Virgin Media has announced the launch of its online cloud storage system, Virgin Media Cloud, and is offering up to 5GB of free storage.
The Virgin Media service has teamed up with security firm F-Secure to develop its new not-very-excitingly-titled cloud service, which is available from today to all Virgin Media customers, allowing them to store files and stream music and video files directly from the cloud. The more people in a Virgin Media broadband household the more combined storage you will have.
Virgin Media Cloud is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, with a Windows Phone app set to follow soon. The many reasons why Cloud Storage is now so popular are (a) free storage allowances have exploded (b) broadband has become mainstream (c) the cost of storage in the cloud has dived and (d) people have much more to upload – thanks partly to smartphones. In theory, the number of people who have quasi-immediate access to free cloud storage is in the hundreds of millions but the overwhelming proportion possibly don’t even know that this is the case.
If you are one of the 6.6 million BT Broadband customers then you will have access to its BT Cloud service. Amazon has tens of millions customers worldwide and a fair few in the UK, all of whom already have access to Cloud Drive, the company’s consumer-focused online storage service. Which on the face of it is pretty good until you look at Google who have dropped their price to $1.99 for 100GB.

Check out below five free cloud storage providers that are very widely available in the UK and could be very useful for small businesses.
BT Broadband, BT Unlimited Broadband, BT Infinity 1 and BT Unlimited Infinity 1 have 2GB while BT Unlimited Broadband Extra and BT Unlimited Infinity 2 get 50GB.
It is no longer available to new customers but many of the current 4.27 million VM broadband users have access to it nonetheless. Like for Google, anyone having a Microsoft account of any sort will have at least 7GB of free Skydrive account and those lucky enough to have signed before 22 April will get 25GB. As expected, Cloud drive relies on Amazon’s own award winning S3 (Simple Storage Service) and provides with 5GB storage space for free.
I like Android, Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry OS and iOS, and love writing about all things techie. You will need to proactively activate the service yourself and if you stop using the service for more than 90 days, BT will delete all your backed-up files. The free cloud storage and synchronization service is available on Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS and MacOSX. All users get 5GB of cloud storage data allowance, shared with online photo editing service, Picasa.

Other than Windows, Skydrive supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Xbox 360 and, as for Google, you will be able to access and edit files originally produced by Microsoft Office using Office Web Apps.
Also, as part of Cloud Player free, You can also import up to 250 songs for free (around 1GB worth of storage space) and Amazon MP3 purchases do not count against these limits. You can also upload single files via your smartphone as well as streaming video content (but not audio) from your BT Cloud solution to a device.
Those on the L broadband package get 5GB online storage, those on XL get 10GB while XXL customers get unlimited cloud-based storage. That excludes storage used by the Gmail email service (which currently stands at just over 10.3GB) and Google Docs documents.

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