Western Digital netwerk harddisk My Cloud (3 TB)Een cloud voor uzelf.Houd uw inhoud veilig thuis.
If you make music on your computer, it’s important to have a way to back up your important sounds, beats, music, and everything else that you have been working on. If you have ever had a hard drive crash on you, you know how painful it is to lose all of your files. External hard drives are great because they are small, cheap, and they allow you to take important files with you where ever you go. Create a Website Today – If you sell music, products, or offer a service, having a website is a must. As a single drive setup, the My Cloud targets mostly home users and it is priced accordingly.
Moving to the front, there is one discret LED providing a status of the device at glance.Connectivity and SetupIt is a two steps process. I am fine with that because I hardly ever used the installation disc, I would rather get it online anyway. That way I know that I got the latest version.Once the software was downloaded and installed, I was prompted to update the firmware. As soon the process started, the progress indicator jumped to 10% and it sat there for at least 4 mins. The GUI is lean, easy to read and self explanatory. User setupSetting up a user requires, a username, a valid email address and a password.
I cringed a little bit after I noticed that, by default, the newly shared is set to “public”, meaning, full access to all users. If there was a need to open up the permissions then so be it.Also there is no “group” level, only user level. So as long as there are not too many users and the access to the resources are straightforward, it would work.Keep this in mind.
Once you are authenticated, you must then provide the password that you would use if you were on the local network to access your shares.
The first one authenticates into WD My Cloud and the second one grant you access to your resources.

There are no options to run a daily run every so often hours, like, every 6 or 12 hours for instance. The content of the safepoint, on the destination folder, is just files and folders and not some kind of weird tar, gzip or proprietary format. In case the WD My Cloud hardware is not available, I can still access the “safepoints” content via “Explorer” or “Finder”. I am only going to go through the ones I think is worth mentioning.In the “General” menu, under “Cloud Access”, it would be a good idea to change the default “80” and “443” ports to something else.
It does require setting up port forwarding on the router end.Disk quota can be setup for the “TimeMachineBackup”. As a general rule, any appliance on the network that hosts any kind of services should be assigned a static IP address. I am not sure what else would trigger an alert, may be a firmware availability? In the “Firmware” menu, best option would be to turn on “Auto Update” with a schedule and leave it alone. Final words, regarding the administrative task of the “WD My Cloud”, the interface is only accessible locally, unless there is a VPN connection to your home network.Applications and FeaturesAs of for now, there are a total of six downloadable applications. I discussed three of them so far, the “Setup Software”, both mobile apps “WD my Cloud” and “WD Photos”. The three remainings are desktop type software package.There are three ways to access the My Cloud device from a PC. Right click on a file you want to email and it will generate an http link to your My Cloud storage.
The Mac OS version looks and works the same. Every device that labelled itself as a NAS or external drive, must provide a backup software package. Other the My Cloud device, Dropbox appeared to be the only online cloud service supported.Beside the date and time scheduled mode, it offers a “Continuous Backup” mode. My feelings is, I wished that all three main applications, the dashboard, my cloud and smartware were bundled into one.Streaming video or music capability, locally or over the internet is excellent. As long as, one, the player supports the file format, and two, there is enough network bandwidth. I can’t really blame WD though, per the error message, it is some kind of Java security settings.

The main app, “WD My Cloud” to manage your files and folders and “WD Photos” to sync media content from your phone to your local WD NAS device.Prior to setting up the “Cloud access”, a user must be created first. Download and install the (iOs or Android) app, during the process the user would be prompted for the code. It is possible to copy files from the cloud services to the WD My Cloud, but oddly enough, I was not able to copy a folder a cloud services to the WD device.
Note that only photos and videos recorded from the mobile app would synced, voice recorded files would not. There are inside, (TCP, IP, ethernet header, CRC32 checksum) and outside the frame overhead, (preamble, interframe gap) of the packet generating extra bits of data. In other words, when a frame of 1538 bytes is sent across the network not all of it is user data. More files will generate more packets, which will generate more latency, which will lower the throughput. The illustration below, captured via NetMeter, showed the time difference between writing 4K+ files and one zipped file to the WD My Cloud, while the total amount of data to be transferred is pretty much the same. Chances are, I would see a higher performance using jumbo frames with the right equipment.Cloud services vs.
WD My CloudNo matter how good the WD My Cloud is or any local “cloud” for that matter, I believe it would be a mistake to replace the cloud services, DropBox, GDrive, Box alike with this device. Remote access to my local cloud data hosted on the WD My Cloud requires my home internet and equipment to be available. I am not saying that Gdrive, for instance, will never go down but chances are, their connection uptime would be higher than mine.

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