Xbox One delivers an all-new gaming and entertainment experience that will transform how you play. The Digital System - built for the digital age using the latest technology and the power of the cloud. A single Xbox Live Gold membership works across both Xbox One and Xbox 360 – your membership covers both. You decide how personalized Xbox One is to you and your family, including privacy settings, manual or automatic sign-in, and how data is used. Depending on the game or app, you can control Xbox One using voice commands and gestures, a controller, a remote control or your Xbox One SmartGlass device.
No need to worry: you can bring your Xbox Live Gamertag and Gamerscore with you to Xbox One. With Xbox One and an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can use Skype to voice chat with any platform that supports it. Where the best games, multiplayer, and your favorite movies, music, sports and live TV come together in one place. Xbox One brings together the best games, the most reliable service and rich entertainment all-in-one system that is built for today and tomorrow.
There are no limitations to using and sharing them: it works like it does today on Xbox 360.

And you can log into a friend’s Xbox One and access all your downloadable games, preferences, and apps. And when you play games or enjoy apps that use sensitive personal data, such as videos, photos, and facial expressions, no one except you can access it, without your express permission. If Skype isn't supported (like on the Xbox 360), you'll still be able to see which of your friends is online and message them. Xbox One games look and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood.
The only times you need an online connection are for initial set-up of Xbox One, and to get the latest system and title updates before you start playing some games. If you'd rather get your games digitally, you can purchase from Xbox Live and get instant access to playing. Watch TV or chat with friends on Skype while you play, and keep on playing while smarter matchmaking happens behind the scenes. With Xbox One, you can snap two things side-by-side on your TV, and switch from one to another instantly.

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