Drives can be easily hot swapped with the device still on, though the swaps are not completely tool-less as you'd have to swap over the screwed in stubs that slide along the internal rails.
Plug in power, connect to your router, give it a minute to boot, and check network devices under Windows. In case your OS does not see the My Cloud natively, this tool can locate, configure, and even map shares automatically. I have a WD MyCloud EX2 and I run a Windows Server 2012 Essentials box as well as running a Synology DSM device.
I'm not sure that this is still the case with the WD2go service since I gave up on trying to get it to work a couple years ago.
With the EX2 on our local network, and while minimizing other network use, we performed some large file copies to and from the EX2. Can the files be accessed from a Windows PC through Explorer or only through the My Cloud Desktop Application. Je ne retrouve pas le tutoriel qui m'avais permis de realiser cette connexion, ca me rend dingue. Alors je vais poser surement une question debile mais il est pas possible d'ouvrir la "DMZ" en direct sur ca box ? J'ai acces aux fichiers de ma freebox en tapant l'adresse ip publique dans la barre d'adresse de mon navigateur en effet, mais cela ne me donne pas acces au disque dur externe qui est connecte a ma freebox, et c'est ca dont j'ai besoin.
Normalement les disques dur connecte en USB sont visibles via l'explorateur de freebox OS a condition de les brancher sur le server, mais pas ceux connecte en ethernet. Pour acceder au disque depuis l'exterieur tout en le laissant branche en ethernet, il faut le configurer depuis son interface. Il faudra egalement via l'interface du disque lui dire quels repertoire tu souhaites partager pour qu'ils soient visible depuis l'exterieur.
J'y accede depuis l'exterieur sans passer par le VPN de la Freebox mais par la procedure decrite par WD. De memoire je pensais que via mon lecteur reseau j'accedais a ma freebox + DDE mais en fait je n'avais en effet que le DDE. Today I'm going to talk to you about something you might not have thought you needed, but once you realize what this new device can do, you might just want one. I would love to see a battery test watching 2-4 1080p streams (MKV files?) from it to see how long it lasts. Streaming 1080p video to 2 iOS devices, via the My Cloud app, with fairly heavy wireless passthrough usage from a 3rd connected laptop: 5 hours, 27 minutes.
Streaming video via SMB to 4 simultaneous connected devices (HDD spindown seems to have a harder time when doing this, and as a result it remained spinning the entire time, even in lower power mode): 4 hours even.
From the looks of battery trend on the first test, I believe it would have made it to 6 hours if not for the heavy internet passthrough usage during the second half of the test.
Are there any security features when in a public place to keep people from accessing the drive?

So it means we cannot have it connected all the time to a PC and at the same time browse pics on it from an iPad or smartphone? It took about 20 minutes for me to copy a full 32Gb Transcend Class 10 SDHC card to the 1TB version of this drive in the built-in reader in the auto-copy mode. UPDATE on my post above: turns out that during the copying process in my post above, only about 3 gigs were copied before hard drive stopped the process for some reason (the white activity indicator light stopped blinking). I will say that all the other features of the drive work beautifully with Mac OS, Windows 8 PC, iPhone and iPad. Do you know if even with the usb connected, you can enable the wifi mode via software or do you have to phisically unplug the usb cable?
Curious if when being used to access a public WIFI will the drive provide any firewall protection to the connected devices?
But it is a little bit difficult to find a SSD that works with the included board and have a low power consuption.
I got a WD router a few years ago that also had a built in HD with access to the WD2go website, which i believe is the same as this My Cloud stuff. Our flash drive was NTFS formatted, and sometimes added NTFS overhead limits write speeds with lower power NAS devices, so we formatted it exFAT (the only other option presented in Windows 8.1 with a 128GB flash drive). We repeated the test with a smaller FAT32 formatted flash drive (Windows allows FAT32 on flash devices 32GB and below) and saw similar write speeds as those noted with NTFS, so the write speed bottleneck appears to be elsewhere in the chain. RAID adds much needed redundancy, and Western Digital's My Cloud suite lets you get to that redundantly stored data from just about anywhere - even away from home. Par defaut l'UPNP IGD est active par defaut, donc si tu n'y avait pas touche, ca devrait aller.
Dans ce cas on voit le disque dur WD sans probleme mais evidemment pas celui de la Freebox. 2x2 Wireless N MIMO that can HD video stream to 4 devices simultaneously from its own access point, for up to 6 hours. I expected to read what battery life was for a single, and multiple(5) users streaming a full hd video file from the device. It was at just over 50% 3 hours into the test (before the other heavy simultaneous WiFi usage). When I went back to check the files on the hard drive through the USB connection, only fraction of the card was copied over. It may work as a last-minute option if you are somewhere in the field with no access in the laptop and a big break between two shoots, or as a backup option during a long trip, but forget about offloading your data DURING a shoot to free up your memory card.
I only really want to use the passport to back up and store photos that I have taken out in the field and done basic Lightroom mobile editing on. This specific router's organic power redefines cellular social networking even as learn the idea, to be able to easily mode HARLEY-DAVIDSON online video media throughout the house.
Was wondering if it's just a standard sata connection as i know some of the other passports swap it out for a USB3 connection?

As far as I can tell the WD cloud service scans the contents of the drive for copyrighted material and, if it finds any, makes the drive invisible to your account when you aren't accessing it on the LAN. You could fill it with a bunch of movies, music, and other media for something like an upcoming family road trip. I've been looking at the Lace Fuel and I'm curious to see how this device compares to it when it comes to battery life. I just repeated the test with the same card and same data, under same conditions, now the drive copied all of the data, but it took 73 minutes. And always check the contents of the hard drive by using your phone or tablet before formatting the card, or you may end up losing your invaluable photos forever.
I just want the iPad to talk to the passport and when I get home to be able to download images via USB to desktop. I just picked one up, but wondering if it was worth cracking open to run some test with an ssd. So if you were thinking that this might be a great way to save your mp3s and movies on your own internet accessible hard drive I'd warn you that you may be very disappointed.
There were a few quirks in write speeds to USB connected devices, but NAS devices always seem to be picky about writing to externally connected media. If said device could create its own wireless hotspot, the kids could connect to it via their tablets or other portable devices and watch their movie of choice during the drive. Given how quickly it transfers when connected this way, I don't see it as a deal breaker.
Streaming of HD video files compressed for distribution is OK, but the high-bitrate video files straight out of the camera stop to buffer all the time, even in direct connection mode. Overall, the Western Digital EX2 was impressive, packing a lot of functionality and storage into a neat and tidy package.
Once you are at your destination and snapping a bunch of photos, it would also be handy if this imaginary device could also mount SD cards for sharing recently taken photos with others on your trip.
Copying was done on battery power alone, with the drive set in the "performance" mode (on battery power there is a "performance and "battery saver" modes available; when plugged into the power adapter, it automatically defaults to "performance").
A bonus might be the ability to store a back-up of those SD cards as they become full, or maybe even empty them for folks without a lot of SD capacity available.
As a final bonus, make all of this work in such a way that you could pull off an entire trip with *only* mobile devices and tablets - *without* a PC or a Mac.

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