This level of sophistication and privacy standards in security in the cloud is claimed to help protect your data against everyone including the government hackers and even the system admins. Google Drive and many other online storage solutions have been proven to be vulnerable to government intrusion.
The Magic Quadrant for User Authentication depicts Gartner's independent analysis of authentication vendors in the marketplace. SafeNet has again been recognised as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for User Authentication. HP Autonomy has enriched its Adaptive Backup and Recovery solution offering with two enhancements to address the demanding needs of the modern data center.
HP Data Protector now features integration with the HP Helion OpenStack, an open and extensible cloud platform, and NetApp, Inc.'s storage arrays via a flexible and extensible snapshot integration framework.
Agile cloud backup integration with Helion OpenStackVirtualization and cloud services are increasingly considered a best-practice for managing rapidly-growing volume of business data. Advanced snapshot management for NetApp storageMany organizations face a critical need for backup and recovery solutions capable of supporting a broad spectrum of storage and protection hardware components.

Non-disruptive, hardware assisted backup: Delivers rapid, non-disruptive, and efficient storage-based snapshots of user and application data regardless of environment powered by HP Data Protector's Zero Downtime Backup capability.
HP Data Protector, a data protection solution, utilizes real-time operational analytics as well as integration with applications and infrastructure to optimize backup and improve BC and resiliency.
Integration with HP Helion OpenStack and NetApp storage will be available beginning August 2014. However, the recent attacks on online data by government have made it clear that there is a need for high level of security in the cloud to protect your data against not only government but also against others including hackers and private institutions.
You have Google Drive, Dropbox and now SpiderOak, all of which are claiming to offer highly secure cloud solutions.
They claim that they don’t know anything about your stored data (including the file and folder names). This means that if you lose your login and password information, the data will be lost for ever. Check all the features of a solutions provider and their terms and conditions before choosing any service.

So make sure to choose your online storage solution with care – the above-guidelines seem to be providing something of the perfect solution. Positioning within the quadrant is based on an organization's ability to execute and completeness of vision.
Together, these enhancements help organizations create and maintain agile IT infrastructures that can adapt to the dynamic nature of always-on data centers. HP Data Protector's native integration with Helion OpenStack provides organizations with secure off-site backup and restore capabilities for VMware workloads and automatic cloud backup replication. To address this need for heterogeneous vendor support, HP Data Protector is announcing support for organizations who rely on NetApp storage arrays.
The solution helps organizations meet backup and recovery challenges and business requirements with an architecture designed to scale from SMBs to the largest and most complex enterprise IT environments.

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