By purchasing from our Vinyl tablecloth store, vinyl and cloth tablecloths can bring new life to any drab table.
Vinyl Tablecloths can also be used to temporary protect the finish on wood tables, however it is not recommended to leave them on for months since they can soften some older nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. The  tablecloths that we sell  in our vinyl tablecloth store are heavy duty commercial grade that will last for years.

The softness of the fabric is comfortable to your skin plus they provide a layer of protection to the table in the way of scratches. Our 10 gauge 9800 series vinyl tablecloths and  13 gauge 6100 series Vinyl Tablecloths are much heavier than the vinyl tablecloths you buy at the department stores, and they all have a poly felt type backing to them. What may happen is the plasticizer that keep the vinyl pliable, may leech into the tables finish, and soften it.

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