Cloud storage is the latest and greatest way to keep all of your files, pictures, music and videos safe and secure. Right now you probably backup your data on external hard drives, disks or flash drives, that is, if you back up your data at all. The best part about backing up your data in the cloud is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world! With physical backup methods you have to drag all of your drives with you if you plan to work away from the office.
Prices vary from one company to another, but since it is such a fiercely competitive business, they try to remain affordable. Now that you know what cloud storage is, and how beneficial the service is for everyday use and for businesses, why not give it a try?
Enterprise storage infrastructure is complex by nature, with storage requirements growing exponentially. Hybrid Cloud Storage integrates the high performance and control of on-premises storage with the dynamic scalability of the public cloud.
Microsoft's StorSimple cloud-integrated storage (CiS) provides primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery. Hybrid cloud storage with Windows Azure and StorSimple replaces legacy primary storage, backup hardware and software, and tape systems for big CAPEX and OPEX savings. Location-independent thin restores via cloud snapshots allow IT to quickly restore data from the cloud, replacing days of tape shipments or data downloads. Sysfore undertake all types of web projects, be it custom web applications, portals, ecommerce sites or web services based applications. When you store your info in the cloud, your data is safe and secure for as long as you maintain your account. Millions of people don’t think about backing up their files, and when tragedy strikes, their precious memories are lost forever.
In the first place, you or your employees have to remember to back everything up, every day.
This is not only a huge hassle, it also increases the chance that something could happen to your data.

Before you invest your hard earned money, you want to be sure that the product is worth the price.
Most companies have free trial offers and some offer small free plans that allow you to use the service without paying anything at all.
Traditional storage methods comprised on-premises primary storage with the public cloud used for cost-effective backup and archive. Microsoft's innovative technology enables a true, integrated solution for hybrid cloud storage. Combined with Windows Azure, this hybrid cloud storage solution optimizes total storage costs and data protection for enterprises.
By using Windows Azure as a fully integrated storage tier, StorSimple's on-premises storage system gains from the cloud's scalability.
Now one integrated console makes it dramatically simpler to manage the whole storage infrastructure freeing up people from spending their time moving data from device to device to more value-add activities. The encryption key is never given to StorSimple or the cloud vendor ensuring complete data privacy. They can also significantly reduce the cost of remote DR sites by leveraging a single StorSimple device and recovering cloud snapshots from Windows Azure. Redundant enterprise-grade architecture keeps the on-premises SAN highly available while automated cloud snapshots simplify and raise the levels of data protection and recoverability. Most businesses do backup their data because they can not afford to lose important information such as tax records and customer files. How many times have you had to run to the office because the boss needs to see the file you were working on? Not to say Facebook or your email provider aren’t secure, but when it comes to sensitive material, you want to be doubly sure. There are literally thousands of online storage service providers available these days, and the number of new companies climbing on board is steadily rising. ZipCloud has added a new feature not seen with other online storage service providers, or any other type of company for that matter – anytime money back guarantee.
However, in the face of massive data growth, traditional technologies run the risk of poor data protection and recovery practices.

In this fully integrated architecture, IT retains on-premises storage strengths such as local performance for active data, fast recovery, and strongly encrypted data, coupled with cloud-based storage capacity on-demand. StorSimple customers can use the scalable Windows Azure to securely store backup and archival, but they are not bound to this limited usage. The cloud provides rapid recovery of only needed data, and IT can rapidly recover data to a new production environment without the expense of a remote DR site. With cloud storage, you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can send these files to anyone you choose.
All of that is stored in the cloud on your email provider’s servers or the social network servers. Companies like MyPCBackup and ZipCloud provide among the highest industry standard security available. For example, Google and Dell have recently joined the club with their own online storage service. Most companies will let you try the service for a couple of weeks or a month, but with ZipCloud, you can cancel anytime you decide you no longer want to use the service and the unused portion you paid, will be refunded. Additional challenges include continued operating expenses and IT overhead to protect growing data scores. At the same time the cloud also provides a very secure and efficient storage tier for timely data protection and recovery. By using Windows Azure as a fully integrated storage tier, StorSimplea€™s on-premises storage system gains from the clouda€™s scalability. Backups are performed automatically, if you so choose, and all data is safely locked away in their secure facilities.
All of your data, from the time it leaves your computer, while in storage and all the way back to when you restore, your data is safely encrypted. That is why they are called accidents, because you don’t plan for it to happen to you.

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