Review WD is on a mission to make using NAS as easy as possible for consumers to use, from setting a unit up to accessing it remotely via a personal cloud.
It goes without saying that the business segment has been using multi-bay devices for backing up, maintaining and securing data for more years than I care to remember.
If WD’s marketing research is to believed, this is a market segment with a huge potential for growth and the My Cloud EX4 is going to test that theory.
Sure, that’s a lot of data but it’s still quite some outlay for a home user, so it’s no great surprise this is also being touted as a small office storage system too. Anybody expecting the same white and curved design styling of the original My Cloud is in for a disappointment.
To access the drives you simple pull the door latch and the drive slides out with the door - very quick and tidy which is great for quickly hot swapping disks out should the need arise. The voice experience suggests that the addition of a little more security in the way of some form of locking device in the bays themselves would make all the difference here. The back of the unit houses two Gigabit Ethernet ports (supporting link bonding and auto failover) and two USB 3.0 ports, so you can back up to an external hard drive should the need arise.
If you trying to convince home users that NAS is the future you’d better make sure that the number one priority is that the device is easy to set up. At the top of the screen are tabs to access setting for users, shares, Cloud access, organising back-ups, storage set up and the apps page.
Compared to the EX4’s UI, the interface for WD’s My Cloud software itself looks very basic and sparse. I used CrystalDiskMark to give a quick snapshot of the overall performance of each of the RAID arrays I tested and then used some real life data transfers to get a better idea of how well the EX4 performs.
On the plus side, although the disk activity could be heard when it’s being pushed during benchmarking, it's not overly loud.
Easy to set up and use thanks to the well-thought-out interface, WD’s EX4 is multi-bay NAS provides support for apps such as IceCast (Internet music streaming), Wordpress and Joomla which will appeal to the home user while the more business orientated will be drawn to the security offered by the dual Ethernet and power options.
WD's My Cloud consumer orientated NAS range comes of age with this four-bay model kitted out with some pro-centric functionality. An on-demand identity management service enables that protects your data through centralized access control. Deliver information and expertise to keep people informed, aligned and productive on any device, securely. This guide is designed to assist prospective All Flash Array buyers evaluate the different options. WD has fixed the limited space and lack of RAID on its 1-bay My Cloud box by introducing a 4-bay one, the EX4.
It uses WD Red drives and you can buy the box unpopulated or with two, three or four 4TB drives, taking max capacity to 16TB.
It isn't cheap and it doesn't have Drobo or Transporter-style features, but it no doubt does the job WD designed it for.
The My Cloud is aimed at consumers who want to store and share data to and from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Physically, the My Cloud has a slightly different appearance to previous WD drives, it’s fanless, and it runs a Cortex A9 dual-core CPU.
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Our Back to Business guide highlights the best products for you to boost your productivity at home, on the road, at the office, or in the classroom. Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews and previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling. For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents. The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited.
With over 25 years of brand awareness and credibility, Good Gear Guide (formerly PC World Australia), consistently delivers editorial excellence through award-winning content and trusted product reviews. Western Digital subsidiary WD recently unveiled two sleek, thin 500GB portable external hard drives for Mac and Windows PC users. The My Passport EdgeSimilarly, the Windows version is formatted in NTFS and comes with WD SmartWare software that offers continuous and automatic backup. The downside of both Apple's and Microsoft's backup solutions, however, is that they are largely OS dependent.
My Passport Edge sells for a suggested retail price of $110 and My Passport Edge for Mac will be priced at $120. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. A gama My Cloud Expert Series inclui os sistemas NAS de alto desempenho My Cloud EX2100 (duas baias) e My Cloud EX4100 (quatro baias), concebidos de raiz para profissionais criativos e “prosumers” (consumidores avancados) que necessitam de guardar, partilhar, fazer streaming e criar backups de grandes quantidades de dados digitais.
Equipadas com processadores Intel Atom de dois nucleos e oferecendo ate 24 TB de capacidade de armazenamento, os novos My Cloud Business Series correm o aclamado sistema operativo WD My Cloud, baseado em Linux.
Para fotografos, videografos, designers graficos e outros profissionais criativos que adotam formatos de ficheiros cada vez maiores, desde imagens RAW a video 4K, os novos produtos My Cloud Expert Series equipados com os mais recentes e mais rapidos processadores de dois nucleos Marvell ARMADA 385 e 388 sao a escolha ideal.
