Like the other offerings, Verizon’s Cloud allows you to sync up your documents, photos and other media between your devices. If you’d like to check out the Verizon Cloud app for yourself, you can find it in the App Store for free. I have Verizon, but there’s no way I would put my data on a carrier-specific service.
Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your iPhone to get 5 GB of free storage Your iPhone puts your digital life in your pocket… until the day that it slips out of your pocket! You can also backup content from your computer’s hard drive to your Verizon Cloud account using the downloadable computer app. If you are an existing user of Backup Assistant or Backup Assistant Plus, all your content will automatically transfer over to Verizon Cloud. If icloud backup couldn’ completed ’ restore, If you need help after you tried to back up in icloud or to restore from an icloud backup, use these steps. How restore icloud backup iphone ipad, Reader comments restore icloud backup iphone ipad.
Multi-Version Backups As mentioned earlier, Verizon's Online Backup, like many of its competitors, has the ability to save multiple versions of each file, up to a pre-set maximum that you specify in the Settings main menu of the client.
Here you see that Verizon has made three backups of different versions of the same file over time as the file was changed in between backups. This means you can go back in time if you have made a mistake in your work or have saved something that you would rather not have.

Each computer's file collection is stored separately by the service, here you see file collections from a Windows and Mac. Verizon's Online Backup has five differently priced plans, ranging from 5 GB to 250 GB of storage, with costs from $2-$20 a month.
Verizon Cloud is a free service that backs up your contacts, photos and videos to secure cloud storage, so you don’t need to lose your important content if you lose your phone.
Verizon says if you are an existing user of Backup Assistant or Assistant Plus, all your content will automatically transfer over to Verizon Cloud.
If you are using online services to backup your media collection, chances are this is not a very important feature for you since your media files don't change all that much – either you have the song, photo or video on your computer or you don't.
You can install the client software on as many computers as you wish, and log them all into the same account.
The process to set up a sub-account is handled on the portal page, along with making changes to increase your storage allotment, or where you can launch the Web client for the backup service itself. If you need technical support for Online Backup, there is a number to call directly: 866 770 6800. He has written thousands of articles for dozens of technical publications and websites, and written two books on computer networking.
But for other file types, such as documents, spreadsheets or databases, this could be a real lifesaver. Each computer's file collection will be identified by the computer name so you can easily identify where each file came from.

Obviously, the more previous versions you save the more disk space you will consume, so consider the pros and cons of protection versus storage when you make your choice for this setting.
Created by Genie9 Corporation, the G Cloud Backup app syncs all your contacts, messages, photos, phone settings, and a lot more to the cloud.
The app will also automatically upload your files so you can go about your day without worrying about losing your files.In case you lose your phone or accidentally delete a file, just load the G Cloud Backup app and you can restore the lost file straight from your cloud-based backup.
You can even use this app to instantly restore files and data from an old device to another brand-new device. To be able to use the app, you will need to create a G Cloud account.A  After getting an account, you will select which type of data you want to sync to G Cloud. You can sync your contacts, call logs, messages, browser data, videos, photos, music, document files, and system settings.
These could have been a good addition to an app so you can automatically restore your apps on another device. Once you have determined what data you want to sync to G Cloud, the app will automatically upload your files to your cloud account.
Im tryin to make sure i lost my fiance in a car accident 2 months ago and dont want to chance losing those.

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