Amazon's Black Friday offer of "unlimited" storage in its Amazon Cloud Drive service has been getting plenty of attention. You might have missed it in the avalanche of Black Friday deals, but Amazon is offering a year of "unlimited online storage" in its Amazon Cloud Drive service.
Wireless storage card maker Eyefi (formerly Eye-Fi) unveiled Eyefi Cloud, an unlimited photo storage service, on Thursday morning. EyefiA Cloud competes with multiple cloud services, including those from Apple, Google and Microsoft, which automatically upload photos taken with mobile devices. Eyefi, however, has always catered to the large base of DSLR cameras, many of which do not have Wi-Fi. EyefiA Cloud requires some tangible investment, but company executives hope that the benefits will be worth it.
EyefiA Cloud works with the companya€™s Mobi cards, which integrate a Wi-Fi radio and flash storage inside of a conventional SD-card form factor. After installing the app, I was asked to activate the card using the code written on the back of the card case.
Given that I was only able to load the app on a single device (and not the family camera) I didna€™t have the chance to try out what could be EyefiA Clouda€™s most compelling selling point: the shared camera roll. According to DiMaria, EyefiA isna€™t really promoting the fact that ita€™s offering unlimited storage, but ita€™s not hiding it, either. Note that at this point, therea€™s no way to upload photos from a Eyefi card inserted into a PC, using the Desktop Transfer app to send the images to Eye-Fi Cloud. Ia€™m most concerned with the fact that all of your photos are stored on your device as part of the process. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. If an account exceeds its Data Storage quota, more memory can be purchased for $300 per year for 50MB or $1,500 per year for 500MB.
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Amazon won't impose any limit on the number of files you can upload and store on its service. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. The service, which will cost $49 per year, receives photos captured by a camera to Eyefia€™s own Wi-Fi enabled SD card. Many of these services are free, including Yahooa€™s Flickr, which offers a massive terabyte of online storage. They can be also organized into albums, which can be dynamically updateda€”followed by further notifications to your friends.
From there, the service worked as you might expect: The photos appeared online and could be grouped into albums and shared. Too many times my wife and I have both taken cameras to an event and ended up with two groups of photos, often stored on incompatible cloud storage services. If users dona€™t want to use the cloud, they can use an Eye-Fi Desktop Transfer app to send the photos wirelessly to a PC or Mac instead. The average email body is estimated to be 20KB or 20,000 bytes according to our field experience at Match My Email with production systems. It is simple to deploy, intuitive to use and greatly enhances productivity and efficiency whilst being very cost effective.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. But Section 3.2 makes it clear there may be other restrictions, including types of files (system image backups?

We may terminate the Agreement or restrict, suspend or terminate your use of the Service at our discretion without notice at any time, including if we determine that your use violates the Agreement, is improper, substantially exceeds or differs from normal use by other users, or otherwise involves fraud or misuse of the Service or harms our interests or those of another user of the Service.
Each Mobi card (even one you already own) now comes with a free 90-day trial membership to EyefiA Cloud, but it will cost $49 per year after that.
However, many recent DSLR models of all brands come equipped with Eye-Fi support: Simply insert the card and find the configuration options in the settings. And if you have an archive of photos stored on an existing hard drive, youA can upload them to the clouda€”but not through a synced folder or upload mechanism, as Google or Microsoft permit you to do. Over time, Ia€™ve found that older devices simply get clogged by constantly accumulating apps, music, photos, and other updates. For large accounts of 50 or more Users using the Enterprise or Unlimited Edition, these limits expand proportional to the number of users.
And unlike current solutions deployed in school, it is robust and reliable and offers truly unlimited storage space per pupil. If your Service Plan is restricted, suspended or terminated, you may be unable to access Your Files and you will not receive any refund of fees or any other compensation.
If you choose to cancel your service before the 90-day trial expires, youa€™ll be prompted to download your photos from the EyefiA service. When I inserted the EyefiA Mobi card into PCWorlda€™s Canon EOS Rebel T3i, thata€™s exactly what happened. Instead, youa€™ll have to copy them to the card and then to the cloud via your phone, which sounds like a real pain. Ia€™m not wholly convinced that EyefiA Cloud will offer a superior solution to existing cloud services, but a 90-day free trial is a generous amount of time to discover whether it will work for you.
We’ll help train the staff, provide documentation and we also run full day training sessions to ensure you get the most from it. There may be limits on the types of content you can store and share using the Service, such as file types we don't support, and on the number or type of devices you can use to access the Service.

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