I’ve become so addicted to that flexibility that I’m willing to pay a subscription fee, even though I don’t trust the service provider to keep my information entirely secure. Robert CardinWD's My Cloud NAS box delivers all the convenience of a cloud-storage service in a device that's completely in your control. You connect a digital camera directly to the My Cloud's USB 3.0 port, or add an additional drive to expand its storage capacity. WD offers mobile apps for the Android and iOS operating systems, which helps solve another problem many of us face: data fragmentation caused by having stored files on multiple devices.
Installing the My Cloud is pretty much a plug-and-play affair: It even detected my double-NAT’d router and configured itself to work under those circumstances without any intervention on my part. Moving beyond backup services, the My Cloud has an onboard DLNA server and iTunes support, so it can stream media to various entertainment systems in your home that also support DLNA or iTunes (I’m talking about smart TVs, network-capable AV receivers, and media-streaming boxes such as the Roku or WD’s own WD TV Live).
WD mostly solves this problem with a feature it calls “safepoints.” A safepoint is a snapshot of the drive that can be stored on another storage device on your network or on a drive attached to the My Cloud's USB port. And considering everything that the My Cloud does do, that criticism becomes a small detail. PREVIOUS POSTAt This Gallery, the Alien Queen Loves Popsicles and RoboCop Is a Cabbie In the current Tumblr era, fan art is everywhere, filling blogs, and graffiti-strewn alleys, and BuzzFeed almost every day with things mashups and tributes. We can’t find that location, so please choose from these options: Check your spelling and try again. Out of the box, we see that the WD My Cloud is only slightly larger than a standard internal hard drive.  A blue LED for power is the only light in the front that stays solid when it’s powered up and flashing when there is data activity. Connection was as simple as can be: Connect the WD My Cloud to our Netgear R6300 router and plug it into the wall. After making sure the network was online and able to reach the internet, the WD setup software detected and displayed the drive’s serial number and assigned IP address. The My Cloud software gave us the option of adding more users as well.  This is perfect for those of us with families or just want to have others with the rights to secured access to the NAS. And with those few keystrokes, we are finished and ready to start loading up the drive with our content.  Before we do that though, let’s take a look at some of the user interface that is at the heart of the My Cloud personal NAS.
The WD’s My Cloud desktop interface will have six tabs on top for Home, Users, Shares, Cloud Access, Safepoints, and Settings that will take the user to more customizations. The update process took about 5 minutes for us to complete (download, install, and reboot of the MY Cloud device). So I installed it using the quick guide and that was easy enough; however it installed a bunch of unneeded software including Apple Bonjour used by a useless utility showing the shares exposed by the drive and I came to realize that the remote access apparently goes through a Western Digital web server.
Ok, so I read many horror stories about earlier versions of the Firmware of this device related to the IP address changing through HDCP and the first thing I did was go into my router and assign the WDMyCloud device a permanent IP address through my router’s HDCP reservation feature so the IP address won’t change.
I copied a large library of files to it and got between 10 Mbs to 60 Mbs depending on whether I was copying many small files or fewer large ones, large files appear to copy faster. The Firmware in the drive is quite “brittle” meaning that it has a number of anomalies and bugs that may need you to reset or reboot the drive at times or to work around at times the Setup Web Pages may stop responding properly.
On my local LAN, I don’t care much about security so I have made everything public without any passwords. Next I tried to set-up the SafePoint feature on the Settings Dashboard to make a backup of the settings and data on the device. Now I do not intend to use it for streaming data to mobile devices so I have not tried any of that. Yes, all computing devices can connect to the My Cloud, including Mac and PC systems (browser and My Cloud desktop app). Hey friends,TARDIS Box is provides cloud storage services for documents, images, files and videos upto 150GB with nothing of cost. If you had a look in the support forum of WD MyCloud you would have found out that there are a lot of user complaints proving that the firmware of that device is unstable since the first shipments in Oct.

