By now, it is pretty much guaranteed that the Galaxy Note 7 will come with a dual-edge display, and that a flat version might not exist. The Galaxy Note lineup has always commanded a higher price tag than the Galaxy S series, and given Samsung is going all in with just a curved screen variant for the Galaxy Note 7, the pricing shouldn’t really be surprising. The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to carry specs similar to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, with the addition of features like an iris scanner, a USB Type-C port, a larger battery, and possibly 6GB of RAM. The phablet will also be offered in a new color variant judging by a leaked render, and if the rumors are true, Samsung will take the wraps off the Galaxy Note 7 in a little over three weeks. What do you think about the Note 7′s price tag, and about Samsung’s decision to not launch a cheaper flat screen variant? SAMgalaxyXXX1 month 3 days agoI posted a similar comment in one of the articles last week but it never appeared. What about  Note 4 (2016) with the exact hardware (plastic back and removable battery) and some improvement in the software? Best compromise so far remains the Note 4, which paradoxically, was quite neglected by Sammy…. Other than the cool factor, an Edge screen means a higher price tag, and the Galaxy Note 7 could be the costliest flagship from the Korean manufacturer yet.

Sadly, it does mean that a lot of folks who have been looking forward to the Note 7 could be put off from buying it, or at least be forced to wait a couple of months for the price to come down. That is to say your a buyer who will pay for a marginally upgraded product just for the sake of having the latest thing!
Though I will be disappointed if I have to keep moving files between SD card and internal phone storage. When the screen is curved you have a protection issue because the device cannot wear a tempered glass screen protector and my S7 Edge already has several micro scratches that really piss me off because I am SUPER CAREFUL and yet I cannot keep my device in pristine condition and that’s to do having the curved screen.
It is a shame Samsung does not support it more, and brings nice SW features like Theming, Animated photos etc…. You can pick up a Note 4 for around 4-500 euro and it has some features the N7 hasn’t that most people miss.
Our sources tell us the Note 7 could start at €849 in Europe, €50 more than the Galaxy S7 edge. If consumers could band together and strike off a purchase and state those reasons then and only then will forced change happen.

Hopefully they?ll get it right and make it possible for us to merge the storage with certain cards. Same 620 as S7 and to call this advance in cost and go all the way to 621 or 623 and 6 gigs ram is a money grubbing insult to those that know what is what and quite frankly a joke to call this the advance that fights the flagship Apple product and THATS REALITY! If this device had the option of the flat screen and at LEAST A SOC UPGRADE then I would drop the cash but without those things my hard earned cash will have to stay put. Till then you simply become one of the millions upon millions of lemmings headed for the cliffs to start on your ocean journey. Pretty Phones that look cool are not practical for the real world user who is willing to pay for real advances that are functional and practical. Resigned myself to no flat screen variant which is a bit crazy for a device that engineers and graphic designers particularly may need.

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