With more and more offices becoming paperless there is now a great deal of data out there in the ether, which means that it is more necessary than ever before to ensure that all of your information and important documents are backed up successfully.
If you were to store this data on your own dedicated servers the cost would be much higher, and as a result many SMEs are only able to afford to rent a portion of a server anyway, which is usually kept away from your company’s premises. Just like the rumors speculated, the Fire Phone features a 4.7-inch display with an HD resolution. Amazon added dual Dolby stereo speakers to the Fire Phone for surround sound while watching videos on the device. Even though the Fire Phone’s display may not be Full HD or Quad HD, Amazon wants you to watch as much Prime content as possible with the phone. Amazon clearly hopes that the free trial will inspire Fire Phone users to join Prime if they haven’t already. Firefly is a great new feature that helps you find the products and objects you encounter in the real world, online. If it’s not a product you’re looking for, but rather information on a painting, tourist site, or something else, Firefly will hook you up with a Wikipedia page on the subject. The Fire Phone has a dedicated button for Firefly, so you’ll be able to find and use the feature easily. Prior to the launch of the Fire Phone, everyone was talking about the brand-new 3D effects that would revolutionize how you will use Amazon’s smartphone.
Amazon is calling its 3D effects “Dynamic Perspective.” In essence, the new feature merely allows users to interact with images, Web pages, and other content like maps, in a different way. With a simple tilt of the Fire Phone, you can change the point of view you have of each image, map, or 3D-enabled app you are looking at on the device.
Bezos also spent a lot of time detailing how it created the 3D effect and accurate head-tracking software. In order to accurately track users’ head motions, Amazon added four front-facing cameras, placed at a 120-degree angle on each corner of the device.
Amazon finished up its explanation of the new feature with a call to developers to convert their Android apps into better ones that work on the Fire Phone.
The 32GB version of the Fire Phone will cost $200 with a two-year contract, or $27 per month if you choose a Next plan.
Portable storage solutions abound today but we have to admit that few have actually taken the on-the-go photographer into consideration…until now. Argraph’s MemoryKick Si was clearly designed with imaging in mind as the devices’ primary function is to clear your media card while you’re out shooting and your computer is at home…where it belongs.
While you’re not calling anyone from this thing to tell them about the great shot you just captured or uploading same to the Web, for under $200, the MemoryKick Si is a nifty little external drive with functions aimed at those of us too busy taking great pictures to be on the phone or surfing the Web.

In addition, with HD video now all the rage in the DSLR market, extra memory needn’t be a concern.
DIGI+ VRM with 6-phase Super Alloy Power delivers precise digital power for superior efficiency, reliability, and performance. GPU Tweak helps you modify clock speeds, voltages, fan performance and more, all via an intuitive interface. GPU Tweak Streaming share on-screen action in real time – so others can watch live as games are played. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For many people (both at work and at home) this has always meant storing files on a USB memory stick, and while that is still better than not backing up your files at all, it can be pretty easy to lose such a small piece of equipment. Cloud servers can be equipped with encryption that is easily the equal of whatever security measures you are implementing on your office computers, and is still easy enough for you to access your information on an array of devices, including your mobile phone. Cloud storage represents a much more cost effective way of working for small businesses, with all the advantages in security.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the Fire Phone is optimized for one handed use, even though it has a larger display.
As an incentive, Amazon includes a 12-month membership to its Prime service with the purchase of a Fire Phone. To help new Fire Phone owners make the most of Prime’s video content, it added a feature called Second Screen.
Amazon says that the camera shutter will stay open longer to ensure that even low-light shots look stunning (while this would be fine for static shots, we aren’t sure how this would affect action scenes).
The ultimate show-rooming tool, the feature uses the one of the cameras on the front of the Fire Phone to recognize books, DVDs, phone numbers, QR codes, CDs, games, and all other kinds of media.
Amazon says that it can recognize more than 100 million items, including 240,000 movies and TV shows, 160 live TV channels, and 70 million different products.
Bezos finally showed off the 3D effects during the June 18 event and it doesn’t appear to be hokey or silly, like we feared it would be. For example, when you’re looking through a rack of dresses online, you can move through to the next one by tilting your phone to the right or left. Infrared sensors and a great algorithm were also needed to make Dynamic Perspective work perfectly. For example, if you’re late to a meeting, the calendar app will alert you and you can send a quick message telling everyone to start without you. Buyers will also get 12 months of Amazon Prime for free when they buy the phone; current Prime subscribers will also get 12 months for free if they buy the Fire Phone.

Just connect the device to your DSLR and you’ve got a nice “kick” of extra space for those memory-hungry HD videos. Discover unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and next-generation gaming experiences.
Besides, there are many advantages to cloud storage, which offers a new take on backing up your data safely. Even though we’ve already heard about most of the specs, the device, once revealed, is still impressive, particularly the MayDay, Firefly, and Dynamic Perspective 3D features. With Second Screen enabled, you can then use the Fire Phone to learn more about the content you are watching by pulling up info via IMDB (Amazon calls it X-Ray, which also works when playing music or reading books). When you hit the Mayday button, a helpful tech expert will appear to solve all your problems.
Once Firefly figures out what you’re looking for, it searches for that product in its database and finds a version that you can buy on Amazon. In the maps app, he took a look at the Empire State building from several different angles.
Amazon created a brand-new Shopping app, which lets you view products from every angle imaginable. One of the coolest Dynamic Perspective features lets you access app menus more easily, too. Another feature lets you set your ringer to silent for a set amount of time, in instances when you really don’t want to take any calls. An upgraded version now also doubles as a card reader and MP3 player and it’s compatible with all the most popular memory cards on the market today (CF, SD, xD, MS – 8 in all) and features a bright, crisp 3.5-inch color LCD display. Amazon will also offer unlimited photo storage, so users can take as many pictures as they want without worrying about storage constraints. To view the menu on any app, all you have to do is tilt the phone to the left and it will pop up. For example, when you’re in the messaging app and you want to send a picture, tilting your Fire Phone right will give you access to all your photos, so you can pick which one you want to send.

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