The Galaxy S5 has landed, bringing a best-in-class screen, an amazing 16-megapixel camera, and a bundle of new software features to the table.
Feel free to jump to the relevant section and remember to visit our section on pricing and verdict. We kick off with the design of the handsets, as Apple and Samsung take a wildly different approach to materials. Samsung prefers to use plastic, so it can build large, lightweight devices and allow users to access the internals by unclipping the back panel. However, getting hold of a Lightning cable can be a problem, as they're not as widely used as micro USB cables. There are  a lot of smartphones out in the market but this empire has been ruled by Samsung and Apple. All you have to do is follow this step by step guide to make a backup of Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Data both Online and offline.

Meanwhile you can save your Contacts with the help of some useful apps too that are available in the Google Play Store.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ZTE Open running FireFox OS have been announced in Spain with full Price and specs details.
This adapter tip is designed to allow you to use your 5-pin MHL adapter on your new Galaxy S5 or any Galaxy devices that uses 11-pin MHL connector.
The choice of material does irk some who think it looks cheap, but it fulfills a specific function. This is a part of our series of guides in which we discuss different issues and problems face by users and we will like to solve them.
You can download those apps and save your contacts and application data by Synchronizing your data with the application.

The S5 is heavier at 145g, but is bigger and also has an IP67 rating making it water and dustproof. Most of us do save a lot of data in our smartphones, thanks to the extra storage availability by adding microSD card slot in these phones.
In this useful guide you will know how to Backup Wi-Fi Password in Samsung Galaxy S5, App data backup in Galaxy S5, Phone settings, Google Servers and all other most used setting like contacts , Calender and browsing data etc.

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