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Getting everything out of the box we have the My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS, an ethernet cable, power adapter, warranty guide, and a setup guide. For a full unboxing & overview of the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra be sure to check out our video below. ThinkComputers Podcast #60 – WD My Cloud NAS, The Last WC101 Article, NVIDIA Pascal News & More! ThinkComputers Podcast #59 – Corsair Carbide 400C, GTC 2016, HTC Vive in Stores & More! ThinkComputers Podcast #58 – Intel Compute Stick, Best Scratch Build of the Year, VR Virtual Desktop & More!
Once you have your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra all configured you will be brought to the administration panel. Now that you have your NAS all configured and setup you can easily drag and drop files into the folders you created, but what about automatic backups and folder syncing?
First we will talk about the WD SmartWare application, which is currently only available for Windows. The software makes backing up very easy as it organizes the files on your PC into groups and you can backup those groups.

When you hover over the SmartWare icon in your system tray it will give you a quick look at what is going on with your WD devices.
WD Sync is an application that allows you to keep your files synced across multiple computers. The My Cloud EX2a€™s professional feature set, marvelous Web interface, and remote access capabilities make network-attached storage as easy as can be.
The WD My Cloud EX2 is designed for prosumers (such as avid amateur and semi-pro photographers and videographers) who want the convenience of cloud storage, but who dona€™t want to store files on servers outside their physical control.
If youa€™re not familiar with NAS or network storage concepts, the EX2 is a good box to start with.
All three capacities of the EX2 have two USB 3.0 ports for expanding storage and backup, plus a single gigabit Ethernet port.
Besides the great HTML interface (accessed by browsing to the unita€™s URL on your local network, e.g.
WD took particular care to make the EX2 easy to use while delivering a feature set thata€™s more than adequate for small businesses and corporate workgroups.
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It has scads of help embedded in the boxa€™s configuration pages, and you can access files stored on it from any PC or mobile device that has Internet access by simply entering a password or code. The drives come from the factory configured as RAID 1 (the same data is written to both drives, so that if one drive fails, you can recover all your data from the other).

The basic feature set includes support for multiple users, shares, DLNA and iTunes media servers, and the aforementioned easy remote access. Now those arena€™t QNAP- or Synology-like numbers, but theya€™re acceptable for a consumer box.
But this NAS boxa€™s mundane performance renders us unwilling to extend our recommendation beyond the advanced consumer space.
You can reconfigure the drives as RAID 0 (where data is written in a strip across both drives.
Press the release button, the top pops open, then you simply press the top back down to re-secure it. RAID 0 delivers higher performance and more capacitya€”a 4TB array yields 4TB of storagea€”but a failure of either drive can result in complete data loss). Apps are installed to cover P2P, HTTP, and FTP access, as well as file viewing from a browser, and there are quite a few more available for download that facilitate content management, BitTorrent, and more.

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