Vores samling af elektronik, harde hvidevarer, HiFi, Computer, IT, TV, Telefoni, GPS, Fotoudstyr, Videoudstyr, spil, Spillekonsoller, elektronik til husholdningen og meget mere er nok til at kl?de dig godt pa, uanset om du leder efter en gave eller skal bruge noget til dit eget hjem eller opgave.
Her pa siden finder du alt det sp?ndende, du skal bruge for at fylde dit hjem op med lyd, billede og smarte ting, der bare gor livet lidt lettere. The My Cloud EX4 has all the features you want in a four-bay NAS and is priced right, provided that you accept its performance deficiencies.
Western Digitala€™s My Cloud network-attached storage unit earned four stars when I reviewed it in October.
Because performance takes a backseat to features in this unit, Ia€™ll cover that aspect of the My Cloud EX4 later.
Business users will appreciate the dual gigabit ethernet ports and the redundant power-supply features (although youa€™ll need to purchase the second power supply).
One feature thata€™s sorely missing from both the My Cloud and the My Cloud EX4 is the ability to sync folders via the cloud.
In our benchmarks, the four-drive My Cloud EX4 read both our 10GB collection of files and folders and our single 10GB file somewhat faster than the single-drive My Cloud, but it was significantly slower reading than the much more expensive QNAP TS-469 Pro.
The smaller My Cloud is equipped with a dual-core CPU, in contrast to the single-core CPU in the EX4.
We replaced the EX4a€™s WD Red drives, which spin their platters at 5400 rpm, with four 1TB, 7200-rpm Seagate Constellation drives to see if the faster drives would improve the EX4a€™s performance.
If youa€™re a consumer, you wona€™t care about the My Cloud EX4a€™s ethernet and power-failover features.
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Most of us have portable hard drives to store our photos, home videos, movies, personal documents, etc.
WD’s My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 is a good option for those looking for a better and more convenient storage solution. The WD My Cloud Mirror uses a minimalist approach to its design, and features clean lines and curved edges. Up front is a gray band with the WD logo, and the indicator LEDs for power and the two hard drives. At the back of the unit, there are two USB 3.0 ports you can use to connect other external drives and thumb drives. You’ll see various information about your WD My Cloud Mirror, as well as the adjustment settings, access, and applications on this page.
I used a RAID 0 setup for the review so I’d get more storage, but its advisable to use a RAID 1 setup for better data protection and redundancy.
The WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 NAS is great for those looking for a reliable and convenient personal cloud storage setup.
Western Digital’s embedded Linux-based NAS offerings target a wide range of market segments. Compared to the My Cloud Mirror model from last year, the Gen 2 version has a faster internal platform. Given the nature of the target market, there is no diskless version of the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2. The various specifications of the NAS are backed up by the data gleaned via SSH access to the unit. The industrial design of the unit is similar to what was used in previous two-bay solutions that supported replacement of disks by users – the WD EX2 and the WD My Book Duo come to mind. In the rest of the review, we will take a look at how to setup and use the WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2. The above testbed can run up to 25 Windows 7 or CentOS VMs simultaneously, each with a dedicated 1 Gbps network interface. Thanks to Western Digital for the two WD RE hard drives (WD4000FYYZ) to use in the NAS under test. All versions of the WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 come with drives pre-installed and pre-configured in RAID-1. Our evaluation actually started in the diskless state (since we were testing with the WD Re disks to keep benchmark numbers consistent across different NAS units).
The default apps available in My Cloud OS 3 for the NAS include HTTP downloads, FTP downloads, P2P downloads and a web file viewer to access the contents of the NAS using the web browser itself. The popularity of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) has made it mandatory for every NAS vendor to have a mobile app to interact with their devices.

