The only thing that’s changed of late is that WD 2 Go is now called My Cloud, to tie it to WD’s new line of network-attached storage boxes with internet linkage, also called My Cloud.Really it’s a marketing exercise, renaming the app. There’s one other difference between the My Cloud and the My Book Live: the new version strongly implies you won’t be able to access the drive remotely unless you and every other person with files on the drive head over to WD’s website and create an account.
Incidentally, the My Cloud, like its predecessor, offers both SSH access and can maintain an FTP server, though both of these are disabled by default.
So if the My Cloud is functionally identical to the My Book Live, have there been any changes made at all beyond the branding? Speaking of back-ups, the My Cloud, like the Live, supports Apple’s Time Machine and Windows 8’s equivalent, File History.I’ve mentioned the renamed WD 2 Go mobile app, but a new addition is a version for Windows 8 and Mac OS X desktops.
WD recently released a number of new NAS devices, including the My Cloud EX4100, and here is our review. The front of the EX4100 has the power button, along with a information display that shows a number of pieces of information, all of which can be scrolled using the buttons to the right of the display. The four drive bays are also situated at the front of the EX4100 and can be easily removed by pulling on the tabs. The rear of the EX4100 has two USB 3.0 ports, two Ethernet ports and two power ports, plus a Kensington Lock.
Setting up the EX4100 for the first time is incredibly easy and quick – connect up the power and an Ethernet cable then switch on. There are a series of tabs across the top, such as Home, Users, Shares, Storage, etc, which each having a number of different displays and options depending on what you choose.
The Home tab displays how much capacity is on the device (this review unit is the 16TB version pre-configured for RAID5, hence 11.8TB free).
You can even set up an iSCSI target on the EX4100 if you need to, but I think most people won’t touch this, but it’s a nice addition for those users who might want this functionality. You can install and run apps on your EX4100 – by default there are a few already installed for you to use. There are a number of settings menus ranging from the name and language settings, to enabling DLNA Media streaming and iTunes.
There is an app you can install on Windows or Mac that gives you access to the various Shares.
You may have noticed the number of times I used the word easily in this review – and for good reason!
The My Cloud OS web front end is rather basic compared to other NAS devices on the market – that being said though everything you need to do can be done and it is presented in as simple a way as possible.
Earlier in the review we pointed out that there were two Ethernet ports and two power adaptor ports.
Copying to and from the EX4100 was very quick – this was a good thing, and I initially wanted to copy a very large amount of data to the EX4100.
Setting up media streaming only involved switching it on and then all of my various devices picked up the EX4100 straight away and streaming worked like a charm. The EX4100 was fairly quiet in operation – that was good because I have used NAS devices in the past that sound like jet engines and that’s the last thing you want or need! I was a little disappointed with the lack of available apps for the EX4100, for example there is no AV app and no surveillance app, so hopefully WD will sort this out soon as their competitors have these apps already, and for some of them for quite a while now.
You can backup your EX4100 too – options include backing up to a local USB device, another My Cloud device (local or remote), or even to the Cloud. If you want to backup your camera images you can just connect your camera to the EX4100 and it can automatically copy the photographs off the camera. If you are looking for a simple to use NAS box that pretty much does most of what you need then you should look no further than the WD My Cloud EX4100. Just a few hours ago, one of the leading storage solutions manufacturers, WD launched their very first wireless external hard drive.
Besides just transferring and accessing files wirelessly, the My Passport Wireless also comes with a USB 3.o port that enables users to transfer large amounts of data in a jiff. With features such as Wireless N with MIMO technology for enhanced wireless performance, users will be able to access and transfer files quickly, as well as stream up to four HD videos simultaneously.

