Verizon Wireless is set to enter the cloud storage business and will be offering the service to subscribed users of smartphones and tablets.
Samberg said that Verizon Cloud will be out soon starting with Android and then iOS a bit after that.
In any case, Verizon joins the cloud storage crew, so at least it’s a step in the right direction. In order to find the past articles published by Kabir News please browse the archives above. About UsKabir News is a dedicated news agency providing the latest news from all over the world. What Microsoft means by mobile first, cloud first: Build Android, iOS apps with Azure cloud. In a wide-ranging presentation at its Build 2014 conference in San Francisco on Thursday, multiple executives showed tools that intimately linked its Azure cloud service with Sharepoint, Visual Studio and other development tools. These demonstrations highlighted that Microsoft is no longer focused solely on Windows, and is instead committed to providing services to a broad set of devices, many of which are not running the operating system Microsoft makes vast sums of money off. All these examples marked a change for Microsoft and the glimmerings of a new strategy, a strategy Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella calls mobile first, cloud first.
In the keynote, Microsoft showed off changes that benefit application developers and cloud managers. The Cloud has made a huge contribution to the World Wide Web for individuals at home and work. Whether it’s help with storage, accessibility or communication, the Cloud is likely to have the answers. Here, we take a look at a few things you will want to consider when you are ready to join the Cloud. Of course, being unable to access the network where your Cloud is held will require you to be able to access the data by other means. There are multiple options that exist when it comes to choosing the right Cloud, with many boasting different features and interfaces. Whether the data you are looking to store in the Cloud is personal or generic business information, security should be a top concern, as this Guardian article highlights.
It is possible to assemble a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that uses services from multiple Cloud providers along with services provided by systems internal to an organization.
With the release of Windows 8 GA on the horizon, Microsoft has unveiled the next version of their second biggest product, the Microsoft Office 2013. While the old features are enhanced, including refined animations, a better Presenter View, and an improved commenting system, new features, such as, Alignment guides, Ability to merge shapes and Widescreen templates with different color choices, are now a part of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013 displays the Active slide on the left side, the Next slide at the top right, while the Notes for the current slide are displayed in the bottom right corner. Even though, Presenter View was also available in the previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, it was not activated by default. The Account Management window allows you to connect to your SkyDrive account, and add services to use with PowerPoint.
Another welcome change to the UI is that a lot of options, which used to appear in separate dialog boxes, are now accessible through panes, appearing on the right side.
PowerPoint 2013 now allows you to add videos, images and audio files directly from the internet, without first downloading them to your PC. The image results are, by default, set to show the images that are licensed under Create Commons, so it eliminates the chance of copyright violation when you use an online image in your presentation.
After all the newly introduced and enhanced features added to PowerPoint 2013, it seems that Microsoft has worked really hard to improve the functionality and availability of everything the program has to offer. If you don’t want Presenter View to be activated and you turn this off, can you preserve this setting in a template file so that others who open the template file on other machines running 2013 will also find Presenter View turned off for that particular file? AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. The ecosystem figure presents the general architecture of the IoT ecosystem, where the data coming from the Internet of Things and Smarter Cities is integrated into the Cloud Computing. The presented flow is enabling the interaction between the cloud and the humans, who are starting to be more actives and more participative with the processes that are happening in their cities, workspaces and living areas.
The cloud is taking care of the centralization of the data of each sensor and object, allowing them to interact and communicate between them through the creation of a ubiquitous network and solving the interconnection problem. The cloud is also enabling the integration of Big Data analysis in order to reach understandings of behaviors, determination of patterns, and extraction of knowledge from the data. Finally, as a result and the cross integration of all the technologies, a new level of control and feedback mechanisms are being developed in order to enhance the processes.
Short papers:Intended to allow presentation of ongoing studies with partial (however, significant) results. All submissions should be made by EasyChair platform and must follow the LNCS Formatting Guidelines.