Com elevado desempenho para streaming de conteudos, oferecem ate 24TB de armazenamento e a capacidade de manter os ficheiros protegidos, seguros e acessiveis a partir de qualquer lado. Os discos WD Red incluidos podem ser configurados utilizando multiplas opcoes RAID (dependendo do modelo) que incluem RAID 0, 1, 5 e 10, JBOD [no qual os discos podem ser acedidos individualmente] e modo “spanning” [no qual todos os discos sao concatenados numa unica unidade logica].
Os utilizadores podem usar os seus produtos My Cloud Expert Series para centralizar e realizar copias de seguranca dos dados de todos os seus PCs e notebooks com o software WD SmartWare Pro para Windows e com o software Apple Time Machine para Mac.
O servidor multimedia Twonky, com certificacao DLNA, bem como o servidor iTunes® integrados tornam simples o streaming de grandes bibliotecas de video e musica. Alem disso, a integracao de servidores de ficheiros, FTP, backup e download P2P oferecem opcoes avancadas. As solucoes My Cloud Business Series sao totalmente novas e destinam-se a centralizar e proteger dados no local de trabalho, oferecendo aos trabalhadores acesso seguro para dados criticos a partir de qualquer local.

Equipados com o mais recente processador Intel Atom de dois nucleos, 2GB de RAM e capacidade de armazenamento ate 24 TB, estes equipamentos oferecem as pequenas empresas o desempenho e a escalabilidade necessarias para as suas necessidades de negocio.
Os clientes podem tambem usar os produtos My Cloud Business Series para criar copias de seguranca de todos os seus computadores com o software WD SmartWare Pro para utilizadores Windows e Apple® Time Machine para utilizadores Mac.
Os produtos My Cloud Business Series podem tambem criar copias de seguranca de si proprios, quer para outra unidade My Cloud num local remoto ou para servicos na nuvem tais como o Amazon S3 e ElephantDrive. Os produtos My Cloud Business Series incluem inumeras capacidades criadas a pensar nas empresas, incluindo iSCSI, sincronizacao e replicacao de ficheiros, FTP integrado, servidor WebDAV, Shell SSH e suporte para Microsoft Active Directory. Alem disso, foram incluidas no hardware sistemas redundantes de classe empresarial, tais como portas duplas para fontes de alimentacao com suporte “fail over”, duas portas Gigabit Ethernet e suporte para fonte de alimentacao ininterrupta (UPS).
Atraves da tecnologia “Easy-Slide-Drive” da WD, os utilizadores dos My Cloud Business Series podem facilmente instalar ou trocar discos em segundos sem necessidade de ferramentas, bandejas ou gavetas.
A premiada app movel WD My Cloud oferece acesso remoto a toda a familia de produtos My Cloud.
A app movel simplifica a partilha de ficheiros e a colaboracao, permitindo facilmente aos utilizadores enviarem ficheiros por email, partilharem-nos como links, imprimi-los e abri-los com aplicacoes de terceiros. A app WD My Cloud tambem se integra com os principais servicos de nuvem publica, permitindo aos utilizadores facilmente transferirem os ficheiros das suas contas Dropbox, OneDrive e Google Drive. My Cloud EX2100 –  309,99 € para a unidade sem discos, 529,99 € para a versao de 4TB, 689,99 € para a de 8 TB e 919,99 € para a de 12TB. A app movel WD My Cloud esta disponivel para download gratuito a partir da App Store and Google Play.
With the My Cloud configured, you can access its web-based dashboard by entering its IP address into your web browser's address bar. The My Cloud uses the same Dashboard user interface found on WD's other network storage products.
The Users screen displays a list of the current users and allows the administrator to view user details, create new users and grant a user access to existing shares.
While lacking the advanced backup features found on the EX2 and EX4, the My Cloud lets you create a complete backup or snapshot, called a safepoint, and save it to an external location on your home network or an attached USB drive.
Creating a safepoint ensures that you can easily recover your data from a specific point in time to a new WD My Cloud device in the unlikely event that your device fails. The time it takes to create a safepoint varies based on the speed of your network and the number and size of files you have stored on your My Cloud device.
