Drives can be easily hot swapped with the device still on, though the swaps are not completely tool-less as you'd have to swap over the screwed in stubs that slide along the internal rails. Plug in power, connect to your router, give it a minute to boot, and check network devices under Windows. In case your OS does not see the My Cloud natively, this tool can locate, configure, and even map shares automatically. I have a WD MyCloud EX2 and I run a Windows Server 2012 Essentials box as well as running a Synology DSM device. I'm not sure that this is still the case with the WD2go service since I gave up on trying to get it to work a couple years ago. We put the WD My Cloud DL4100 through some IOMeter tests with a CIFS share being accessed from up to 25 VMs simultaneously. The takeaway from these tests is that beyond 15 or so simultaneous clients, the My Cloud DL4100 doesn't exhibit great performance consistency. Building a custom FreeNas or Nas4Free box depending on your needs is a much better solution than any one of these anemic underpowered and overpriced solutions. The fact that IT pros haven't adopted it in in spite of this sort of debunked fear mongering makes it pretty clear. It's not free if you have to buy a support contract and consulting services from iXSystems. The specifications displayed above applies to the the full range and may not apply to this model. Kindly note that options CANNOT be changed for most models, and some options are not available in South Africa.
Western Digital’s My Cloud EX2 is part of their network attached storage (NAS) product range for the home, meant specifically to store and stream multimedia content.
The My Cloud EX2 carries the design cues see on other WD products, a mixture of curved front and plain looking surface for that simple and sleek look.
The unit has a ventilation grille on the top, it has 4 padded feet at the base and at the back are 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x Gigabit Ethernet port and the power socket.
The My Cloud EX2 works not just with Windows and Mac OS systems but it works on mobile devices too, those running Android and iOS. Installation was a breeze, just follow the steps to download the software and follow the steps that are provided by the software and you’ll gain access to the EX2 on your network in a jiffy.

While RAID 0 option is available, I wouldn’t recommend it as RAID 0 means the drives work together and losing 1 of them means a loss in all data.
If RAID setup isn’t necessary, you may configure the storage to span across the drives instead so the storage space will be the total amount available.
Western Digital will sein Sortiment an internen und externen Speicher-Losungen um 8 TByte-Versionen mit Helium-Technologie aufstocken. Der US-amerikanische Festplatten-Spezialist Western Digital hat angekundigt, sein Produkt-Sortiment um interne und externe Speicher-Losungen mit 8 TByte Kapazitat auszubauen. Das neue Produkt-Sortiment umfasst die externen Speicher der Serien My Book und My Cloud sowie die internen Losungen WD Purple, WD Red und WD Red Pro. I got a WD router a few years ago that also had a built in HD with access to the WD2go website, which i believe is the same as this My Cloud stuff. The following four graphs show the total available bandwidth and the average response time while being subject to different types of workloads through IOMeter. Compared to other NAS units, there are weaknesses in the sequential access patterns, but the numbers for the random workloads are better.
This dual bay hard drive allows you to configure the drives in a variety of RAID configurations including RAID 1 (default mode), RAID 0, JBOD, and spanning modes. If you’re new to this, you’ll probably be surprised or even felt short-changed when you see 2TB instead of 4TB – hold your horses! Hiermit will der Hersteller dem gestiegenen Speicherbedarf von privaten wie auch professionellen Nutzern gerecht werden. Die darin enthaltenen Festplatten nutzen allesamt Western Digitals Helium-Technologie HelioSeal. Im aktuellen Zuverlassigkeits-Bericht des Cloud-Anbieters Backblaze landen die Festplatten von Western Digital auf dem unruhmlichen letzten Platz.
As far as I can tell the WD cloud service scans the contents of the drive for copyrighted material and, if it finds any, makes the drive invisible to your account when you aren't accessing it on the LAN.
The tool also reports various other metrics of interest such as maximum response time, read and write IOPS, separate read and write bandwidth figures etc. If data loss prevention and integrity top priority, which should be, there are two great articles by Robin Harris.
He assumes that the advertised BER is a maximum, where in fact it appears to be a minimum (and several consumer lines advertise higher than 10^14 anyway).

With the default RAID 1 configuration, otherwise known as mirror mode, all of the data you save to the My Cloud Mirror is backed up automatically to the secondary drive. Mirrored drives are for “security” purpose, this means your data is stored in both drives and one is still available in case the other kicks the bucket. Die deutschen Preise fur die neuen Speicher beginnen bei der externen Festplatte My Book fur 289,99 Euro und reichen bis zur Mac-Losung My Book Pro fur 1249 Euro. So if you were thinking that this might be a great way to save your mp3s and movies on your own internet accessible hard drive I'd warn you that you may be very disappointed.
He also over-dramatizes an array rebuild failure due to read error; in that event, you simply create a new array from scratch and restore data from backups, since unlike Harris, you remember that RAID is a solution for AVAILABILITY, not backup. This configuration ensures that your data is backed up in case the original drive malfunctions or fails. As far as I am concerned, most of these off the shelf units are not good options for data safety.
Considering the rock solid encryption option ZFS offers its value becomes even more important. On the back of the drive you will find two USB 3.0 ports to plug the drive into your Mac or Windows PC and a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect this drive to a nearby router. Protect your personal cloud from unauthorized access with password protection available for every user.
Simply attach the server to your network via the integrated Ethernet port located on the back of the device.
Once connected, you can utilize the many apps that let you manage your data at home or on the go, and even receive notifications with regard to the status of your data and your drives via email and mobile alerts. All products are sourced in South Africa from the official suppliers and the warranty is that of the local supplier.

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