The accepted papers will be included in a particular section of the IWAAL Proceedings, which will be published by Springer in its LNCS series. Selected papers would be invited to be extended and submitted for review to Journal Special Issues.
However, Verizon could’ve priced their services more competitive as there are services that offer more for free. At KN we are trying to cover all the fields and bringing the latest and fresh news for our readers and subscribers.
Build 2014 Microsoft has blurred the division between the desktop systems programmers use to develop software and remotely provisioned compute and storage gear so much that you have to squint to detect a difference. At one point John Gruber of Apple-boosting blog Daring Fireball made an appearance to talk about how his development company had used OS X Macs and the Azure cloud to build an app for iOS. It’s through a cross-platform approach that Microsoft hopes to ride out the storm brought about by the rise of cloud computing giants Amazon and Google.
What started out as a convenient way for internet users to share things between devices has flourished into an invaluable tool for businesses around the World. The chance to be able to free up your local hard drive can cause many of us to forget that the Cloud is just as vulnerable as other kinds of storage, so it is always important to back up.
Businesses that seek a network for employees access will need to ensure that they choose a service that is user-friendly and does not require reading a manual. The task of switching over to the Cloud is something you will want to go as smoothly as possible as mentioned by experts in this guide for businesses looking to adopt the cloud.
In addition to using an accredited service, it is important that third party individuals are not allowed access to your resources.
The Dell private cloud can help you to strike the balance between allowing your employees easy access, while ensuring the continued protection of data. The changes wrought by these technologies will require both a basic grasp of the technologies and an effective way to deal with how these changes will affect the people who build and use the systems in our organizations. Right now, it is only the Consumer Preview, however, it provides ample basis for users to form an idea about what the final version will bring to the computing world.
The landing page of the previous version, Microsoft Office 2010, looked very bland and even confusing to some users.
For instance, if the theme comes with a light color scheme, and you want to use darker colors, just click the template and all the available color schemes will be displayed. A timer appears above the preview of the current slide, and extra controls are available at the top and bottom of the Presenter View window.
Users had to navigate to the Slide Show tab, and enable Presenter View in order to display it on secondary display screen.
Sign in to your Microsoft Account, and it will automatically connect to your SkyDrive account.
You can Invite people by specifying their Email addresses, Send them a link to View and Edit the document, Post the document to Social networks, Email it to others as an attachment (PPTX), as a URL, as PDF, as XPS, or as internet Fax,Present it Online so that others can check out your presentation from their browsers, and Publish Slides to any Library or a SharePoint site. The previous version also allowed you to switch to widescreen mode, however, you had to manually change the aspect ratio of the slide, which also changed the size of the slide elements. First of all, everything feels smoother, from the movement of the cursor when you type, to the way animations appear in your presentation.
For instance, in PowerPoint 2010, if you right-click a slide and select Format Background, a separate dialog box opens up. In PowerPoint 2013, another format, MPEG-4 is added to save converted presentation in video format.
But when I am creating a new file in Powerpoint 2013, it saves it as pptx extension by default.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Submissions must contain an original contribution and may not have already been published in another forum, nor be subject to review for other conferences or publications.
Passwords should be changed on a regular basis and if you are looking to go one step further, encryption could be the answer.
Connections to these services are made using Web Services that are the basis of application program interfaces (APIs) commonly used in Cloud Computing. Graced with the same Metro style UI of Windows 8, the design and functionality of Microsoft Office 2013 has been streamlined to work with both PC’s and Tablet devices. In the newer version, the landing page has been revamped to provide users with quick access to locally available templates, as well as the online database. For this reason, a lot of people were not aware of its existence in the previous PowerPoint versions. You can make changes to a slide, but the dialog box covers the slide, and you have to move it manually in order to view all the slide elements. The previous version of PowerPoint also had the option to add videos from the web, however you had to copy the embed code of required video and paste it into PowerPoint.

Due to the addition of MPEG-4 format, the presentation video can directly played on a lot of media players and devices. Due to its versatile interface, with several dialog boxes changed into panes within the main window, PowerPoint 2013 is definitely a good presentation utility to use on both PCs, as well as tablets.
Contributions should include unpublished results of research, case studies or experiences that provide new evidence about the research or application regarding to the main topics. Not only that, but there are data plans to consider when it comes to using online features with a mobile provider. Increased availability of high-speed Internet connections means these data centers can be located where it is most economical.
It is possible that for smaller organization, Cloud Computing will allow the use of software that would normally be prohibitively expensive if the organization had to buy it and install it on their own server.
Location of services are often dictated governance issues such legal or security concerns, as opposed to technical issues. Managers at all levels of all organizations must be aware of both the changes that we are now seeing and ways to deal with issues created by those changes. Even though, at first glance it appears to be a lot different than its predecessor, it is essentially the same product, with a few tweaks and enhancements added here and there. The online templates are divided into several categories such as Business, Industry, Small Business, Presentation, Orientation, Design Sets, 4:3, Media, Nature, Marketing etc. Just like the previous versions, you can also manually change the color and style of elements in a template.
This way, all your saved documents will be synced to the cloud and will be available for viewing and editing from any device. There are now buttons available on the main interface to switch to the aforementioned Fullscreen View, and to access Notes and Comments. Moreover, when you select Format Background option, instead of opening a separate dialog box, a pane is added to the right side.
For instance, If you want to merge together two shapes, the alignment guides help you in quickly adjusting them together according to top, down, left and right margins. The latest version allows you to Insert an online video in your presentation using the integrated Bing Video Search, SkyDrive Account, YouTube, or From a Video Embed Code. Now, users don’t require Windows Media CODEC installed on non-Windows devices to watch the presentation.
Most who are familiar with cloud storage at actual, usable sizes for work and the nature of data plans would catch on that these two wouldn’t mix even if an amount of storage is being offered free of charge. For very small organizations, it might be possible to find Cloud Computing services that are free for low levels of usage. The main focus has been on improving document sharing using the SkyDrive cloud service, and using it to access and edit them from remote locations.
While new presentations can be created from the main window, the left sidebar shows all the recently accessed presentations. Now, whenever you run the slide show, the Presenter View will be displayed, if there are multiple display devices connected to the computer. It allows you to view your slides, and edit them while consuming the available screen space. Another very useful, and much needed, feature added to PowerPoint 2013 is auto-text wrapping. For instance, to add a YouTube video, just search for it, select the required one from the search results and click OK to embed it into your presentation.
In this article, we will look at the enhancements of the old features and addition of new ones in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Using the SkyDrive account, you can easily share your presentations and invite others to collaborate on required presentation projects. The Ribbon, containing all the editing options, can be activated and deactivated from a conveniently placed button at the top right corner. It means that you don’t have to open and close the dialog box again and again to view the changes. When an image is added to a slide with text in it, the text automatically readjusts itself around the image so that there is no overlapping of any kind. Now you have an extra Laser Pointer Pen Tool, option to zoom parts of a slide, see all slides at a time, and ability to switch Slide show and Presenter Views between the connected display monitors. All the other options, including the Resolution, and whether to use recorded timings and narrations are available with the MPEG-4 format.

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