Google has added a new notification to its Cloud Storage service, allowing applications to automatically take action when new content is uploaded by users.
Normally, applications would have to poll for changes, which can be a resource waste or cause the application to react slowly.
The notification is used to monitor Google Cloud Storage buckets for new, modified or deleted objects.
Google is also releasing an updated version of its Cloud Storage JSON API (application programming interface), bringing it into parity with the existing XML API. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Minio is a new company build around an Open Source cloud storage product, built by veterans from Gluster.
Gluster is a distributed filesystem was purchased by Red Hat in 2011 for $136 million to use it as a base of their SDS vision, like with the Red Hat Storage Server. During the last IT Press Tour #17, I’ve got the opportunity to know this company (the company was totally new for me, but not the Gluster project itself) and learn more about their vision and market strategy.
Minio Cloud Storage is Amazon S3 compatible object (or blob) storage totally written in Go and available under Apache License v2. Minio mean minimal IO, and the idea is build a minimal object storage really easy, fast and simple and release it with an OpenSource license to make it a mainstream solution for private cloud object storage (like Amazon S3 is for the public cloud).
The solution is based on three different components: a server part, a client part and the SDK part for the developers. The server part has two different editions: the free and OpenSource edition (Minio or Minio µ) and a more complete edition (Minio XL) that include (or will include, because actually this part is not yet available) a distributed erasure code algorithm (8 Data x 8 Parity).
Minio XL is designed for Petascale storage and could be used also VM or containers.All the code are actually available on GitHub and will be interesting see how it will be licensed, but seems that will be still OpenSource. Also will be interesting see the performance of a similar storage, due to the usermode filesystem (with an interpreted language like Go), but the team declare that it should run fast enough, because the major bottleneck will came from the disks latencies.

Disclaimer: Condor Consulting Group has invited me to this even and they will paid for accommodation and travels, but I am not compensated for my time and I’m not obliged to blog. In the Your Security Credentials screen, we’ll unroll the Access Keys section and then press on the Create New Root Key button. We can also enable object versioning, store them using the Reduced Redundancy mode to reduce costs by reducing reliability a little bit and enable server-side object encryption (sadly, this later option is only available on the paid version of the software). With TntDrive (which can be installed from S3 Browser itself) we can mount our buckets as Windows drives and work with them directly from Windows Explorer.
S3cmd is a tool for Linux command line users and very useful for script usage (sync or backup scripts, for example).
It’ll ask the path to our cypher suite (GPG) should we want to encrypt our files on S3. We’ll have the chance to test the configuration before saving it, just to make sure everything is correct. When done, we can start Deja-Dup and we’ll see S3 as a destination option, asking us our Access key. Even though it lacks system integration other solutions have, the AWS Management Console main advantage is that it requires nothing but a web browser. Also, writing and deploying custom scripts to trigger an application is cumbersome for developers, Google said in a blog post. For example, when a users adds a new picture to a bucket, an application could be notified to automatically create a thumbnail.
That means it is still being developed and Google can make backwards-incompatible changes, it warned. Minio co-founder and CEO, Anand Babu Periasamy, was CTO at Gluster, Inc and other people from the Gluster team moved in Minio.
Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than me.
These credentials are the Access Key and Secret Key pair and we can generate them either for our root account or for an IAM user to whom we can attach just the needed permissions (as we already did in a former tutorial).

It’s very easy to copy files around by dragging and dropping them and to make file operations by right-clicking on them. Ubuntu users can install it directly from the default repos with sudo apt-get install s3cmd. This makes it an ideal option quick small operations or for those moments where no other tool is available.
We’ll find a simple but powerful interface that allows us to upload and download files, create and delete buckets and edit object permissions and properties, among others. I have a 1.2 TB database on AWS and I need to download it to a server, the problem is that the internet connection is awfull and truncates the download everytime.
Het bied features zoals bestandssynchronisatie, bestandsdeling maar ook agenda, contactbeheer samenwerken aan documenten en bladwijzerbeheer.
Dit houd in dat de bestanden in die map niet op uw server staan maar in onze redunante Object Store.
But the object change notification will change that and seemingly make life a little easier for developers.
While Google's cloud services may not get as much attention as Android and the company's consumer services, there is a separate track entitled "Google Cloud Platform." As part of the track, visitors will get a chance to learn more about how Web-based mobile applications can take advantage of the cloud and there are also a number of sessions on various aspects of using BigQuery, which Google has been upgrading to better handle big data applications. Obviously, the application’s functionalities will vary depending on the available permissions. The download consists of an CSV file containing both keys, which we’re going to need to use in the application(s) of our choice.

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