare completamente il backup su iCloud, mentre per quanto riguarda Whatsapp si puo procedere piu facilmente eliminando e reinstallando l’applicazione di tanto in tanto. It is difficult to overstate the significance of WhatsApp’s decision to roll out out end-to-end encryption on its platform, but the security-conscious should watch out for these pitfalls. In an update on March 31st, the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp quietly pushed an update adding end-to-end encryption enabled by default to its chat and call functionality. Let us be clear: this means that WhatsApp has in one fell swoop moved the user base of end-to-end encryption from those protecting trade secrets, enthused crypto-hobbyists, and whistleblowers to an actually significant portion of the world population. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this move for the security and privacy of ordinary users. It’s based on The Signal Protocol (nee Axolotl) developed at Open Whisper Systems, and utilizes double ratcheting to provide forward secrecy even if session keys are compromised. This means that if an adversary is able to uncover the cryptographic keys being used by the app, this will not compromise communications made with contacts in the past—these will still be protected. What’s interesting about this decision is that it indicates some consideration was given to introducing the concept of key verification to millions of people. WhatsApp is showing the world that you don’t need to sacrifice usability in order to provide meaningful features such as ways to verify contact authenticity.
In order to verify the identity of a contact, first you’ll want to ensure that your contact is using the latest update of WhatsApp that actually supports the new security features. From this screen, you can have your contact scan your code, and you can scan your contact’s code.

One of the settings the security-conscious should be sure to change is enabling security notifications. With Signal these notifications are always shown, but with WhatsApp they are optional and are switched off by default.
Another setting the security-conscious should watch out for is that they aren’t storing unencrypted backups to the cloud.
For this reason, if you’re using Signal to communicate with contacts already, keep it. For the sake of their and your privacy and security, install WhatsApp and use it when communicating with them. South African mobile networks enable fraudsters to steal your airtime, and there is very little you can do about it.
Even if your budget is tight, there is no excuse not to have the right gadgets and tech accessories.
Hackers have breached a point-of-sale credit card systems portal used by many prominent South African companies. Another 0% fee increase will mean the beginning of the end for public universities in South Africa, warns Jonathan Jansen.
Und so funktioniert es: Wenn du eine weitere Tastatursprache beziehungsweise die Emoji-Symbole wie eben erklart aktiviert hast, siehst du in der Tastatur eine Weltkugel. Jede Menge unterschiedlicher Symbole stehen Dir in der Emoticon-Tastatur zur Auswahl: 5 Themengebiete mit jeweils 5 bis 10 Seiten. Auf den Screenshots sehen die Smileys aus wie die Standard-Smileys von WhatsApp aus wie sie auch unter Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry und Symbian zu finden sind. Kabellose Beats-Kopfhorer in den vier iPhone-Farben gibt es heute bei Saturn im Angebot, versandkostenfrei. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie ein WhatsApp Backup unter Android und auf dem iPhone erstellen und den Verlauf Ihrer Nachrichten auf dem PC sichern.
Wollen Sie den WhatsApp-Chatverlauf jetzt in ein neues Android-Smartphone umziehen, muss nur die Speicherkarte in das neue Handy gelegt und WhatsApp installiert werden. Dit werkt op dezelfde manier als in iTunes: je geeft aan welke backup je wilt terugzetten (als er meerdere zijn) en als je verbinding hebt met een Wi-Fi-netwerk zal de iPhone beginnen met het downloaden en installeren van alle apps. Eventuele eigen content, bijvoorbeeld zelf geconverteerde films of muziek die niet in iTunes was gekocht, zul je binnen moeten halen via iTunes op de desktop. Heb je op je nieuwe iPhone al allerlei aanpassingen gedaan en apps geinstalleerd, dan zul je die moeten overschrijven of alle apps opnieuw handmatig moeten downloaden vanuit de App Store.
As a hot and popular communication tool, WhatsApp enables us to contact with each other more and more conveniently via text, images, voice.
Leta€™s check below tips, this guide will show you three ways via Syncios Data Recovery to recover iPhone WhatsApp messages. Now a dialog will pop up, choose messages, then tick WhtasApp, all conversations will be display in detail, just choose those you want to recover and then press Recover button. It can remove DRM from both iTunes purchased and rented videos at a 20X faster speed and convert them to unprotected MP4, AVI, MOV and etc videos so that you can backup them to hard drive, Google Drive or play them with non-Apple media players and devices. E’ la scoperta del ricercatore di sicurezza Jonathan Zdziarski che punta i riflettori su due dei servizi di messaggistica piu utilizzati dagli utenti e che vantano una inaccessibile crittografia end-to-end. Il problema sarebbe collegato alla libreria SQLite utilizzata dagli sviluppatori per scrivere il codice delle applicazioni.
Quando un elemento viene eliminato, viene semplicemente aggiunto ad una “Free List”, e tutti i contenuti archiviati in questa lista non vengono sovrascritti finche non se ne crea il bisogno per insufficienza di spazio».

As of this week, there are hundreds of millions of users communicating with each other using end-to-end encryption for the very first time. In a technical white paper released on April 4, WhatsApp describes in detail the underlying cryptographic exchange that occurs when users message each other. Both apps aim for ease of use, hiding the underlying cryptographic functionality away from the end user and integrating it as seamlessly as possible into the normal, intuitive app user interface.
Instead, it presents a distinct QR code per interaction that is shared so that both Alice and Bob will be scanning the same QR code on each other’s devices. In contrast, Apple’s iMessage platform, which gained notoriety last year for its own use of end-to-end encryption, does not allow users to verify each others keys at all. This ensures that if the encryption key for your contact changes, you will be notified of this change so that you’ll know you have to verify security codes again.
Unfortunately, WhatsApp remains closed source, which means that an independent reviewer can not review the code and its security.
But because of the wide adoption of WhatsApp, you may have contacts you would have never expected using end-to-end encryption already. Tipp: Mit einem langen Druck auf diesen Button blendet dir das iPhone alle freigeschalteten Tastaturen ein. Als je iCloud gebruikt kun je dit draadloos doen, zonder tussenkomst van iTunes of je desktopcomputer.
Hiervoor hoef je weinig moeite te doen: sluit de iPhone op de computer aan en vanuit iTunes wordt alle content naar de telefoon gekopieerd. Eventueel geimporteerde content (bijvoorbeeld ebooks of video’s) worden daarbij niet meegenomen, dus die zul je ook weer handmatig moeten toevoegen. With this easy-to-use data recovery software, you can retrieve messages, contacts, videos, photos and more from iPhone without quality loss.
Just choose those conversations for some contacts youa€™d like to get back, then click Recover button. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
Als je veel videofilms en ebooks hebt, kan het betekenen dat het backup-bestand erg groot wordt, waardoor je niet genoeg hebt aan de 25GB opslagruimte van iCloud. De apps worden aanvankelijk grijs weergegeven op het scherm, maar zodra ze volledig zijn geinstalleerd krijgen ze hun normale kleur. Before this time WhatsApp auto stopped app when users are on it, that time WhatsApp accidentally stopped due to tap on some letters and symbols from keyboard. Hier unsere Anleitung fur Einsteiger, wie du Smileys auf dem iPhone aktivierst (an anderer Stelle auf GIGA auch fur Android). So Most of the developer is testing own apps with compatible with actives and inactive iCloud as well.
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