The side menu in the app allows access to the contents of any of the added NAS units, as well as the local device itself. The My Cloud app fulfills many of the basic functionalities that the average consumer expects from a mobile app for the NAS. Similar to Dropbox, a tray icon is available to check the status of the sync as well as access the options available.
Der er fri fragt pa WD My Cloud Mirror 8TB RAID NAS, sa uanset hvad den nu ma veje, sa koster det dig ikke noget at fa den leveret til din dor.
Og sa er det jo meget fedt, at modtage grej, der skal installeres og s?ttes op – for os voksne er det jo n?sten ligesom at v?re barn juleaften ?? Der er bade noget til legebarnet i os alle sammen og til den travle person, der gerne vil udnytte bedst muligt, og det gores ofte med det rigtige grej.
The EX4 offers all of the user-friendly features of the original My Cloud, packed in a metal four-bay enclosure that boasts a number of high-end perks the My Cloud does not.
Because the drives are hot-swappable, you can yank out the failed drive and replace it with a new one, and the EX4 will automatically rebuild the array without any downtime. Consumers will appreciate its friendly, dashboard-like user interface, its DLNA server and iTunes support, and its built-in torrent downloader. The former keeps you informed as to whata€™s happening with the box without your needing to fire up a client, and you can use the latter to back up USB storage devices. The company will soon release an SDK (software development kit) to encourage additional third-party development for its My Cloud platform.
We swapped them out for 7200-rpm Seagate Constellation drives, and saw about the same performance. And if youa€™re a small-business owner, you wona€™t care about the My Cloud EX4a€™s DLNA server and iTunes support.
Some carry it with them all the time, while others like me use it for back up and leave it at home.
It has a plastic outer chassis with a glossy finish, with a look that resembles a thick book. Youa€™ll also find a gigabit ethernet port, the power connector and a Kensington security slot there. Just plug the NAS to a power source, then connect the gigabit ethernet cable to your router. It is perfect for home use, allowing for back up and access to stored photos, music and videos. The My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 targets the typical average consumer – someone who has a vague idea of what network attached storage means, but has never used one in his setup.
Even though hot-swap is not officially supported, we did observe that hot-swapping worked – streaming of content from the NAS was not interrupted when one of the disks was suddenly yanked out. We will also be looking in detail into the official WD apps on the mobile (WD My Cloud) and desktop (WD Sync) side. Addition of another disk in the empty slot allowed us to either reinitialize the volume fully or migrate from JBOD to RAID-1. Our test account already had the WD My Cloud DL4100 associated with it, and it gave us an opportunity to actually test out how multiple devices associated with the same account could be accessed using a single interface.
The auto-backup for photos and videos ensures that users don’t need to worry about deleting them from the mobile device to free up space. But 3TB is the maximum capacity that WD can deliver in that product, and since ita€™s a single-bay device it cana€™t provide the reassuring redundancy of RAID.
First and foremost among them is RAID support, specifically RAID 5 if you purchase the device prepopulated with drives. Business users will value its dual gigabit ethernet ports, with support for both link bonding (so you can pool the bandwidth of two broadband connections) and automatic failover (if one connection fails, the EX4 automatically switches to the other). You can also back up the EX4 to a USB storage device, but a more plausible scenario would be to back it up to another EX4 over your local network, or to the cloud using an Amazon S3 or Elephant Drive account. When you change a file on one computer, tablet, or smartphone, the updated file automatically goes to all your other linked devices. The QNAP drive was more than twice as fast as both WD drives on the files-and-folders write test. The QNAP, meanwhile, offers the best of both worlds: a dual-core processor that runs at 2GHz.
Both parties, on the other hand, just might decide that the EX4a€™s low price tag and strong feature set trump its slow performance. In the second half of 2013, the company started to unify their embedded Linux-based offerings under the My Cloud tag.

This type of customer is typically not very tech-savvy, and so, ease of use is very important. Adding a new disk to the volume was also not an issue as long as the instructions in the web interface were followed.
This is followed by benchmark numbers for both single and multi-client scenarios using a CIFS share. The IP address can be determined either from the DHCP provider in the system or via the WD Discovery utility. We yanked off one of the disks during data access and the unit continued to operate without any issues.
In terms of features, a particular My Cloud ID can be associated with one of the local user accounts of the NAS.
The contents can be viewed all at the same time, or by multimedia type (photos, videos, music). Various app settings such as sync interval, cache size and back up options can also be configured from within the app. Along with the release of the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and My Cloud OS 3, Western Digital has also launched WD Sync, a Dropbox-like PC program that uses a My Cloud NAS as the storage back-end and can sync content between the NAS and selected folders on multiple PCs. The companya€™s announcement of the My Cloud EX4 today erases those limitations and adds a raft of other features. Dual power connections deliver similar functionality: If one power supply fails, the EX4 can automatically switch to the other (though you must purchase the second one). WD includes ten WD SmartWare Pro licenses for client-PC backups in the purchase price, and the NAS supports Time Capsule for Mac backups.
Several features that power users take for granted might not be necessary in a product targeting such a consumer. As we shall see later, the faster CPU will definitely be of help in handling the extra features provided by the My Cloud OS 3. However, to keep things consistent across different NAS units, we benchmarked the unit with two Western Digital WD4000FYYZ RE drives.
Inserting a fresh disk with the Auto Rebuild setting enabled automatically rebuilt the RAID-1 volume. This ensures that only shared folders that have the appropriate access permissions can be viewed via the app. Active directory support enables you to connect an EX4 to your companya€™s domain, and volume encryption means the box wona€™t boot without a password.
Streaming videos to laptops, tablets and smartphones were seamless as well (as long as your device supports the file format).
Eagle-eyed consumers might note that the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and the My Cloud EX2 share a similar chassis. After popping open the top of the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 unit, a metal flap needs to be unscrewed and the disks need to be pulled out with an attached tag (pictures in the gallery below).
However, keeping in mind the nature of this unit, we restricted ourselves to a maximum of 10 simultaneous clients.
The first run on any mobile device also brings up the option to automatically back up photos and videos on the mobile device to the relevant NAS. A few weeks back, Western Digital announced an updated operating system for the My Cloud units – My Cloud OS 3. Considering that consumers have been taught to treat hard disks as fragile and not to be subjective to excessive force, this is not a pleasant experience. In this review, we will take a look at the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and the features enabled by My Cloud OS 3.
On the other hand, Western Digital might not be expecting consumers in this target market to replace the drives on their own. Media settings include the ability to enable or disable the internal DLNA media server (twonky) and iTunes capabilities.

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