Nutanix Inc., which provides to large enterprises and service providers, is mulling the idea of selling a software-only version of its product, executives said on Wednesday.
Even more enticing though is that Nutanix is also considering selling its software to those customers on a subscription, as well as through enterprise licensing agreements, said Sudheesh Nair, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide sales and alliances. Selling software-only versions of its product via subscription would be a big departure for Nutanix, which has traditionally always sold its software pre-installed on Supermicro servers. SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. 19th VMUG Belgium – March 29th Brussels Eric Schils of VMUG Belgium just announced their 19th meeting. VMware Announces VMware NSX in a Move Towards SDDCIn an effort to advance VMware’s software-defined data center vision, the company plans to combine its vCloud Networking and Security, and Nicira NVP products creating VMware NSX.VMware’s next evolutionary step in virtualization and cloud computingcenters around software-defined data center (SDDC), which the company is planning to deliver through its upcoming solution, VMware NSX. Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox. After the six months of its operations, Green Cloud Technologies has achieved the backup and now providing the telecom services along with Managed IT solutions. The new planned site has been selected on the basis of company requirement to adopt the green technology and it will represent a fully redundant mirrored of company’s HQ in South Carolina. Green cloud Technologies is planning to tie the two data centers together with fiber based connections. Instead of preoccupied with technology, clients do not need to buy server again or tense about their business requirements, because all the way it is managed by a single cloud server network. The system is protected by employees video monitoring, biometric access and RFID cards required. Green Cloud’s new PBX solution Broadsoft harnesses the power of real time information and communication to make a fast and connected workplace. Green Cloud is partner with Peak 10, which operates the state of art facilities and offer redundant, efficient and secure services. A very compact low power PC based in a mains power supply unit, ideal for always-on servers.
An inexpensive way of reusing water from your bath or washing up bowl into the garden for watering the plants.
A low energy security light that can be powered by rechargeable batteries, and triggers the 5 bright LEDs when motion is detected. A solar-powered insect killer that will kill most types of flying insect, typically the ones that bite! A hybrid solar-powered charger featuring a case made from a highly durable magnesium alloy. When implementing a VDI environment (even if it’s just a POC) several difficulties arise to doom the project.
Unidesk states that they are achieving this solution by using a layering technology they call the Unidesk Composite virtualization and the Unidesk Cachecloud. The word independent is an important one, because all layers can be independently updated or upgraded. On top of the OS layer you can add application layers; all applications can be added separately to give every user exactly those apllications they need. As you can see all administrator actions are done through a separate Management Appliance which is easy to use, and uses Microsoft Silverlight.

