SQL Cloud Backup is simple and intuitive software that allows you to back up your SQL Server databases and store the backup copies on a local or network disk and in the cloud. The program’s features are sufficient for most small and mid-sized businesses with a modest IT budget. Finally, you can sign up for a cloud storage account, which works seamlessly with the SQL Cloud Backup software and allows you to automatically upload your backups to the cloud storage in addition to saving them onto a local disk.
As a growing number of businesses migrate to the cloud to manage their most important information, and an increasing number of cyber vulnerabilities are identified on a daily basis, the integrity of cloud security has become an important and ubiquitous concern. However, smart companies are putting panic mode on hold in favor of educating themselves on how best to protect their vital data. In short, these types of malicious behaviors are prevalent and often have tragic, embarrassing and even company-threatening outcomes. Many cloud users assume that the information they store in the cloud is fully safeguarded by the security measures taken by their cloud vendors.
What’s worse, cloud companies like Google may not help recover lost data once it has been deleted or corrupted through a digital affront. The good news is that there are ways to protect your data by using several well-chosen passwords along with a password manager and never linking multiple accounts, as well as two-factor authentication that adds to data security. Backing up cloud-stored data has become an industry best practice because experienced IT professionals understand how frequently information is lost through human error, sync malfunctions, miscommunications in collaboration and, of course, hacking.
There are several ways that backup companies can help your business fend off hackers and store data as securely as possible.
However, the primary way backup helps combat the effects of hacking is by helping you recover from a hacking event. If your corner of the cloud is hacked, backup services can immediately hand you a copy of your data, helping you get back to business. Find out more about data vulnerability in the cloud and what you can do to protect yourself and your company by reading this article from Spanning Cloud Apps.
Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (Financial Data Quality Management) is a packaged solution for finance users that helps develop standardized financial data management processes with its Web-based guided workflow user interface and powerful integration engine. Improve your IT Help Desk support provides the experience necessary to remotely support your company.
The Improve Your IT Help Desk is staffed with professionals who are more experienced than the average entry-level “help desk” staff – they are expert network administrators who are not working from a troubleshooting script, but are using their real world experience and knowledge to get your staff working again as quickly as possible and with your productivity in mind. We know delays are frustrating, which is why we work to resolve your trouble tickets on the first call. Since some issues may not be possible for remote resolution, Improve Your IT has onsite service available as well.
The people in our organization are really what drives the way we deliver value to our customers.  Everyone on our team is committed to the same core value system that determines how we conduct our business everyday. We understand the trust our clients put in us is earned by being honest advisers and acting in the best interest of our clients, whether we’re designing solutions, negotiating pricing and SLA, managing implementation to a schedule, or simply communicating with our client counterparts.

The program uses wizards to guide you through the backup creation and scheduling process, while most of the routine tasks are done automatically in the background. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of IT dollars on expensive SQL Server backup solutions if all you are looking for is simplicity and straightforwardness.
This cloud backup feature is optional – you don’t have to use it to take full advantage of other SQL Cloud Backup features. No solution by itself can make your business hacker-proof, but there are several precautionary measures that help to minimize risk. From CNN, The Washington Post and Time being hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, to Chinese cyber spies attacking major U.S. But they’re also unavoidable, and as more Internet users take full advantage of cloud computing and storage, finding ways to combat the effects of hacking will become increasingly important for the future of the digital landscape. While this holds true for several security concerns, hacking is not a threat from which the cloud is impervious. This means that all the data you store on Google Apps, such as your calendar, contacts, documents and spreadsheets, which often contain important financial information, can be accessed, abused and permanently deleted by hackers with little hope of getting it back.
In fact, 60 percent of companies that lose crucial data shut down within six months of the loss. But none of these are complete solutions by themselves, and all should be used in conjunction with the most critical measure you can take: backup. Trusted cloud-to-cloud backup companies, like Spanning Cloud Apps, reduce the threat posed by hackers by enabling full recovery of compromised information to its original state in just a matter of clicks. There’s no solution out there that can make the cloud or your business hacker-proof, but having a bulletproof backup plan can get you back to your pre-hacking state as quickly and painlessly as possible. He started writing software at age 10, got a Mac at 14, started his first business at 17, and has been iterating ever since. It enables organizations to eliminate the data integrity risks associated with collecting, mapping, verifying and moving critical financial data across the entire organization.
With many support options ranging from Time and Materials to Unlimited (for a fixed cost), we have a model that supports your budget and needs. This team of dedicated support engineers has the breadth and depth of technical skills and knowledge to handle technical issues using our secure remote support tools. In fact, the typical support desk call takes 15-30 minutes for our support engineer to resolve. If it is determined, requested or necessary, Improve Your IT will dispatch a technician to resolve your issue onsite.
The personal integrity of each team member and the  transparency that is evident in every facet of our methodology is what maintains our long-lasting client relationships. Even the free edition of SQL Cloud Backup supports advanced features such as encryption, backup compression, automatic integrity check and backup scheduling. However, storing your backups in the cloud gives you a ‘last hope’ that you still can recover all your databases if you have lost all local backups.

There are valid arguments on both sides about whether the cloud makes hacking inherently easier or harder. Not only can hackers use code-cracking algorithms and brute force attacks to acquire passwords, but they can also access data en route to storage if it is not fully encrypted. McAfee online security expert, Robert Siciliano, recommends using a cloud backup service and two or more external hard drives stored in separate locations for maximum protection.
Your backup company should ensure that your information filters through an algorithm that encrypts content so it can’t be read by unauthorized users, and that it is only unencrypted when you decide to access your data. These backup companies regularly replicate your cloud data and safeguard it in a separate cloud so that the likelihood of data loss from natural disasters and other threats remains infinitesimally small. In 2010, Charlie spun Spanning out of the company he previously co-founded, Spanning Sync, whose eponymous application is the de facto standard for syncing Google Apps data with Mac OS X applications. If we cannot make you laugh, somehow we will build a time machine, go back in time, and make sure you get your time back. Our support engineering team will partner with you as your one-stop resource or provide the manpower and expertise needed to supplement your in-house IT staff. At Improve Your IT, our skilled technicians immediately routes your support requests to the best matched resource for resolution.
Most Support Agreement options include Onsite Support as a standard component at no additional cost.
The program comes with 1 month of free cloud storage, and you can cancel your subscription at any moment and continue using SQL Cloud Backup for local backups.
However, if businesses know how to protect against and recover from malicious incidents, then the freedom, accessibility and ease of collaboration offered by the cloud far outweighs the risks.
Backup services should also guarantee data transmission via SSL protocol and require passwords for information access and decoding. Previously, Charlie was a Group Product Manager at Vignette and the VP of Enterprise Solutions at NewsGator Technologies.
We know that one of the most frustrating parts about calling for help is not being understood or conversely, when the information being provided is not communicated clearly. Companies are taking out cyber security insurance policies and the Chinese and American governments are having summits about hacking. And to further reduce data integration costs and data mapping complexities, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management includes prepackaged Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) adapters for Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Strategic Finance and Oracle Essbase.
You might think you're funny, but are you funny enough to have your content featured on our site? Net users like Mat Honan, whose entire digital life was destroyed by a pair of kids posting racist and homophobic messages via his Twitter account, are falling victim to hackers who simply want to cause chaos.

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