To fully utilise the device, users will have to download and install the WD My Cloud mobile app on their iOS or Android device. The WD My Passport Wireless is now available at select retailers and comes with a suggested retail price of RM599 and RM699 for the 1- and 2TB variants respectively. What is the Synology DS115j?The DS115j is Synology’s new entry level single bay NAS which is designed to take on the hugely popular WD My Cloud.
Hi.I want a NAS to make backup's and to have my music streaming to the Cambriddge Audio NP30 but since i don't have enough space to get one DIY, i'm trying to decide between the Synology DS115J (with a WD Red) or the WD My Cloud. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
Portable hard drives has been one of the most important equipment around especially for those who needs carry large amount of data around and thumbdrives is just not the solution to go for. We're lucky enough to be able to get our hands on one of the latest portable hard drive from Western Digital, great thanks to Western Digital Malaysia for providing us their My Passport Slim 2TB to made this review possible. While it’s quicker to pre-load a device or a USB Flash drive with very big files, its "cloud" capabilities are fine for grabbing fresh e-books, office documents, piccies and such. WD still offers the Live, but it’s hard to imagine it being kept around with a fresh production run after current stocks are depleted. No account, no remote connectivity, no personal cloud.This isn’t the case, I’m pleased to say.
The current firmware won’t support anonymous FTP logins - you’ll have to use one of the user accounts on the drive. I’ve already mentioned the dual-core processor - the Live has a lesser chip that’s less power efficient, though what difference that makes in practice we’ll only see with time. I’m not sure why you really need an application for a desktop OS, since, surely, you’ll be accessing the My Cloud’s files directly through the file system.
All the configuration is done via a series of webpages and within a few minutes you are ready to go. You can also see how many Cloud Devices, Users and Apps are configured, along with simple diagnostics and also the firmware version.
Just remember though that some changes are destructive to the stored data on the EX4100 so make sure you have your data backed up. The two power adaptor ports are used for ensuring that if one of the power supplies fails then the EX4100 will still carry on. You can even set it up to move the photographs from the camera so you can have a nice clean camera card ready to use again. Known as the My Passport Wireless, this device is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled storage drive that allows consumers to save, access and share stored content wirelessly with any smartphone, tablet computer or other device. On top of that, it even features an integrated SD card slot, which means users aren’t just limited to their smartphones and tablets but can also use it to store photos from their DSLRs or cameras. The app will then give users intuitive navigation, sharing and playback of the drive’s content. The WD is cheaper but i've seen a lot of people who bought it saying that it's not a good buy.After read your review to this Synology i was more leaning to buy that one but then i read your review of WD My Cloud and now i'm a little confused. Then plugged the "bad" drive into a HHD docking station reader and was able to copy off all my data. Western Digital has been a familiar brand when it comes to portable hard drives and it has been one of the most recommended brand around.
My Cloud does exactly the same job as the Live but, according to WD’s way of thinking, is more appositely named.So yes, My Cloud provides all the features that My Book Live does. You can see shares you don’t have access rights to, but attempts open them are blocked.SSH-ing into the box as root reveals the My Cloud runs Debian running on an ARMv7 chip. That said, as the mobile version can show your Dropbox, SkyDrive and now Google Drive files too, it’s a handy way of moving files from one to another.Backups and the ability to copy particularly important files to the cloud may be reassuring to some folk because the My Cloud contains but a single drive - and a not readily removable one at that.
There is also a USB 3.0 port along with a backup button – you can use this to quickly and easily backup the entire contents of a USB drive without the need for a PC.
This device is definitely a must-have for frequent business travellers, creative professional working in the field, jetsetters or family that loves their road trips.

Whether shooting large commercial photography or video production or just capturing photos and videos as a hobby, the My Passport Wireless drive will never let you miss a moment due to a filled up memory card.
It has an extremely neutral white, rectangular exterior that won’t look out of place almost anywhere and neat Synology branding which doubles as ventilation points. WD is promising to ship a 4TB dual-drive version next month but so far is not saying whether this will feature RAID support for disk mirroring. It’s pot luck then, which one you get.The Reg VerdictLike the My Book Live before it, WD’s My Cloud is a fine network storage unit for folks look for a basic multi-user file access system. The two Ethernet adaptors are used for Link Aggregation, which can be configured for fault tolerance and speed improvements depending on your personal setup. Additionally, the integrated FTP enables users to connect to multiple wireless cameras so that users can automatically transfer photos from their cameras to the drive as they are taking them. It won’t win any beauty contests but it also won’t draw attention or look out of place in your living room, which is the point.Build quality is also solid, if not spectacular.
Now, WD will undoubtedly write in to tell me My Cloud does do more, but the only noteworthy differences are a UI refresh and a new desktop app.
The crucial point, for me, is that you don’t have to sign up for anything.Access all areasFortunately, the same mechanism is also made available on the My Cloud.
Its predecessor contained a single-core part clocked to 800MHz.When you enable SSH, the My Cloud UI provides a generic root password.
There’s no facility for this in the UI, so you need to cp files and folders after SSH-ing into the box.You can also back up the My Cloud’s contents to a USB-connected drive - the Live could only back up to another Live - and set this to be updated automatically after the initial back-up to a schedule you determine. Mind you, since WD is shipping 4TB HDDs now, it’s plausible this bigger capacity My Cloud will contain two of them, mirrored, for an overall effective capacity of 4TB. What was disappointing here though was that WD don’t provide any information in either the manual or on the web front end on what each setting means, they just expect you to know. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP. The plastic chassis may not have the gravitas of the metal used by Netgear, but it matches up well to the WD My Cloud and even though the DS115j slides in half to accept a hard drive (more of later) it doesn’t feel fragile or structurally compromised.One downside is the DS115j is big. A It is the one that is removed by the silver screw in the bottom?i»?theoriginaljeffro: I HIGHLY recommend not even fooling around with the power supply and just getting yourself the proper connectors. The former is visually more attractive that the previous one, but there’s no functional difference.
WD calls these back-ups “Safepoints” but they’re file-level copies so you can drill down through the directory structure to access specific files if you need to.
There’s no on-board Torrent client or other useful accessories, but with SSH access a savvy user can install them. Given that some of the more obvious options have pages dedicated to them its a little surprising little is provided for a feature that can provide additional benefits. But they’re not likely to be impressed with the lack of RAID support, or how WD makes it hard to upgrade the HDD.For less demanding users though, the My Cloud is a good, reasonably priced uncomplicated NAS box with easy over-the-internet remote access.
Because while the My Cloud is a slick, user friendly local and Cloud-based storage option the DS115j is a fully fledged NAS.
There is also remote access to your NAS content via smartphone apps and integrated security, a VPN and even CRM tools.From a hardware perspective things are more modest. Synology has equipped the DS115j with just a single core Marvell Armada 370 CPU running at 800MHz and a meagre 256MB of DDR3. That said we’ve been highly impressed with the multi-core version of Armada chipset before in the DS414 and Synology clearly has high hopes as the company quotes potential read speeds of 103MBps - a speed that would give the DS115j a significant lead on the My Cloud.As for storage capabilities, the DS115j isn’t pulling up any trees. Sad, but someone who complains about this video most likely has wasted his entire life anyway.

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