Acer abFiles makes it easy to access files stored on a user’s PC or NAS from any of their devices over a wireless or mobile network, making file management on the go easier than ever. If you have a WD (Western Digital) My Cloud drive, however, you can have your own cloud storage space at your fingertips.
The promise is simple: having your own storage space at home without paying monthly fees and accessible where ever you are. The My Cloud drive has a clean look and feel with literally zero buttons to press, increasing the aesthetic value of your living room.
Normally, setting up a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive requires plenty of manual processes and networking jargons that you are not familiar of. Store your media files such as movies so any device in your home can access and stream them anytime. And what good is a personal cloud storage if it comes with lots of frustrations to set it all up? You can drag and drop files and folders using the WD My Cloud software to transfer files to the drive (and vice versa).
Getting your files out of the WD My Cloud drive can be challenging, however, because it relies on your internet connection’s upload speed.
With plenty of storage space (and expandable through the USB 3.0 port) and a no-brainer installation, WD My Cloud brings simplicity and versatility to managing your own personal cloud storage space.
Whether you are a tech-savvy person or not, you can have your own personal cloud storage space running in minutes and without a fuss.
I have been a Windows PC user for over 30 years now, and this included quite a few Windows mobile devices. Over these many years, I have accrued numerous CDs which are kept stored away, as well as DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-rays.
And as technology has advanced, music and video have moved over to digital media and access over the Cloud. Hence when I thought about consolidating all my media into one place (work in progress to develop my own Cloud server), I decided to go with the Apple TV as it also has great connectivity with other Apple devices. It comes with a small remote which gives the impression that the control buttons came from an iPod. It has an optical audio output (very important) which allows me to connect the audio separately to the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector, which is my sound system for audio and video.

Just a little about the Yamaha Digital Sound projector (now 9 years old and still going strong). This is done through a microphone (which you connect to the system and placed where you normally sit). Once the Apple TV was connected, I have to say that the sound quality coming from the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector was pretty impressive. Anyway, I will be working on my Cloud setup (comprising of the Synology DS214play server with 8 terabytes of storage in Raid 0 mode for speed – coming shortly) and will post about it in the new year. After installing the abFiles app on their My Cloud NAS (supported models: My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud Expert Series and My Cloud Business Series), the user will only need to sign-in with their Acer ID through the web administration interface, and the My Cloud will be added to their personal BYOC setup, with files readily accessible from any of their connected devices.
There are just tons of personal cloud storage out there and it can be daunting to pick on the right one. By having a WD My Cloud drive hooked up to your router at home, you can choose to share what you store to the outside world (for your own secure access, or for a collaboration). For example, my sister and I have this Excel spreadsheet that records our shared home expenses.
Thanks to this, you don’t need to tweak your router or be bombarded with networking settings that make you beg for mercy.
I can access files directly in my cloud drive and make changes there, or choose to download them. Thanks to my 0.8Mbps upload speed at home (ADSL2+), I can say goodbye to my dream of opening my own cloud storage service at home. Depending on your router settings and environment, you may need to tweak a few settings on your router or the drive itself. Files and folders can easily be transferred in and out of the drive, and you can easily manage accesses through its simplified User Interface.
But they are no longer being played as I wanted to declutter under the television and did not want to have a HD-DVD player, Sony Playstation 3 or hi-fi system sitting around (just the BT Vision box). Having tried a few different products before (Western Digital WD TV, Western Digital Network drive), they did not live up to my expectations as access was not refined and was in two words – very slow. It is a one-box solution which has 2 x 11cm woofers and 40 x 4cm speakers, each with their own amplifier.
This then picks up and analyses the sounds projected into the room by the system and then optimises it to bounce sounds to that position where you placed the mic.

I can’t wait to get all my CDs onto my Cloud in Apple Lossless format and start enjoying all the music I have bought over the years. Users retain the privacy and control of their files as they are located on NAS devices physically in their home or office under their control rather than in a remote datacenter. Transfer rate over wireless is not the fastest but does its job for media streaming and backups.
Even if you have picked one (or maybe two, or three), there will come a time when storage space runs thin.
With 3TB of hard drive space, I’m sure it will take months to fill up that whole space. Setting the whole thing up is rather simple: hook the drive into your router with the included Ethernet cable and plug it to power. Once you login (say from a computer anywhere else), you can immediately see your drive at home through the web browser. There are no setups to have a sync functionality like Dropbox, so you do need to either change the file there manually or make a copy into your local drive + upload later. But then, I could use my iPhone or iPad to control the Apple TV by downloading the Remote App. It comes with one particularly special feature – Intellibeam (link here)- this allows you to tune the system to the room you use it in. Hence my Yamaha Digital Sound Projector has been optimised to project sound (and effects) to where I normally sit. As the iPhone and iPad have become essentials in our daily lives, perhaps the same can be said of the Apple TV.
Referring friends or having to do certain things to earn more storage space is not an enjoyable task. Chance is that hackers target these cloud services all the time, but not your personal cloud storage. If you are totally paranoid, just disable access to the outside world and use the drive as a pure home network storage.

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