It’s not exactly a new mission, yet it has gained momentum since the company introduced its popular single bay My Cloud range. In recent years, the benefits of using multi-disk RAID arrays for keeping data safe and as secure as possible has begun to filter down to the home user. WD doesn’t force-feed you its drives either, as the enclosure is also available unpopulated for ?319, but be warned if you go down this route, the list of compatible drives not made by WD is a little on the short side. When it comes to looks, the My Cloud Ex4 leans towards the company’s Sentinel range of business NAS boxes. To the left sits the power button which glows blue under normal conditions but glows red should any problems arise. That said, you need to ensure that the door is re-latched properly or you could be in for a very, very long wait while the array re-builds.
As the ARMADA 300 only provides two SATA-II ports there is also a Marvell 88SX7042 4-port PCI-e SATA II controller on the motherboard.
As standard, there are three public share folders already provided to use; Public – for storing public data, SmartWare for Windows based backups and Time Machine Backup for Mac users.
It needs some work on it to make it more user-friendly but it’s still quite early in its development and is something that WD can improve upon.
In the case of the reviewed 8TB model, that meant 6TB of usable space was available, as the parity stripes run across all the disks in the group. RAID O took 10mins, RAID 1 a tadge under 15mins and both RAID 5 and RAID 10 arrays took just under 14mins to create and format. The drives slide in and out in seconds - they're also hot-swappable - with no screwdrivers required. As before, there is a facility to add external USB 3.0-connected external drives to push capacity higher. There is a small monochrome LCD screen on top of the front face of the unit; nothing fancy here, but you manage it from a host computer via a browser. It'd be quite nice to stick 6TB helium-filled drives in it at some stage and get 24TB capacity.
In an event in Sydney yesterday, WD unveiled its latest network storage drive, called My Cloud. On the inside it features WD’s Red drives.The My Cloud EX4 is a more advanced NAS unit that's aimed at users who want network storage that's easy to set up and use. This will contain a selection of the latest product reviews, news and features that we have to offer. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located. The two new drives,The My Passport Edge for Mac and the My Passport Edge for Mac, both feature USB 3.0 connectivity for transfer rates of up to 5 Gigabits per second.
But Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 feature a built-in back-up tool that can back-up your files just as well.
Meaning if you decide to switch over from Windows 7 to, say, Ubuntu Linux, you will have a heck of a time trying to get your files out of Windows 7's Backup and Restore. As robustas funcionalidades de gestao e de seguranca permitem aos consumidores selecionarem os seus metodos preferidos de gestao, partilha e protecao dos seus mais importantes videos, fotos, musicas e ficheiros digitais. Os utilizadores podem tambem personalizar os seus NAS da serie My Cloud Expert, monitorizar a saude do sistema, gerir utilizadores e as funcionalidades de poupanca de energia com o “dashboard” My Cloud. Oferecendo encriptacao de volumes com cifra AES de 256 bits e multiplas opcoes de configuracao (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD e modo “spanning”), os novos My Cloud Business Series oferecem as pequenas empresas multiplas opcoes de segurar e proteger os seus dados. Os utilizadores podem ainda usar o botao que permite criar copiar automaticamente dados de uma unidade USB 3.0 para o NAS. Os novos My Cloud Business Series oferecem tambem capacidade de expansao da memoria RAM ate 6GB e opcoes de armazenamento escalavel atraves de NICs duplos e ligacao USB. O My Cloud DL2100 (duas baias) pode ser adquirido sem discos ou com capacidade de 4 TB, 8 TB ou 12 TB.

Com esta app, e facil ver fotos, fazer stream de video e partilhar, guardar e gerir ficheiros a partir de qualquer lado a partir de dispositivos iOS® e Android. Deu os primeiros passos no mundo da tecnologia com o Spectrum 48K e nunca mais largou os computadores.
The first thing you will probably want to do is login as the default admin account and set a password as it is blank by default. By clicking on the icons you can manage the devices' users, shares, cloud access and safepoints.
For a given amount of total data, fewer larger files replicate quicker than many smaller files.
Now to get over the limitations of using just a single bay, WD has pimped up the range by introducing a four-bay unit, the My Cloud EX4.
In short, it’s a big, black square lump and certainly no lightweight either, weighing in at a hefty 5.8kg when stuffed full of hard disks.
