If you are already subscribing to one of the existing plans, Apple says you will get automatically upgraded to the new options.
If you purchased a monthly plan before September 16, 2015, your account was upgraded automatically.
If your iCloud is full, there are two options available that will allow you to continue backing up your precious data. Once you’ve upgraded your iCloud account, you will be able to continue backing up to iCloud without having to worry about not having enough available storage. Let’s say that we happen to break our device and replace it or somehow manage to wipe our device, loosing all our precious data.
You just didn’t get the same amount of space, dollar-for-dollar, compared with the competition.

I upgraded mine for more room for backups and pictures, but it was always a sticking point with me that other cloud storage options were so much cheaper and offered more space. The same card you use to purchase iTunes content and App Store apps will be charged automatically and your subscription will be automatically renewed annually.
Unlike backing up through iCloud, an iTunes backup does not occur wirelessly and will not automatically backup your device every day. This section provides a general overview of your device - displaying general information such as device name, a breakdown of the device’s storage, software updates (if available) and backup information. In this window, we can select which backup we want to restore from in the case that there are multiple backups in iTunes. By ensuring that you are either backing up automatically through iCloud or regularly backing up through iTunes, you can rest assure that no matter what happens to your devices, your data will always be safe.

He is a Western Washington University graduate with a degree in business adminstration and marketing. With Dropbox Pro, for example, you get 1TB of storage space for your files at $9.99 per month. In order to back up through iTunes, you first need to plug your device into a computer with iTunes using the same USB cord you use to charge your device. 16, with brand new options to choose from for increased storage above the 5GB you get for free.

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