Your e-mail address is never sold, shared or distributed to any third-parties and is only used for blog notifications. Having automated self-service provisioning, the next wave of opportunities for cost and performance optimization lies squarely in IT Operations management. At VMTurbo Ben helps customers and partners understand that it’s not if but when they’ll need an Application Performance Control platform in their data center. Cloud computing creates a different business relationship with IT, transforming technology from a pay upfront, heavy CAPEX model to a pay-as-you-go, on-demand model. This shared model brings many technical and organizational challenges, including how to share, how to secure, how to provision, and how to charge.
Even server virtualization over a distance is now possible with products such as VMware’s vMotion. The challenge of distance is that the elapsed times for transfer can be minutes, hours, or even days. From a cloud model or cloud architectural point-of-view, the only way to achieve this is to integrate storage and networking virtualization. This tight integration allows the optimization across all types of network traffic, both local and remote.
IT professionals and management should start to look at the integration of storage and network virtualization as an essential part of private and hybrid cloud computing. This entry was posted on August 10, 2010, 7:30 am and is filed under Virtualization, Wikibon. VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today announced the general availability of VMware vRealize Automation 7 and VMware vRealize Business Standard 7 to further empower IT teams to drive digital business transformation within their organisations. VMware vRealize Business Standard 7 – VMware vRealize Business Standard 7 introduces several new and enhanced capabilities to provide IT teams with increased transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services. Join us at VMworld, and grow your vCloud Director business with OnApp – the self-service portal and hybrid cloud platform for service providers and enterprises. YOUR HYBRID CLOUD DELIVERED – register for the session now »Let's meet at VMworld!

With VMware’s recent announcement of their vCloud Hybrid Service offering, it has become more imperative than ever that enterprises and service providers alike have a clear strategy to maximize their existing vCloud investments—and lay a solid foundation for a hybrid world. As a multitude of commodity cloud providers have appeared seemingly overnight, service providers and enterprises must effectively harness technologies like vCloud Director to reduce the overall cost of delivering compute services.
In a new VMTurbo white paper, we outline how VMTurbo delivers “Unique Business Value” by addressing significant gaps in VMware’s vCloud solution offerings. That is unless they don’t care about assuring application performance while maximizing utilization. This model can be implemented internally as a private cloud, externally to a public cloud, or as a hybrid of the two (see: private vs public cloud comparison).
Virtualization is required of data center resources, so that the same resources can be shared across multiple users, and if necessary a single user can scale workloads over multiple resources in multiple locations.
Even though the cost and speed of communication lines is coming down, but the size of files and volumes are growing; network technology alone is not going to solve this problem.
It is a prerequisite for automation of all types of application, server, and storage migration and the implementation of a tiered storage architecture that can span both private (internal) and cloud resources. While this is a multi-year cultural and technical journey for organizations to create an Infrastructure 2.0 environment that will interface with Cloud services, the strategic importance is hard to over-emphasize. VMware vRealize Suite addresses cloud management requirements across day one and day two operations for compute, storage, network and application level resources in heterogeneous, hybrid clouds. New unified service blueprints enable the modeling of infrastructure, networks, security, applications and custom IT services including their relationships and dependencies within a graphical canvas.
This release features new costing and pricing policies for private and public clouds including VMware vCloud Air, AWS, and all other clouds supported by vRealize Automation. He first saw the light and decided to leave his glamorous life as a product manager and join VMTurbo after spending too much time watching dev blame ops and ops blame dev and the customer still not getting the user experienced they wanted. Virtualization on servers is a well-established technology, from the early days of IBM CP67 to today’s offerings from VMware, Hyper-V, and IBM LPARs. An effective cloud model requires tiered storage with complete independence from distance limitations, both for cost and data security reasons.

According to researchers such as IDC, while storage overall is growing at between 40-60% per annum, file-based storage is growing at 70-90%. The integration of network and storage virtualization is a trend driven by overall convergence between servers, storage and networks (see figure). According to a recent Forrester Research Total Economic Impact study, the VMware vRealize Suite can accelerate the application release process from weeks to less than one day and improve IT efficiency by reducing capacity used by 10 percent and delivering hardware cost avoidance of 15 percent, resulting in a Return on Investment of 243 percent. VMware vRealize Automation 7 is integrated with VMware NSX® 6.2 to dynamically configure networks and micro-segmentation unique to each application in the blueprint designer. The release also supports Microsoft Azure for easy, comprehensive private and public cloud cost comparisons. Ben has over 15 year of experience in the enterprise software space first as developer at Accenture and later as a management consultant. The enhanced showback capabilities enable IT to provide fine-grained cost reporting to the Line of Business including showback across private and public clouds, a clear month-to-date and monthly cost projection analysis, and costs grouped by business services to provide business context.
The integration of virtualized storage and network across heterogeneous storage in multiple locations today can be done on file-based storage.
The unified service blueprints can be edited as text files to facilitate DevOps deployments. New planning and cost optimisation capabilities visualise costs of used and remaining capacity by data center, allow modeling of new workloads, and analyse the impact on the remaining capacity or costs as well as quantify potential savings from reclamation opportunities. VMware vCenter Server integration provides for the automation of overall management and monitoring, allowing the effective use of vMotion for the migration of file-based storage. Additionally, VMware vRealize Automation 7 features a dramatically consolidated architecture with simplified installation that reduces deployment time by up to 37 percent for most configurations (compared to the previous release) to help IT organizations accelerate time to value.

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