You’ll need to buy a second power supply to take advantage of the EX4’s ability to switch automatically from one supply to another should one unit fail. When it comes to backing-up data up the EX4 offers plenty of options with accessibility using a USB device, remotely, internally or via the Cloud. WD provides iOS and Android support to access content on the move with both My Cloud and its image gallery app, My Photo. Data and parity are arranged on different volumes for resilience should there be a single drive failure. Overall, the tests suggest that the EX4 isn’t going to set the world alight and, in particular, its Write performance is pretty weak. When it gets to the end of this process, a blood-chilling grinding noise emanates from the EX4, well it did from the review sample anyway. Perhaps this explains why, despite some useful hardware features, WD considers the EX4 should be considered for home or small office use.
The new drive is aimed squarely at consumers, and is designed to take the difficulty out of setting up and installing network storage in the home. For small business users and advanced home users, WD also released the My Cloud EX4, which is a four-bay NAS device that can be set up in a variety of RAID arrays and which has a more comprehensive set of backup features.It’s a unit that can be purchased either as a NAS box only (without drives), or populated with drives in a RAID 5 array.
It's a great way to keep up to date with the latest information about consumer technology products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions. But that's not saying much considering that Time Machine can use pretty much any external hard drive if it is formatted as HFS+. For the premium price, Mac users get a better crafted design for their external HDD with an all-aluminum case that also serves as extra protection should the drive get bumped or dropped.
Disponiveis estao tambem apps de terceiros, entre elas aMule, Icecast, Transmission, DVBlink, SqueezeCenter, entre outros.
O My Cloud DL4100 (quatro baias) esta igualmente disponivel numa versao sem discos e em versoes com capacidade de 8 TB, 16 TB ou 24 TB. Along with the available capacity, you can view the firmware version and overall health of the system.
You can also enable media serving which lets you stream media stored in this share to other devices.
They include a record of users, data, and shares on your device; any backups created using WD SmartWare, Apple Time Machine, Windows 7 Backup, or Windows 8 File History, and any associated device configuration details.
Once you've selected the target device or share, you need to enter a name for the safepoint. The drives reside in bays that don’t require a tray, which makes installation and removal a tool-less affair. Windows users who prefer the My Passport Edge for Mac can reformat the drive to be compatible with their PCs. You can also enter a brief description and set it so that the safepoint is automatically updated on a schedule.
Alas, I was only able to test the EX4 using RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 arrays due to time constraints, but didn’t notice any major differences in configuration performance in the various modes. The My Cloud drive plugs in to a home network using Gigabit Ethernet and it offers users their own ‘personal cloud’.The My Cloud drive is essentially a repository for all data that users want to share (and stream) between computers and mobile devices on a home network, and WD supplies an app for both the Apple and Android platforms. Up to 16TB of storage can be installed via four hard drives, though the total capacity will depend on the RAID implementation (there is support for 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD, spanning).Reliability is a key feature of the My Cloud EX4. WD claims that the new drive requires no set up at all apart from plugging it in, downloading the app on your phone, and connecting to the drive. In addition to data redundancy via RAID, it also has two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and two power adapter inputs (though only one adapter is supplied in the box). It’s designed to be as user friendly as possible in this regard, but users can still access the drive’s settings from a Web page on a computer.
It has a 2GHz, single-core Marvell CPU, and populated versions of the EX4 are supplied with WD’s Red hard drives, which are optimised for the NAS environment.WD said it is attempting to reach new NAS users with this unit, rather than take away users of other brands of NAS devices. Through here, users and access can be managed.The designation of the product as a ‘personal cloud’ means that a user can store and access data that resides on their own network attached storage (NAS) device (the My Cloud), rather than through an online storage service such as DropBox or Google Drive. The target market is users who may not have previously considered buying a NAS device for their storage needs. The advantage is that users can store large files, sensitive files, and anything else deemed important, and access that data directly on their phone or computer without going through a third-party connection.My Cloud does allow for remote access to a user’s data as well, which requires the user to have a WD My Cloud account.
This will allow users to store and retrieve data from their drive while travelling, though the performance of these tasks will depend greatly on the Internet connection.Because it’s a ‘personal cloud’, all responsibility for the data stored on the My Cloud drive resides with the user.
To facilitate this, the drive has a USB 3.0 port through which another drive can be connected. WD ships the My Cloud with SmartWare backup software, and it also has support for Time Machine.

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