Our Stores From local events to free design services, learn what's happening in our stores. Cargosystem from FEG is a dividing wall composition which consist of panels as storage units. Sell your apartment the Gwyneth Paltrow way Ups and downs of standing desks Is it time to ban the balcony barbie?
All built into your apartment’s walls, these storage solutions leave you the floor space below for furniture to slot right in. Turning limitations and challenges into creative gold, we’ve pulled together four shelving designs guaranteed to transform every room of your home.

From gloss to natural wood finishes, these pieces are eye-catching, dynamic and functional. Such intelligent solution could be a subdivision of any environment – living room, bathroom and bedroom, kitchen and pantry and so on. In the thick of a torrential downpour, it’s next to…Newswire latestHere is a selection of Press Releases from around the world that may interest our readers. We neither endorse nor support any products mentioned but we present them as they may be of interest to you. It is quipped with sliding doors and doesn’t require any particular maintenance, except standard cleaning.

The Cargosystem is designed by Studio Castiglia Associati and each unit is individually controlled by FEG and guaranteed in terms of materials and finishes.

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