In my following blogs I’ll give you an introduction to my journey on installing Unidesk, and a further breakdown of the technology.
VMware is generally seen as the number one hyper-converged infrastructure vendor in the enterprise and service provider space, but Nutanix has been snapping away at its heels in the last year or so.
Earlier this week, the company rolled out its own KVM-based hypervisor, called Acropolis, together with software that can convert VMware virtual machines to alternative formats like KVM and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. He loves to write about Big Data and the Internet of Things, and explore how these technologies are evolving and helping businesses to become more agile.
Combining her love of IT and marketing, she currently serves as the Director of Technology and Search Marketing for Zacuto USA in Chicago. Currently where American companies are moving toward green data centers, Green technology is featuring this company because it has scheduled to open its third quarter in Nashville in 2012. An increased level of geo-diversity will be provided to Green cloud due to launching of new data center along with fiber trunk roots and power grids which will function separately at all. Green clouds have offered best and proven solutions to small industries as well as large industrial tycoons- all being done via clouds and there is no entry cost and capital requirements.
Green cloud offers network bandwidth, CPUs and assigned storages due to VMware virtualization software installed. The Green Clouds are relying on VMware virtualization, NetApp FAS 3200 series filter and Cisco UCS servers.
Green Cloud is ensuring that its FlexPod infrastructure has a high scalable infrastructure and will provide redundant and reliable against catastrophic events.
Its location in Tennessee has positioned the company for its rapid growth and expansion in Westward. First of all I must thank some people at Unidesk for getting me the software so quick and giving me the opportunity for the trial they provided me. You’ll eliminate the need for profile management, delight your end users, and be able to expand VDI to more use cases.
Unlike cloning and de-duplication solutions, Unidesk offers massive storage savings without losing any user personalization.
With Unidesk, you can provision and patch all desktops from a single Windows XP or Windows 7 image and single images of all your applications – even custom-built apps, VMware ThinApps, and apps with system services and boot-time drivers such as antivirus, Adobe Acrobat, and printers.
This means that it’s possible to go from windows XP to windows 7 without affecting the application and personalization layer.
It could include applications that should be available to all users, but best practice is to use a clean copy of Microsoft Windows. Great thing about Unidesk is the ability to even use applications that need device drivers or boot-time services.
This layer is always a pain in the … Users want total freedom (installing whatever application they want, setting a picture of their kids as background…), and IT wants total control, for they know all these self-installed applications and stuff are the things that destroy a desktop. It’s recommended to make sure of a secure disaster recovery strategy for both the Management Appliance and the Master Cachepoint. We are blessed with two princesses (7 and 9 years old) and one little boy of 17 months ;-P. Before joining SiliconANGLE, Mike was an editor at Argophilia Travel News, an occassional contributer to The Epoch Times, and has also dabbled in SEO and social media marketing.
Luc Dekens, Gert van Gorp, Erik Scholten, Sven Huisman, Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman and Eric Sloof.

The VMware NSX platform is set to comprise of NSX manager, controller cluster, hypervisor vSwitches, gateways and ecosystem partners.A software-defined data center offers huge advantages to businesses. Different catastrophic events which may affect the operations of Green Cloud technologies, this separation among the centers will decrease the effects of such events. Clients are free to manage their own businesses with peace of mind due to green cloud’s virtual servers. Experts are present to host, monitor and maintain the applications and data, as well as adhering to meet the SAS 70 type auditing standards. Its new expansion will be able to respond quickly to damages in services and continue to offer non-stoppable services to its customers.
Unidesk claims they’ve found a way for solving all these problems with just one tool, theirs. Working for large government agencies in the Netherlands with a strong focus on designing there VMware infrastructures. He usually bases himself in Bangkok, Thailand, though he can often be found roaming through the jungles or chilling on a beach.
Then you talk about how service providers and SIs want Nutanix to migrate to a SaaS model so they can only pay for what they consume.
Virtualizing the entire infrastructure and delivering it as a service through network, server and storage virtualization reduces complexity, increases efficiency and lowers costs. It’s great to see that everyone within the Unidesk Corporation is investing so much time and effort in their product. The Master CachePoint holds every OS and applications layers that are needed in the CacheCloud environment.
Started blogging a couple of years back about VDI and cloud solutions, my focus shifted towards storage and virtualization in general.
SDDC is all about automating as many of the tasks that are performed manually in a traditional data center as possible. Unidesk guides tell it’s better to NOT let Master CachePoint as a normal CachePoint, but it is a possibility.
The relationship between vCD and VMware vSphere will also be explained The presentation will include a demo if technology permits to logon to the remote lab ;). VMware’s product strategy for 2013 brings the company’s solutions one step closer to SDDC.Gelsinger also announced VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, another extension to its software-defined data center solutions. The Unidesk technology is aware of all user changes, even the difference between User data, Applications and settings by using the Composite Virtualization layering. Best practice is to install a CachePoint on all Hosts that will hold Virtual Desktop’s. By snapshotting all of these (at a configurable rate), IT can roll back to any given state without losing data, or self-installed applications.
If a user installs an application and after installation Excel isn’t able to start, IT can just roll back to a snapshot that was created before the installation. Because of a small footprint this will only take a small amount of time, saving IT (and the user) lots of money.

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