The latest FiOS TV OS has been formally launched in Verizon’s Pittsburgh and Tampa markets.
Verizon is expected to roll out the new TV OS to its entire FiOS footprint over the next 6-12 months.
3D content software, which automatically detects when a customer tunes to a 3D program or channel and instantly changes the necessary settings for watching those programs on a 3D television set.
DVR chaptering, giving viewers DVD-like capabilities to jump ahead or resume viewing at a particular moment of recorded programming by using on-screen thumbnails in 10-minute increments, providing more visual navigation. New parental control options that make monitoring children’s viewing even easier, with the ability to block out portions of programming by rating during key hours of the day, like homework time, and schedule certain times for Parental Controls to be automatically turned on and off for greater flexibility. Guide customization, enabling a variety of settings, with a mini guide on the bottom of the screen, a half guide on the right side of the screen, and a full guide with a look at more hours of scheduled programming. Improved search capabilities, which provide a smarter search function that predicts what the customer is looking for and automatically provides potential matches. That legacy continues, as telecompetitors continue to upgrade IPGs into more robust TV operating systems which in addition to featuring and highlighting their own video experience now integrate with external OTT, social media, and app marketplaces. NFL Network and NFL RedZone Launch on Sling TV AT&T Launches Ultra-Fast Internet Speeds in St. It looks like the cable TV market was harder to crack than Intel thought: Verizon finalized the acquisition today of Intel Media, the chipmaker’s research group dedicated to the development of internet-based “Cloud TV”.
Under development for several years, Intel’s project, tentatively named OnCue, aimed to simplify the IPTV viewing experience.
And to think, my name came up on the in-house beta testing list the day after I put in my two weeks notice.
I used to lust after FiOS but with Verizon waging war on Net Neutrality, I’m not interested anymore. This news would be very interesting and relevant if FiOS were actually available in my area.

I recently had to switch back to Time Warner after several years of FiOS due to a move and it not being offered at my new location.
I would happily pay slightly more than what I’m paying now for over 30 times the speed for internet and a full cable selection.
Funny thing is, Fios isn’t much more than what i currently have, but is also 3-4 times the speed. In all fairness, the Verizon FiOS and landline division is run separately and differently than the wireless division we all love to hate. Nice to Know that Verizon can make all these Billion dollar purchases thanks to NOT Paying Taxes (0%) for 4 Years, they have essentially not paid over 100 billion. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Verizon likes to call theirs an interactive media guide (IMG), and Verizon FiOS IMG 1.9 is its latest version.
But Mari Silbey highlights in her Zatz Not Funny blog post, IMG 1.9 is also being rolled out for new installations in other FiOS markets. Verizon says they’ve actively courted FiOS TV users to be a part of the ‘development team,’ incorporating their suggestions into the new TV OS.
The eSATA hard drives can be purchased at most consumer electronics stores and will automatically record customer selections once plugged into the DVR.
FiOS TV customers also can filter and sort by channel, and more easily locate favorite programs. Digital cable, DBS, and IPTV providers used IPGs as evidence for a superior video experience over the old analog grid type program guides. Features like easy search and the apps, along with the integration of live programming and on-demand content, were the highlight of the company’s set top box, which was announced in February of last year and rumored to have been tested in the homes of Intel employees. Despite offering to pay significantly more than cable competitors for programming, the company failed to land a single deal.

Sucks to pay for 150 channels I don’t care about when all I want is the ~10 I ever watch. I would LOVE to go back to FiOS; the drop not just in quality, but also presentation and customer service at Time Warner is palpable. But FiOS is available a couple blocks from me(I’m in Brooklyn) so it will be hitting my street pretty soon I hope! Another bonus of moving to a city with Google Fiber – it’s warmer most of the year than up north!
I’ve had to deal with them on numerous occasions due to a problem that persisted for months before we were finally able to track it down. Verizon hopes to fare better; by relying on content deals the company has in place, Verizon could conceivably expand its TV offerings to new markets via the internet. 2-3 ads right after that opening, before the show actually started, then 2-3 ads every 3-5 minutes. Also I’m paying pretty much the exact same to TWC as I was to Verizon for internet almost half the speed. They are paying taxes for every employee they pay, the employee is paying taxes on that taxed salary, etc. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. That vision may take time to fully realize, but the acquisition definitely signals a challenge to cable incumbents like Comcast and Time Warner. The thing that really bothered me was how out of control the ads have become during the show’s that you watch. login
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