With My Cloud (single bay) each folder has a user control on it that only a particular user has access to it at a time. For My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2 and My Cloud EX4 there is a document flow management feature – a check-in, check-out feature. WD has introduced its new My Cloud family of personal cloud solutions, a complete solution for consumers and enthusiasts to organize, centralize, and secure all their data from all of their computers and mobile devices.
WD customers will be able get their personal cloud up and running within minutes using the rich web-based user interface.
Additionally, WD customers can use the My Cloud to back up their entire computer with the WD SmartWare Pro software for the PC, which supplies users options on how, when, and where to back up files.
Users can also store and organize all of their families’ photos, videos, music and important documents in one secure place on their home network using the new desktop app. While a one-bay home NAS is interesting, this is just the beginning for WD in the branded NAS space.
I never put anything sensitive in the cloud, such as my tax returns or other financial data. And the drive supports Apple’s Time Machine technology, so you can back up Mac clients, too.
Install the apps onto your smartphones and tablets, and you can send all your media files over the Internet to your My Cloud.
Unlike Microsoft’s discontinued Windows Home Server 2011, the My Cloud cannot stream media to a client over the Internet. Relying on a single-drive NAS for backup or storing critical data is a little risky, however, since you stand to lose everything if the device fails. Should the drive fail, you can recover all your data—including all your backups of your client PCs and Macs—from the safepoint on a healthy drive. If the drives in these models can be configured as RAID 1 (where data is automatically mirrored), it will add another layer of data security. If you need storage that’s available from just about everywhere, and you don’t want to rely on a third-party cloud service to provide it, WD’s My Cloud is a brilliant solution. The rear panel has a gigabit Ethernet port, power connection port, and a USB 3.0 port which only supports connecting USB drives, not printers. The My Cloud goes through a self-test that is indicated by the flashing LED light on the front and is ready for use in under 30 seconds. As experienced users, we normally just manually configure our network devices, but in this case we were not really sure what kind of configuration needed to be done so we just went followed what any typical user would do when installing the device.
WD suggests 10 people at most, but mentioned to us that some users have told them that they have gone beyond that. However, if an Admin does enable multiple users to access the same file, and the users are both editing a file, there is a potential case that they could overwrite one another.
WD does support applications on those devices such as Joomla for content (CMS) and Git for version control. If it’s going to be an online device that’s holding your files I need to know how secure is it?
WD's software also features auto-detection for the drive, making it a quick and easy setup for novice users. This allows the navigating, controlling and sharing these files from anywhere in the world.
During their lilve event, the company teased two drive and four drive My Cloud configurations that will be available later. The cloud allows me to access my data from any device at any time; from anywhere I have broadband access. But I can access it from the Internet—from a PC, smartphone, or tablet—just like a cloud service.

As it turns out, the My Cloud series is replacing the My Book line, and the new desktop and mobile apps WD is launching alongside My Cloud will also work with the older drives.
And unlike some NAS manufacturers that limit the number of free client licenses you get, Western Digital will back up as many computers as you’d care to connect to it (there are practical limitations, of course, based on the amount of available storage). I just wish my digital camera was smart enough to support an app that could do that (yes, I should buy a Wi-Fi-enabled storage card). And once you’ve created a safepoint, the My Cloud can be set up to automatically create new ones at specified intervals.
There is, however, one shortcoming to both of these solutions: No amount of redundancy will preserve your data if both your original and your backup(s) are in the same physical location that location is devastated by fire, flood, earthquake, or some other disaster.
Steve Stockman has invited fallen Obamacare poster boy Chad Henderson to be his guest at next year?s State of the Union. Can all of these devices be connected to one My Cloud drive, or do the Mac and PC devices need separate My Cloud drives?
In addition, customers can attach a compatible USB 3.0 hard drive directly to the USB expansion port on the My Cloud drive to further expand their storage capacity without restriction. Once everything is up and running, users can easily connect their computers and mobile devices with WD's free desktop and mobile apps, and with direct file uploads from mobile devices, important files and videos can be safely moved to My Cloud, freeing up valuable space on users’ tablets and smartphones.
My Cloud also serves as a home’s digital entertainment hub that can stream to any DLNA-certified multimedia device, such as the WD TV Live media player.
And I can share some or all of that information with other people: A boon to productivity when I’m collaborating with someone.
And I can create user accounts with passwords to allow family, friends, and colleagues to access specific folders, so we can share information (or media) and collaborate.
The new WD My Cloud mobile app for Android and iOS allows users to view photos, stream video, and access their files from anywhere on their smartphones or tablets.
I can also transfer files between the My Cloud and cloud-storage services, such as Dropbox. Alternatively, you can connect a stand-alone USB hard drive into this port and expand the My Cloud’s storage capacity. Their product WD My Cloud is a hard drive that can very easily connect to our home network. This means you can drag and drop files between the computer and the server as though the two were on the same local network. The mobile app also makes file sharing and collaborating simple and secure by allowing users to easily email files, share files as a link, and print and open files with third party apps. The My Cloud mobile app has the ability to integrate major public cloud-services so that customers can seamlessly transfer files between services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive.
As it is connected to your home network you can access it from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or office computer just like any cloud storage.This less expensive storage is fully under our control. She is a passionate blogger, technology lover, plays chess, likes to express her views via blog and is music lover. She is blogging since 2011 and has contributed a number of great articles to the internet.Latest posts by Alka Saha (see all) Most Important Design Factors for Game Designers - August 7, 2016 The Importance of Web Development - August 3, 2016 Why is My Computer Making a Grinding Noise? Get latest software tips, web tools, new freebies, giveaways & contests' details at your Inbox.

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