In our previous post, where I talked about the doulCi tool, I mentioned the way to bypass iCloud activation (it is mentioned on the official site too). But as a journalist covering mobile devices, it was time to familiarize myself once again with iOS and the iPhone. Apple doesn't make it easy for users to extract and backup text messages from their iPhone to a computer. With over 10 billion photos uploaded in 2014, Flickr has plenty of data to crunch on popular cameras. According to the Flickr blog, Apple has now overtaken Nikon in the race for second place ranking. The Flickr iOS app received some new features thanks to the latest update released on February 21. Flickr makes it possible to view and participate in everything the photo sharing site has to offer.

If you have run out of iCloud storage for backups of either your Mac or iOS stuff, you can now easily manage existing backups and data for all devices right on your Mac from OS X.
The same iCloud manager also lets you view and delete individual files from apps that are iCloud enabled.
The first thing I did when I got my iPhone was seek out quality apps I can't get on any other platform.
While thank to third-party application iPhone Data Recovery that can help you easily selectively copy your text messages. In this way, you can backup iOS devices wirelessly and conveniently without tethering to a computer.
Flickr users can now perform Peek and Pop actions, and access a quick Home screen menu by using the 3D Touch technology found on their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
Everything in iCloud will be found here, whether it’s from Mac OS X or iOS, apps, files, manual backups, games, or whatever else is stashed online with the service.

The free option provides 5GB, which is nice but realistically too small for more than one iOS device and Mac to share. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! And this backup file is a kind of SQlitedb file which is not allowed to access or view without third party software.

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